Everything about the New Best Video Streaming Website is one of the famous movie streaming sites where one can watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and documentaries without paying a dime. One doesn’t need Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Hotstar, and HBO subscriptions to watch ongoing or completed popular series or movies.

Many people got confused with the real website, as there are various counterfeit websites with similar IP addresses to the original website. To ensure that one unlocks at the right place, make sure to type on your browser and it will open their domain automatically.  

Video Streaming Website

In this article, everything about this website, its features, and updates will be shared. Moreover, why their website is a better alternative than numerous others, and how to operate movies on the site properly.

Why is the Best Movie and Series Streaming Platform? offers various perks to its members who are trying to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. This website protects the user’s identity and is favored by the audience as it encompasses some features that are not found in other websites or movie streaming apps. 

The major reasons why sites are preferred for watching movies online are explained below;

Completely Free:

Firstly, this website is completely free and doesn’t charge for any features. Like other websites like Pelismart with a user-friendly interface and extensive library. Numerous websites which are free for video streaming have some restrictions like, “Quota Exceeded” or “Your limit has Exceeded.” 

The limits appear on the screen and obstruct the view after the limit has been reached. This limit becomes very frustrating and annoying when one has free time on a holiday and wants to watch numerous movies. 

But in the case of Levidia, one can watch as many movies as the user wants to, without being anxious about the looming constraints. 

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Ads Free:

Ads Free on

Vulgar ads pop up on the screen when various streaming sites are opened. The ads become quite a nuisance while one is watching a movie or series. Clicking on the screen of the website, playing, and resuming the video opens ads on the next tab. 

Those ads are usually for scamming people or for adding malware or viruses to the user’s device. One doesn’t have to avoid ads or close redirected tabs. Henceforth, a user can watch their favorite movies or documentaries without any interruption. 

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User Friendly Interface:

The most interesting aspect of this website is that all the features and selections are available on the homepage of this website. The right side of the homepage showcases various features;

  • Alternative domains 
  • Direct links
  • A – Z movies
  • Genres 
  • Release years
  • Stats features features

There are various features on the homepage which can be utilized;

Login and Signup 

If one wants to log in or sign up, click on the top right of the bar on the screen. By logging in or signing up one can save the watched history and the watchlist of their favorite movies or shows. 

Most Popular and Recently Added Movies or Episodes 

Below the login and sign-up bar, one can view the most popular shoes, episodes, and the most recent ones. This helps their users to easily check the updates of their favorite shows and watch them promptly after they’re released. 

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Alternative Domains and Links 

Below the popular shows or recently added websites are the links to alternative websites, like www1, and high-authority movie sites like Dailymotion, Clipwatching, Streamplay, Vidlox, Vidoza, Wootly, and

Through clicking on these direct and alternative links, one can observe various websites that offer free video streaming and subtitles on dramas, shows, movies, and documentaries. 

A – Z Movie Searching 

Movies and other videos of series are listed in alphabetical order. One can either search them through the search bar or by clicking on their first alphabet and going through the list to find the show they wanna watch. 

The section is beneficial for finding movies of your interest and saves a lot of time if one isn’t sure what to watch. 


The following genres are available on thwebsite; 

  • Action 
  • Adventure
  • Animation
  • Biography
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentary 
  • Drama 
  • Family 
  • Fantasy 
  • Film-Noir 
  • Game-Show 
  • History 
  • Horror 
  • Music 
  • Musical Mystery 
  • News 
  • Reality-TV 
  • Romance 
  • Sci-Fi 
  • Sport 
  • Talk-Show 
  • Thriller 
  • War 
  • Western 
  • Adult

One can search through genres and watch the shows that are included in the genres they prefer. 

Release Year

One can also find movies according to their release date as movies are categorized according to their release dates from 2004 to 2023. This helps one choose between classics and modern fiction. 

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One can also download videos from the website and watch them after downloading them. 

Is Safe to Use?

Levidia is a grey area in terms of legality, like other pirated websites. It offers access to copyrighted content without the authorization of the content owners. Hence, upon investigation, it can face legal impediments. Therefore, using this platform might be considered illegal in some countries.

However, it is significant to notice the legality of using Levidia differs from country to country. In some countries, it may be deemed legal to utilize the platform to stream content for personal use only, however, in others, it could be illegal.

Moreover, Scam Void has given a green flag for using Levidia ch and it is safe to use. Algorithm tests on it by Scam Void determined this outcome. Apart from that, it is ad-free, so one doesn’t need to worry about malware or anything like that. 

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Conclusion is one of the best movie streaming sites without vulgar ads, no stupid pop-ups. The site is completely free with a wide library of movies, TV series, and documentaries and numerous. fascinating features.

The site offers safe content that is easy to navigate. Overall, this website offers a good experience. 

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