Raven Software Twitter Updates: Bug Fixes, Trolling By the Cheatmakers & Hudson Return

Having a clean game with no cheats is truly a boon for legit players, isn’t it? But with hackers finding all the twisted ways to bring cheating into Warzone. The Raven software Twitter has revealed how some legit players abandon Verdansk daily due to cheat hacks which makes it extremely tough to grind the game, while hackers love to play such loose games.

Despite the fact hackers are banned from Raven software still they have woven their way through barricades by either making a new profile and they got their hands over some dynamic hacks that allow them to come back with all their cheat codes. 

With every release, there comes some cosmetics,  multiplayer maps, zombie formulas, and some anti-cheat formulas but these are usually accompanied by bugs and glitches that players complained about after downloading the updates. 

Now the hackers giving glimpses about Dark Aerher camo in the warzone which has made legit players lose all hopes of acing the game as these are hell tough and demand a lot of time to get through it but the hackers are able to crack it within an instant which renders all the hard work of legit players.

Here we will see what is being rolled all over social media about the raven software twitter updates, bug fixes, and cheesemakers mocking the game devs and operator Hudson returning back. 

Raven Software Twitter Update About Bug Fixes

When the raven software twitter update came, it revealed the reload bug would be fixed soon but the players were unhappy with the delayance and complained developers were deliberately dragging their feet in fixing issues and commented sarcastically over social media. 

The bugs which were fixed are elaborated as: 

  • There was an automatic tactical sprint that was interrupting attempts that reload a weapon.
  • The interact settings on controllers that were preventing players from reloading were also fixed.
  • The host couldn’t start the private match because the player’s threshold was also fixed.
  • There was a bug where the squad members used to see incorrect ping on Champion’s Quest contract was also resolved. 

But despite resolving all these issues Raven Software faced a backlash. Players showed disdain over Raven Software’s Twitter update that they took so long to resolve issues which were pretty minor. 

One commenter took over social media and puked out his sarcasm by saying, 

“Holy crap I wasn’t expecting a fix for this so soon! Thank you guys for constantly surprising us with your hard work and passion for the game! I speak for everyone here when I say we do not deserve a company that treats us so well.”

Another one also showed dislike and said if that kinda issue had happened with the game’s store then it would have been fixed sooner and added, 

“It’s been seven days for something that was completely fine before.”

Cheatmakers Making Fun Of Warzone Developers & Allegedly Releasing Hacks

When we realize things couldn’t get any worse for Raven Software,  several cheat makers initiate roasting Warzone developers.  The raven software twitter account covers the launch of the latest SMG, CX9, and the weapon has the potential to challenge other weapons already in the game with ease.

Whenever a new update rolls around, players get excited over it and try to challenge other meta weapons already existing in the gameplay.

The repacked Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 came up with some bugs that limit players to either level up their games or terminate the unlock challenges, although bugs aren’t the problems they prevented players from accessing new weapons.

Raven Software Twitter Updates: Bug Fixes, Trolling By the Cheatmakers & Hudson Return

It isn’t that the developers were unaware of such issues, as they immediately gave an update and let their players know that they were aware and they would fix it as early as possible. A popular hacker trolled the Raven software Twitter update and released its own hacks which let players unlock every weapon with little to no effort.

The update announced several recurring issues will be resolved including players will no longer get in a bugged state while interacting with loadout crates in-game and won’t bugged while Fetching Online Profiles as per Call of Duty Updates on January 18, 2024.

Raven Software Twitter Updates have exposed Call of Duty players to new bugs that make the games unplayable for some, as the new updates bring multiplayer maps, Zombies formula change, new cosmetics some anti-cheat negation, and much more.

Although they are introducing some exciting features that fans aren’t enjoying much, whenever players hop onto open-world FPS mode, they face visual and gameplay glitches that hinder easy playing.

Twitter has come up with clips and reports that show how much struggle players are facing during gameplay, one notorious clip revealed what a user, Fifakill faced while accessing the ‘Create a class’ menu.

Raven Software’s Twitter account has been slammed by numerous such comments, one updated in early 2024 said:

“If you try to go to ‘create a class’ in the menu your game will bug and you’ll have to restart. If you try to hit loadout in a game this happens… 😂”

~Fifakill (@Fifakill_)

But the issues don’t end here, unfortunately, Fifakill further shared a clip where a dent could be seen on the Urzikstan map, which he pointed out,

“Houston, we have a problem. @RavenSoftware @SHGames”

~Fifakill (@Fifakill_)

It might be just a joke for a few but some couldn’t access Load out drops and some streamers like MerK pointed out that Prevusion Airstrike Killstreak design notify players when activated.

“Notifications just straight up aren’t working on PAs, just be ready for some stealth bombers”

~MerK (@JoeDeLuca)

Such kinds of warnings are undue for those who could access it in the first place as players took over Raven Software twitter has complained that they couldn’t even access something trivial S the main menu.


~MPIRE Astro (@astroboihero) 

The raven software twitter’s latest update revealed developers have expanded the Champion’s Quest option that asks players to win 30 matches in total while 5 consecutive but intends to add it earliest opportunity. The Twitter update is,

“At the moment, the current state of the update does not meet our standards for quality and gameplay, and we are committed to addressing the issues promptly to ensure that all players can enjoy #Warzone to the fullest extent possible,” It further added, “Our goal is always to provide a smooth and seamless experience.”

Although Raven is making changes over the fly but hasn’t revealed when it will be resolved. But the team has pacified developers that geographical distortion, main menu loop, Loadout, and Killstreak notification are all being handled and modified for further use by the players.

Warzone originally had planned to bring Weapons Cases and Covert Exfil to the gameplay but now delaying it due to negative feedback. Warzone is keeping it to itself when it will reveal the release of features. 

Is The Special Agent Jason Hudson Returning in Repacked Call of Duty Season 5? 

NATO’s surveillance system has gone through some hurdles and the system has been greatly compromised impairing its operational and intelligence-gathering abilities impaired. 

But the spies made their way through it and completed a piece of the puzzle. Now the spies are helping Special Agent Hudson to return back and prepare for the the impending battles and look for a missing NATO Operative that has gotten off the track. 


In conclusion, the raven software twitter account was slammed when the players complained about not having immediate access, and if fortunately, they do get access, the tactical sprint prevents them from reloading the game. 

Raven Software gave an update that the bug would be resolved soon but still, players were unhappy with unnecessary delaying and players are restricted. accessing new weapons to which the game developers, are being trolled over by the cheatmakers. 

Give it a thorough to know which updates are limited and when they will be modified. 

FAQs On Raven Software Twitter 

Does Raven still make cod? 

Yes, the latest update which is expected to be released in the last month of 2024 is Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 with Treyarch.

What does Raven do for Call of Duty? 

Raven Software is the supporting studio for the Call of Duty franchise. The studio helps to develop all the Call of Duty games. 

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