Who is Robie Uniacke? Early Life, Education, Family, Career, Love Life, Controversies & Net Worth

What’s so alluring about Robie Uniacke? His intellectual success is one thing but his love interests have made him one of the most sought-after celebrities in the media. He has expertise in business, mathematics, and research adding much to his hype.

His dating history is epic as he has been entangled with successful and not to mention most stunning ladies. He has been in a relationship with the late Earl of Carlisle’s daughter, Emma Howard but parted ways with her.

Currently, he is pursuing Rosamund Pike, and love us bloomed between them for many years. Their vanilla love got immense attention and remained in the tabloids.

He has earned recognition in the research sector all due to his experience but besides that, he is an all-achiever entrepreneur.

But still, all that recognition couldn’t give him as much limelight being the lover of Pike does. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into Robie Uniacke, his early life, educational background, family, career, marital life, controversies surrounding him, and his net worth.

Who Is Robie Uniacke?

Robie’s identity is no wonder as he’s making rounds over the media due to his love interests. But is that the only thing adding hype to his personality? No, not at all, he is professionally successful as an entrepreneur and researcher.

He is a British, born in 1961 in England. He is of Caucasian ethnicity with three of his siblings. He has many achievements and accolades to his name but still got tangled in several controversies regarding financial mismanagement. 

Embark on this journey to unravel every secret and facet making Robie Uniacke an exceptional personality.

Educational Background of Robie Uniacke 

Robie has been obsessed with Mathematics since his blooming age and that’s what persuaded him to go for it. Is he highly qualified? The accolades scream his research potential and extraordinary qualification records.

He got his secondary education from a British School. Furthermore, he drooled at Eton College in Windsor received Higher education, and sharpened his mathematical skills.

He stayed immersed in his profession even after graduation and pursued research in mathematics. But still, despite these accomplishments he likes to keep the details about his business private and hasn’t revealed much.

How Robie Uniacke Look Like? 

Besides his educational and entrepreneurial accomplishments, he managed to capture Pike’s heart due to his notable physical looks. He has a charming personality which can’t be neglected. His physical appearance is as follows:

Physical TraitMeasurements 
Height 175 cm
Weight143 lbs.
Hair ColorDark brown
Complexion Fair
Eye colorBlue
Stature Slim build 
Shoe Size10 (US)

Family of Robie Uniacke 

Is Robie Uniacke’s family as inspiring as him? They haven’t garnered any attention as their lifestyle has nothing to do with the media. He was born to Jeniffer Sally Cunningham who was a talented interior designer.

His father, David Corbett Uniacke was also a successful entrepreneur. 

He grew up with three of his siblings including Kate Uniacke, Camilla Alexander Uniacke, and Caspar John Uniacke. 

His family is quite educated and supported him throughout, he grew up in a typical British household.

Career of Robie Uniacke 

What are some remarkable career achievements of Robie Uniacke? Surprisingly or not he has accumulated much respect and recognition due to this profession.

He’s an exceptional mathematician who has done research all the while burgeoning his entrepreneurial career but likes to keep the details to himself.

He has established three companies but we are unaware of the niche of these corporations. In 2010, he started an IT consultancy company, Pale Fire Ltd

Who is Robie Uniacke? Early Life, Education, Family, Career, Love Life, Controversies & Net Worth

But the company was dissolved unfortunately due to his negligence in paying the company’s VAT to HMRC. 

But these setbacks could never keep him from excelling further, he still has managed to make himself respectful in the research community because he has contributed much to this field.

Is Robie Uniacke Married?

Yes, he has been married several times but all those marriages didn’t last long. His first marriage took place in 1983 with the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle, Emma Howard. The couple have a son named, Robie Jonjo Uniacke but it couldn’t last long.

Their marriage had a nasty end, as both got addicted to heroin and had to be rehabilitated. 

But one unhappy marriage couldn’t stop him from giving it another chance. He again got married to Rose Batstone who was an interior designer like his mother. He welcomed three children with her named Florence Uniacke, Hector Uniacke, and Olive Uniacke. Olive is the best buddy of Daniel Radcliffe aka our favorite Harry Potter.

Unfortunately, this marriage couldn’t last long but it didn’t have a particularly bad end they parted quietly.

In 2009, he was given another chance to love and hot into a relationship with Rosamund Pike. They have welcomed two sons so far, Solo and Atom Uniacke but still haven’t got married.

They aren’t even rushing into having a relationship title between them which may raise some people’s eyebrows but it’s their own choice.

The couple is still together and so much in love, we believe they will be happily ever after.

Which Controversies Surrounding Robie Uniacke?

Is Robie Uniacke past a clean slate? No, he had been indulged into several Scandals and controversies which didn’t quite sully his reputation but still a matter to ponder.

Just the time, his lover’s film ‘Entebbe’ got premiered he fell prey to a financial Scandal. In ‘Dailymail UK’ he was kicked out as the company’s director because of several reasons.

After the company collapsed, it was revealed he didn’t pay £179602 taxes to HMRC. The liquidator report of the bankruptcy stated that it was overdrawn by £133000, it was supposed to be settled down by a total of £25000. He was asked to sign a schedule for financial misconduct and that he didn’t comply with statutory obligations which proved to be detrimental for HMRC. 

He even admitted his misconduct and he even claimed he had received £260508 in several years and used all of that money on his agenda. 

He even disclosed his past as a drug addict but we couldn’t gather much information about it despite our continued digging. 

Net Worth of Robie Uniacke 

Robie Uniacke has gained high fortune due to his successful research work and business. In 2023, his net worth was estimated at around $9M and we expected him to accumulate much more than this.


In conclusion, Robie Uniacke’s life history isn’t typical as he has gathered recognition and wealth all due to his profession. 

However, his being in the limelight is all due to his love lady, Rosamund Pike who is a popular actress. 

Robie is a mathematical researcher and has done several researches in his lifetime and still contributing greatly to it. He even has established several business companies but one of his company got dissolved due to him not paying VAT Taxes.

He grew up in a loving family, and faced marriage failures but currently dating Pike and even have children with her. Give it a thorough read to know all about his biography and share your opinion on it.

FAQs on Robie Uniacke 

What does Robie Uniacke do?

He’s a successful business entrepreneur all the while showing his exceptional abilities in mathematical research.

Why is Rosamund Pike with Robie Uniacke?

She considered him an extremely loving, caring, and supportive partner.  She says he’s a feminist which she appreciates truly.

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