Who is Hailey Zenk? Biography, Accident She Caused, Victims of Accident & Charges

Teens getting high and creating wreckage, is not something surprising right? One particular incident like this is making rounds on the Internet these days. A teenager, Hailey Zenk was a minor at the time of the accident but was charged as an adult.

She committed five felonies which is no way authorities are letting slide. Her three felonies entail first-degree manslaughter,  one crime of DWI that she caused the death of two, and one felony described as DWI where she caused serious injury to one person.

She was driving recklessly in the dead of night, her car skidded and crashed badly into a tree and overturned. It resulted in severe loss which can’t be just neglected. 

Alibis has claimed of her getting high on marijuana doing rash driving, even investigators have gotten their hands on multiple videos where she was seen drinking and driving. Her three passengers, Emily, Kaeden, and William were teenagers like her. All of them had a long life ahead to explore, but one miserable night snatched all of that away in the blink of an eye.

In this guide, we will delve deeper into the biography of Hailey Zenk, what happened to her, what happened at the time of the accident, who are the victims, and what she was charged with.

Who Is Hailey Zenk?

Who is this young lady getting viral over the Internet? Well, she is an unfortunate teenager, now an adult who got drunk and nearly killed her friends. 

There isn’t much about her background but we still managed to find some about her. Hailey Zenk was born in Lincoln County, United States in 2005. Zenk has American nationality and descends from Caucasian white ethnicity. 

She got hyped because she was driving a car and killed three of her friends as she was rashly driving and was highly intoxicated.

When her intoxication was tested, according to lab results of urine and blood, she was positive for cannabis and benzodiazepines.

Although at the time of the accident, she was 17, a minor her trials were delayed so that she would become an adult and she would be dealt with as an adult despite her parents’ opposition.  

Did Hailey Zenk Cause An Accident?

Yes, Hailey Zenk was on wheels when started driving on her 2008 model Ford Focus. They were high on hemp and alcohol and the vehicle lost track and crashed right into a tree. 

Three of the passengers, Emily, Kaeden, and William were dead on the spot while she and Trevor were taken to a nearby hospital and were treated.

Hailey was kept under observation and right after discharge was taken to the police station and charged with murder.

Even when she was released and awaiting her trial, a leg monitor was attached to her abs scrutinizing all her movements and doings. 

What Has Happened To Hailey Zenk?

On February 5th, 2023 when the incident took place, Hailey Zenk was just a minor at the time when the case was registered against her. Initially, it was a juvenile arrest but her trials were delayed deliberately until the defendant’s statement aka Hailey’s got weak and she turned 18 and prosecuted as an adult.

The victims’ family filed cases against her asking why she would get out of having juvenile leniency and staying with her family while their children paid by their lives for her mistakes.

The first prosecution against her was scheduled for May 2023 but was pushed ahead to August 2023 so that the case against her could be strengthened. 

Who is Hailey Zenk? Biography, Accident She Caused, Victims of Accident & Charges

In the August ruling, the judge finally accepted their request for her to get under adult ruling as per the victim’s family pleas. 

Hailey’s parents opposed this prosecution although they were disappointed in their daughter’s felonies but still wanted leniency in her case, but that didn’t go unnoticed. When she was arrested, she was Strapped to a leg monitor as her bail requirement, and she was kept under house arrest. 

She was entered into an Alford plea which is usually the guilty plea in which you don’t actually plead guilty in front of a court and accept the court’s sentence regardless of opposition.

Who Were the Victims of the Accident?

When the car of Hailey Zenk, a 2008 Ford Focus went airborne and crashed into the tree it led to her passengers aka her friends dead. 

All three of the victims Emily McNees, Kaeden Tyler, and William Flickinger were declared dead. 

Emily McNees was just 17 years old and was enrolled at St. Charles Community College and was ambitious to checkmark all her dreams planned. One of her dreams was to be an auspicious nurse.

She was a popular cheerleader at Troy Buchanan High School and graduated in 2022. But Destiny played her bad and she lost her life in this terrible accident.

Kaeden Tyler was the youngest of all, a teenager aged 15 he was a high school student at Troy Ninth Grade Centre in Moscow Hills. His family described him as a great player, a beloved brother, and a loyal friend but fate snatched all his dreams at a young age.

William Flickinger has a bright future ahead, he was 18 and was attending New Horizons High School in Troy, Missouri. He loved to watch football and basketball as per his family statement. 

Another victim was Trevor Bogert,  who didn’t die but got severely injured with brain fractures and broken bones and was admitted to Memorial Hospital. 

What Hailey Zenk Was Charged With? 

Hailey Zenk’s original charges were upgraded from just murder charges to severe ones, once the toxicology and examination reports came. 

She was charged with five felonies, where one count of DWI states she caused death, one says she made one of the passengers severely injured and the other three counts of DWI were involuntary murder. 

The reports did nothing but make her defense statement weak as the reports clearly state she was high on drugs and was swerving the vehicle so this accident was inevitable. 

Further investigation was forthcoming damaging pictures and videos for her sake where she was continuously drinking alcohol and taking marijuana and drove rashly nearly killing her passengers. 

Who is Hailey Zenk? Biography, Accident She Caused, Victims of Accident & Charges

The reports stated she was driving at 81mph on the road where only 34mph was allowed. Speed higher than that was restricted and none of the passengers was wearing seat belts. 

One of the passengers, Trevor Bogert is alive but is in the worst condition. He was thrown out of the windshield due to high speed and fractured his skull and was admitted to hospital. He was kept on a respirator initially, he had 19 blood transfusions and multiple reconstruction surges for his broken bones.

But still, thankfully he made it out alive but is badly traumatized by this experience. On the crash site, a memorial was placed and people raised slogans saying, ‘Don’t Drink and Drive.’

On June 10, she will be sentenced to prison for all DWI charges she has been guilty of. She will be in prison for 7 years for alleged charges of serious injury. 5-15 years of sentence for fatal DWI charges and a $10,000 fine for each manslaughter charge.


In conclusion, Hailey Zenk is going through prosecution after killing three of her friends and injuring one who fortunately made it out alive. She was a minor at the time of the accident but the victim’s family requested to delay her case and their pleas were accepted when she actually turned 18 in August 2023 and was finally an adult. 

Her three passengers who met their end were Emily, William, and Kaeden they were killed on the spot while Trevor Bogert fortunately made it out alive but was injured to death. 

Hailey was high on Marijuana and alcohol as per examination pictures and toxicology reports which made her statement more damaging. She will no longer receive any leniency as she will be dealt with as an adult.

Give it a thorough read to know all about this misfortune incident and why you must be careful while driving. 

Share your opinion on this matter and suggest what we should come up with next time! 


What did Hailey Zenk do?

She killed three of her friends in a car crash when she was severely intoxicated. Her case was given time to strengthen so that she would be an adult by the time of prosecution. 

What evidence was presented against Hailey Zenk?

The shreds of evidence were presented by Missouri Highway Petrol Trooper documentation, toxicology reports, and photos and videos which worsened her case.

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