Skyler Banks: Birthplace, Education, Parents, Half-siblings, Social media & Net Worth

Celebrity children have always been in the limelight, aren’t they? Skyler Banks is no different. She got the popularity due to her father Lil Durk, who has made his name in the music world. He is the founder of Chicago Collective and has numerous popular albums to his name. 

She is the fifth-born child of an American singer. She is the daughter of Durk Derrick and his ex-girlfriend Tameka Kute. People are curious to know about the life history of this celebrity kid, regardless of her young age. People are speculating about her career choices in the future. 

Stay tuned with us to know all about Skyler Banks, her early life, education, parents, siblings, social life, and net worth.

When Skyler Banks Was Born?

Skyler Banks, the daughter of Durk Derrick was born in Illinois, US on August 29th, 2014. She will be nine years old by 2023. What’s her astrological sign? She’s a Virgo. 

Where has she descended from? Is she African? Her parents have mixed ethnicity and she belongs to American and African ethnic backgrounds.  As she was born in America, she has American nationality but belongs to the black race. She follows Jesus and is Christian. 

What does she look like? Like all adorable kids of her age. She has a vibrant personality. Although her physical traits are not publicly announced yet. But in the pictures we have gathered so far, she has curly black hair and bright black eyes. 

She has a mischievous smile that looks super cute. Her mother tries her best to keep her away from the prying eyes of the media.

Skyler Banks Education

Has she enrolled in any school? She must be studying in a primary school considering her age. Unfortunately, there’s no information available to tell us exact details about her educational background. Her parents prefer her away from the media.

Skyler Banks Parents

Who’s the popular father of Skyler Banks, and how did the child get all the fame? Durk Derrick, the popular American musician and songwriter made his name in the music industry by his tireless hard work. How did Lil Durk rise to stardom? He grew up in a poor household, where his mother was the only parent to feed him and his siblings, as his father was sentenced to jail. 

He was interested in music since his early life but didn’t pursue it professionally long after his teenage. He was arrested due to weapon possession at the age of 17 when his girlfriend was pregnant with their child. Once he got to know, his entire future laid out in front of him and he started to finance his family and owned music as his profession. He’s the founder of the Chicago rap collective. 

He has released many popular songs, mainly ‘Remember My Name’, and ‘My Beyonce’ both garnered huge attention and led to his success. Currently, he’s working with the Def Jams Records banner. His songs have been hit songs on the billboards for a long time making him a popular rapper in the American music industry.

Skyler’s mother, Tamaka Kute has been in a relationship with Lil Durk for some time, and they gave birth to her. But right after some time, they split ways, the reason was his father’s disloyalty. Tamaka has maintained a low profile since her breakup and hasn’t dated anyone. Besides that, like all women, she loves shopping and has an outgoing personality. 

How Many Siblings Does Skyler Banks Have?

She has five half-siblings, all from his father’s relationship with multiple women. Her father first got his child at only the age of 17. That persuaded him to work hard to build a career and support a family. Skyler Banks is the youngest daughter among all, and the only child of his father with her mother, Tameka Kute. 

His eldest sibling, Angelo Banks is 12 years old, 3 years older than her. He was born to Lil Durk and his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Covone. After Angelo, Bella Banks was born, she’s 10 years old and has the same mother as Angelo. The couple was married at the time of Bella’s birth but afterward split their way. Why? We don’t know, the reason wasn’t revealed. 

Lil Durk has a history with women, he has multiple flings, Just after the birth of his first daughter, another sibling of Skyler was born in 2013, named Zayden Banks. His mother’s identity hasn’t been disclosed despite of media’s prodding. 

Another half-sibling of hers is Du’mier Banks, just like Zayden his mother’s identity is a question mark. But neither Lil Durk revealed her personality, nor the women made her known. 

Another half-sibling of hers is Willow Banks from his father’s relationship with fashion influencer India Royale. The couple is still in a relationship but we aren’t aware if they are getting married any time soon. The couple hasn’t revealed anything yet. 

She has maintained cordial relationships with her siblings but hasn’t made much appearance with any of them. However, by her photos, we assume Skyler has a good relationship with India Royale. 

Skyler Banks’ Social Media

Does Skyler Banks own any social media account? Well considering her background, it is expected she must have any. But no, her parents are strict in this regard. She’s underage and has no social media handle of her own. 

Although, she is frequently seen in her parents’ accounts. They post adorable photos of her sharing their cute moments. The child has an interesting and curious personality. She’s well-liked among her father’s fans. The couple has garnered a great fan following just because of her adorable smile and charming personality. 

Skyler Banks’ Net Worth

Skyler Banks has no net worth of her own, as expected. Although she’s living a luxurious lifestyle that’s all because of his popular and successful father. She is just 9, and she still living under her parent’s thumb. Her father’s net worth is approximately $3M. The child has all the perks of being the celebrity kid. 


Concluding the biography of Skyler Banks, the daughter of popular rapper Lil Durk. The child has no achievements to her name as she was just a minor at that time. She got all the limelight as she’s frequently seen with the musician and is the influencer’s girlfriend, India Royale.

Skyler’s mother Tamaka Kute has remained low-key since her breakup with her father, who cheated on her with other women. His father has popular songs to his name leading to his fame and his fortune. 

She has 5 half-siblings with whom she has a friendly relationship. She’s living a luxurious lifestyle just because of his father’s celebrity status and great fortune. 

Give a thorough look to know who Skyler is, and how she got the media’s attention. Share your reviews with us as well. 

FAQs on Skyler Banks

How Old is Skyler Banks?

She’s 9 years old and she was born on August 24th, 2014 in the US.

Who is Skyler Banks’s mother? 

Tamaka Kute gave birth to this adorable young kid and ex-lover of Lil Durk. 

Are Skyler Banks’s parents still together?

No, the couple parted ways just sometime after her birth, as Tamaka got angered by Lil Durk’s affairs and flings. His disloyalty upset her.

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