Pioneer Woman Divorce Update: First Meet-up, Ree’s Marriage, Children & Initial Year’s Challenges 

Do you also get curious about the insides of people’s relationships? Here we are going to get the Pioneer woman divorce update.  

Is her relationship still in full swing or ended but didn’t make it to the Internet? The Pioneer Woman title is given to Ree Drummond who is successfully running her food network. 

One thing your curious self will love the most is Ree is quite comfortable with talking about her personal life over her channel.

In her recent memoir, she shared pretty much everything about her love life. She told her fans how she met her beloved husband at a bar rather coincidently and there the love sparked. 

The love led to their adventurous early marriage despite the scandal of Ree’s parents going viral in the media. The couple conceived immediately after marriage, but Ree went through several complications and faced difficulty adjusting to her pregnancy. 

She had some notions her husband would leave her and they won’t work, but that notion proved to be wrong and they are still so much in love after more than 26 years. 

Stay tuned with us to know all about the Pioneer woman divorce update, did that happen or not? How the couple met, their marriage, children, their secret to a long-lasting marriage, and why they moved out of their residence.

First Meet-up of The Pioneer Woman With Her Husband

First Meet-up of The Pioneer Woman With Her Husband

Well the news circulating about the pioneer woman divorce update, people became curious how they met in the first place. Their first meet-up story isn’t quite unusual but seems fictional to me. 

The meetups happen in movies, where the guy and the lady meet at a rowdy place, fall in love, and boom have their happily ever after.

The same happened with Ree Drummond, she first met her husband, Ladd in a bar, yes a bar!

She moved back from Los Angeles and was planning to move to Chicago but took a break and planned to meet her school buddies. 

They decided to meet in a bar, she rushed out of the door just to have a glass of chardonnay and forgot to do her makeup.

At the bar, she saw her soul mate standing across it wearing jeans and cowboy boots. She instantly fell for his looks and apparel, they met and talked for hours.

She thought they would be together as he would call her the next morning, but destiny delayed that. Shelved on, and after 4 months he texted her and went on their first date.

The date ended with Ladd kissing on their parents’ front porch, their relationship was difficult as she was a big-town girl and he owned a Cattle rancher but that didn’t stop him from confessing his love. 

Long story short, their relationship escalated quickly and they got married shortly after.

The Pioneer Woman Marriage

The Pioneer Woman Marriage

The Pioneer Woman Divorce update seems to spark right after their marriage as the initial years seem to be turbulent. 

They got married in 1996 in an Episcopal church,  the ceremony took place rather normally, where she won a typical white wedding dress with Ladd wearing a Tuxedo with his cowboy boots.

But there were two eccentric things that she will never forget about marriage. One of her brothers Mike shouted Elvira at the top of his lungs on their wedding stage, and the other thing was Ladd’s alma mater defended the National Football Champions by fighting Nebraska. 

Her newly wedded husband and his entire friend’s group stayed in the men’s locker and watched the match excitedly.

Is the Pioneer Woman Divorce Update Associated With Her Children? 

Is the Pioneer Woman Divorce Update Associated With Her Children? 

Right after marriage, the couple flew to Australia for their honeymoon.  They let nature take control and not surprisingly Ree gave birth to her first baby after 9 and half months. They were over the moon and gave birth to another child in 1999. Another child was born in 2002 and subsequently followed with another one in 2004. 

They thought they were content with their four children, but no they adopted a Don as well, named Jamar. 

The circumstances of their foster child were quite saddening which the couple couldn’t ignore and before they knew it, the guy moved to their home ready to be adopted. 

The entire family along with their foster could seem to be getting along perfectly well

Their kids are grown up and adults by now o no the Pioneer woman divorce update has nothing to do with her kids. She’s quite a doting mother.

Why Pioneer Woman’s Marriage Was Challenging In the Initial Years?

The Pioneer Woman divorce updates nag have started circulating right after their marriage. As their first year seems to be quite a nuisance. 

They were really happy but the circumstances were quite awful. The time they went on their honeymoon, Ree got an ear infection while her husband, Ladd got extremely picky and liked nothing in Australia.  

Her being sick and his being hungry led the duo to come back a week later than they originally planned.

Coming back wasn’t easier either, as Ree faced challenges while adapting to rural life. 

She wrote in her memoir that the horses would look at her through their bedroom windows like serial killers and bobcats would mess up their trash, she saw all of this for the first time as she grew up in Oklahoma. 

The cherry on top, the people who moved near their house would scratch their backs to fountains, and would always stink. 

All those things were enough for the Pioneer woman divorce update, as she got a knack for all the things and adapted pretty quickly in the subsequent years.


In conclusion, the Pioneer Woman divorce update was just a rumor as the couple is still solid. They first met in a bar in the late 90s but got hooked up and that led to their early marriage. 

However, they face challenges during their honeymoon or while they move to a rancher home in a rural area. But Ree quickly adapts herself and lives quite a peaceful life.

They have 5 children together and set the couple’s goals by the affection and respect they have for each other.

Give it a thorough read to know how Pioneer Woman divorce update never saw the sun and share your opinion about it  

FAQs on Pioneer Woman Divorce Update 

Is Pioneer woman still with her husband? 

Yes, the couple has been married for more than 27 years and still living happily.

How much is the Drummond Family worth?

Ladd Drummond’s net worth is greater than his wife’s as it will reach $200M in 2024. It’s due to his land ownership and valuable cattle at his farm.

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