Guide to ranking the chances of taking first place in Call of Duty Warzone matches

The most popular mode in Call of Duty in the latest and current versions of Modern Warfare is Warzone – a royal battle theme that is available in a free format for everyone and to go to the Infinity Ward servers you just need to download the client.

Your main task will be to win matches as often as possible by taking top 1 or high positions and thereby increasing your rating yourself, or with the help of Call of Duty services with the professional help of boosters like Skycoach.

Secrets and tips for playing Warzone to increase the likelihood of getting top 1 position in the match result

Secrets and tips for playing Warzone to increase the likelihood of getting top 1 position in the match result

Choose advantageous landing spots

Many players embrace the adventurous spirit and land on the most popular spots, where there is a lot of loot and rival players, to challenge them and play a match in a fast-paced scenario.

This format is good enough for action and training shooting skills and quickly finding objects and weapons, but for those who set themselves the goal not of participation, but of victory, they should avoid mass gatherings of players and major risks and rather let some of the enemies destroy each other while you select all the necessary equipment for the main events of the match, in the middle of the game, when the starting battles are over and the match enters the mid-game and end-game phase.

Simply put, choose areas in which there will not be a large number of enemies during the landing, and you can calmly collect all the necessary equipment and prepare for battles and  boosting Call of Duty MW3.

Selection of equipment

You need to learn to quickly analyze what items are in front of you and take only what you need and what you are comfortable working with, and fight for top 1.

At first, you need to take everything you can find, but gradually it is better to look for an assault rifle and accessories for it, cartridges and grenades, medicine and armor modules in order to quickly replenish basic resources after difficult and protracted battles.

You can carry one main weapon and any secondary weapons you can take:

  • Pistol – weak, but fast damage; at short distances, you can quickly grab and finish off the enemy in close contact with him.
  • A shotgun is for fans of close combat, but in some places it is a dangerous option, because if you are left without ammo in an open area and take out a shotgun, you will most likely die because you simply will not shoot it and your Warzone boosting will be completed.
  • The sniper rifle is a great option for fighting over large areas and the best way to scout ahead of your advance. The only downside may be poor damage at close range, but this is an eternal dilemma, and it is better to simply control your shooting and ammo consumption, as well as play with a comfortable weapon, and not focus on the type of battle that may or may not take place in the next match.

Don’t forget to collect grenades, medicines and pieces of armor, which are always useful for attacks and defense and can play a supporting role in your boosting Call of Duty.

Buy more what you haven’t found

During matches, you can find special stations that will allow you to purchase the necessary equipment and weapons, but be prepared to pay large sums of money that can be discovered during the match.

Play as a team whenever possible

Games in the battle royale genre primarily rely on team battles, and if you start with friends, then similar groups will oppose you, which opens up more tactical and communication opportunities for an interesting game and boosting in MW3.

You will be able to land more intelligently and distribute your forces to ensure the safety of the group at the time of picking up drops and when moving to new frontiers.

You will simply cover each other and act as one group with a system of suppressive fire, throwing grenades and other tactical actions that will help you achieve results and move towards the top 1 in each match.

Control the map and the progress of the match

In fact, all events in each game can be divided into three stages.

  • The stage of landing and the first skirmishes.
  • The mid-game stage, where the direction and point of the map narrowing is determined, and the main shootouts take place.
  • The end of the game stage, in which the battle zone is narrowed for the last time, and all players are sent to a specified point to decide who will receive top 1 status.

In fact, to get closer to top 1 status, you need to land in a small zone and equip your hero, wait a short time until the first battles begin and some of the players are destroyed.

Wait until the first narrowing of the game map begins, which will indicate the direction of reduction in the future and move in the right direction, while at the same time, if possible, not engaging in battle with opponents without unnecessary need and giving other players the opportunity to destroy each other, simplifying your task.

Of course, if it is possible to quickly remove enemies that are preventing you from acting on the game map.

Beware of shelling and gas attacks.

Learn to shoot with any weapon

If you want to regularly take top 1, or get as close to this status as possible, you need to constantly train your AIM and your ability to handle any weapon. This is due to the fact that you never know what weapon you will get, and it is extremely important to be able to shoot well with any of them.

You can practice during the warm-up time, which is given regularly before the start of the match itself.

Analyze your matches

Naturally, you cannot always win – this is impossible, and it will be better if you simply analyze all your game moments that led to defeat.

This will help you better understand the problematic issues and work on them in order to significantly increase your boosting in Modern Warfare and progress in the ranking of the best players.

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