Brady Fogle: Early Life, Education, Parents, Custody & Whereabouts

Is Brady Fogle popular only because of his pedophile father? How his father’s actions were revealed? The teenager still gets the limelight due to Jared Fogle’s heinous deeds where he s*xually abused children and made adult photos with them. His family got to know about it when the FBI came to their house with a search warrant and arrested him.

He and his sister, Quinn Fogle was barely a toddler back then and he was just 4 years old at the time of arrest. His mother Kathleen McLaughlin was equally unaware of his husband’s sins and upon knowing divorced him. He’s in solo custody of his mother, who is hell-bent on protecting his children. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Brady Fogle’s birthplace, education, parents, his father as a monster, sibling, custody, parents’ divorce, and net worth.

When Brady Fogle Was Born?

He was born in 2011, as of today he must be 13 years old and already a teenager. But where was he born? His birthplace is Zionsville, Indiana. He possesses American nationality and follows Christianity following his parents’ religion.

He rose to popularity when his father was arrested for an accuse, of child s*x tourism. FBI came to the home and arrested him. This incident changed his mother and sister’s lives for good. At the time of this incident, he was only 4 years old but the eldest child. 

Which race does he follow? He descends from white ethnicity. His father’s conviction disturbed the whole family a lot, therefore they decided to keep low-key for some time.

Where Brady Fogle Got His Education From?

What is there to know about Brady’s education? The young teenager should be in his middle school. There’s no information found on his educational Background, as the family had decided to remain low-key after their father revealed of actions. 

We have speculated that normal teenagers aged between 11 to 13 years are enrolled in middle school, so Brady must be studying in one too.

Who Is Brady Fogle’s Father?

Jared Fogle is Brady’s father who became popular when he was accused of questionable acts. He first came under the limelight when his roommate wrote an article about him. He lost 111kg by doing a workout and eating Subway. His transformation stunned people and made him a public figure. 

When his article got out and he got the attention of the public, subway decided to make him its representative, he spoke in favor of Subway sandwiches and appeared in 300 campaigns and advertisements since 2000. 

He also launched his foundation, ‘Jared Foundation’ where he used to give education on obesity. He encouraged young children to get rid of obesity at a young age. This NGO marked a target in his successful career history. 

He became an inspiration for people and children alike, but can you imagine what he was hiding under this façade all along? He was involved in child p*rnography and child s*x voyeurism for so long, but we only got to know when he was arrested in 2015. 

Brady Fogle Arrest

According to certain allegations, it’s also claimed that Subway was also involved in his disgusting activities but did not expose him but rather defended his actions on certain occasions. 

He was arrested by the FBI in 2015 when the team came to his house and arrested him in front of his wife and children. He was sentenced to jail for 15 years and 8 months in charge of his heinous crimes. 

Who Is Brady Fogle’s Mother?

Kathleen McLaughlin is Brady Fogle’s mother, who is a teacher professionally. His mother was traumatized after his father’s arrest. She got to know about his husband’s deeds when the FBI knocked at their house. Before that, she knew nothing about what his husband was up to. 

She further claimed in an interview that his husband was living two different lives, one an angel side in his house and the devil side outside of his house. She never became even suspicious about his husband’s doings. 

Once Jared was arrested, she filed for divorce. She decided divorce settlement by taking alimony of $7M and sole custody of his children. She even pledged to the court to deny Jared’s contact with his children. Besides her, Brady has a sister who will be 9 years old but at the time of arrest, she was just 2. His mother’s only concern is to protect his children from the media’s attention and keep their lives normal. 

Brady Fogle’s Custody

What about Brady Fogle’s mother’s alimony? Who got the custody of him and his sister? His mother filed for divorce just a few weeks after his father’s divorce. She didn’t want to give a father like Jared to his children. 

However, she has decided once his children are mature enough to understand these critical things, she will tell them all about him. 

Kathleen got the sole custody of both Brady and Quinn and demanded $7M for the divorce settlement. Additionally, she agreed on divorce terms only when Jared dropped his pleading to meet his children. Right now, Jared is in jail sentence but we aren’t aware whether he can meet his children or not. 

Brady Fogle & Quin Fogle’s Whereabouts

After Jared was arrested, people were curious to know about what happened to his children. Are they alive? Yes, very much. After this humiliation, the siblings, Quinn and Brady Fogle along with their mother decided to stay under the radar. 

Katie McLaughlin was given sole custody of the children. She migrated her family from Indiana to another place, we aren’t aware of yet. The family preferred privacy and wanted to avoid media prodding and involvement in their lives.

Do you think it was the right decision after all?


Concluding Brady Fogle’s timeline, he has no history of his own. He became popular when his father Jared Fogle was arrested on accusations of s*xually abusing minors and possessing child p*rnography. His mother, Kathleen McLaughlin divorced his father when she became aware of his husband’s crimes.

She filed for sole custody of her children and took them to another place to avoid the media’s attention. Give a thorough look to learn about his reason for popularity and share your opinion about it. 

FAQs on Brady Fogle

Where do Jared Fogle’s kids reside?

After the conflict, we aren’t aware of where Brady and Quinn Fogle reside. As per the news, his mother took sole custody and took them somewhere aware of the media’s eyes. 

Is Brady Fogle on social media?
As he is barely a teenager and attended middle school. We only assume he has no known social media account. 

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