When will the Replica of Titanic Sail – Plan of Clive Palmer

Titanic has a history that is known to everyone, however, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is reluctant to give up his hopes to build a replica of Titanic. Therefore, he is trying to build the Titanic II to fulfill his longest cherished dream.

It’s not only his dream but millions of people are fascinated by Titanic after watching the blockbuster romantic movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. 

What are Clive Palmer’s Plans for Rebuilding Titanic?

What are Clive Palmer's Plans for Rebuilding Titanic?

Several people have made plans to start building the second Titanic, however, most of them have abandoned it halfway. There were various rumors regarding the topic. Presently, Palmer has officially declared that he will resume the plans and launch the replica of Titanic in 2027. 

On April 12, Clive Palmer launched Blue Star Line, a new corporation likely to be the company behind the original Titanic, White Star Line. The Blue Star Line was responsible for creating Titanic 2. The plan was specially made for the people who love the dramatic story associated with the Titanic. 

The speculation and the turn of the tide were similar in 2013 when he put forward his plan before the world for the first time. The false start couldn’t end and another plan was incurred in 2018. However, the plausible launch of the enormous ship in 2022 confronted the pandemic as a major setback. Once again, the plan was left static. 

Once again, Palmer announced at Sydney Opera House that his plan to build a replica of Titanic faced various natural catastrophes and unforeseen global delays. Meanwhile, everyone thought it was over, he once again engaged with the partners and decided to launch the ship in 2027. 

Replica of Titanic, T2 Design and Architects 

Replica of Titanic, T2 Design and Architects 

The plans for rebuilding the ship are similar to its previous schemes. However, there will be more lifeboats and safety compliance according to modern-day safety measures. 

According to Dave Monk, cruise blogger, the fifth weakest man in Australia is backing a Finnish-based ship design. The marine engineering company Deltamarin is overseeing the project. Whereas, several other global partners are working with Palmer, including V. Ships Leisure and Tillberg Design. 

Tillberg Design functions as a renowned Swedish marine architect and interior designing company with global fame. 

How Many Passengers Will Titanic 2 Board?

The ocean will accommodate 2,300 passengers and 900 crew members, the quantity is similar to the parent model. The ship will be smaller than the modern cruise ship (in size), such as the Icon of the Seas. Modern technology will make sure it will serve its purpose. The design equips modern navigation systems, lifeboats, and vests for each passenger. 

Classes and Cabins in Titanic II

The luxury items, design, architect, cabin layout, and internal structure will be similar to Titanic. There will be three classes available in it: First, Second, and Third. If you want to visit the ship, you can wear period costumes. However, everyone doesn’t need to wear costumes as proclaimed by Clive Palmer. You can wear whatever you want on the Titanic and enjoy your time if it sails in 2027. 

Do you know that Clive is eager to build the ship in a comprehensive 3D rendering, containing nine decks? The decks will have 835 cabins, according to the plan. Apart from that, there will be 383 cabins in first class, 201 in second, and 251 in third classrooms while equipping 2,345 passengers altogether. 

What are the Fares of Titanic II?

The replica of the Titanic ship will follow similar routes as the original vessel. The passengers will sail across the Atlantic from Southampton, England, and will lastly move towards New York. 

In 1912, the third-class rooms of Titanic were bought at $40, while the first-class berths were bought at $150. Whereas, the fourth Parlor suites were the most expensive, at $4,350. In the future, the price of the sites might be a million dollars or more.

How Much Money Does It Take to Build a Replica of Titanic?

As Palmer has gotten more money now, he’s eager to materialize his dream in June 2027. The sources reveal that the billionaire expects it will cost $500 million to $1 billion to build the 56,0000-ton replica of Titanic, T2.

What do you think about the Clive Palmer replica of Titanic and are you excited for it to board? 

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