Who Will Win the US Elections 2024: Joe Biden or Donald Trump 

US Elections 2024 are coming up, have you decided who you are going to vote for? In November 2024, America will head to elect the next US President through the polls. The election is coming nearer and nearer, are you excited about whose election campaign will bear fruit? 

The outcome of the election is significant for everyone in the world, not just the U.S. residents or the government. However, foreign affairs, agreements, financial findings, foreign alliances, relations, and various other political aspects depend upon the outcome of the U.S. elections as well. Therefore, the whole world is anticipating who will be sitting in the White House Oval Office.

White House USA 2024

The political systems of the United system are always dominated by two parties: Democrats and Republicans. Modern-day elections have always belonged to one of them as well; the Democrats opt for a liberal political government aiming to push civil rights while Republicans opt for a conservative political party. 

What’s the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans? 

What's the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans? 

Democratic parties support a mixed economy, higher minimum wages, social security, progressive tax system, health care, public education and subsidized housing, infrastructure development, clean energy investments, civil rights, climate change, and job creation. 

Democrats that are participating in the 2024 U.S. elections are:

  • Joe Biden 
  • Williamson
  • Palmer 

Joe Biden is trying to secure a second term in power in the elections after completing his presidential tenure. 

Whereas, the Republican party also known as the GOP (Grand Old Party) opts for lower taxes, reducing government magnitude, gun rights, rigid restrictions, stringent immigration laws, and strict abortion rights. Donald Trump is the last Republican left among the candidates for the upcoming election. He is the most popular among Republicans. 

When will the next US Election 2024 Commence?

In 2024, the election will commence on 5 November 2024 and the winner will serve for a four-year term in the White House until January 2025, when the next election will begin. 

Who are the Candidates in the US Election 2024 and How are They Nominated?

In 2024, the election’s campaigns began with 15 candidates – nine of them were Republicans, four were Democrats and the remaining two were Independents. Presently, three Independents, one Republican, and three Democrats are fighting over the white house Oval Office. 

  • Democrats
    • Joe Biden
    • Palmer
    • Williamson
    • Philips 
  • Republicans
    • Trump
    • Binkley
    • Nikki Haley
    • Ron DeSantis
    • Vivek Ramaswamy
    • Asa Hutchinson
    • Chris Christie 
  • Third Party or Independents
    • Stein
    • Robert F. Kennedy
    • West

Confrontation of Joe Biden and Donald Trump 

Confrontation of Joe Biden and Donald Trump 

In the US elections 2024, Joe Biden and Donald (Former U.S. presidents) have crossed the delegate threshold and are clinching the presidential nominations. Both parties’ nominees have the highest campaign polling results. 

Soon, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Ohio, and Illinois – the five states are holding presidential nominating contests. The leaders, Trump and Biden will surely hail the victory. In March, both of them will grow their delegate counts during summer conventions. As a consequence, they will officially secure the position of their party’s nominations. 

Latest Polling Results: Who’s Leading the Election Polls?

Both powerful candidates of the US Elections 2024 are the same as in 2020. Therefore, their parties are engaging in a tough competition with a single-digit gap. They’re having the first rematch election in the last 70 years, Biden with the latest average median polling at 45 while Trump lacking behind at 44. 

Last election of 2024, Donald Trump couldn’t win against Biden. Moreover, his supporters tried their best to overturn the results, but their efforts were futile. Additionally, Trump was investigated for allegedly participating in the scheme and faces federal charges. Apart from that, his involvement in various criminal and harassment cases raised suspicion over his conduct. 

Henceforth, people are in a mix of whether to vote for him or not. Meanwhile, the Biden presidency had various detrimental factors, such as high inflation, huge industrial policy bills, Ukraine-Russia war involvement, and turmoil in Afghanistan, Palestine, and the Middle East. 

It’s safe to say that both candidates aren’t very popular in America. Hence, the lower popularity of the nominee will depend upon the popularity contest rather than Americans deciding on the lesser guilty and safer contender.  

Who should prevail in the US Elections 2024 as a winner, what do you think, comment below. 

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