Forest Whitaker Siblings: Their Career Debuts & Current Whereabouts 

Jokes apart, do doppelgangers awestruck you for a moment? Well, that is what happened after knowing about Forest Whitaker siblings. Although he has three siblings his uncanny resemblance to Kenn Whitaker shocked me. 

You must already be familiar with the excellent performance of Forest Whitaker on big screens, but three of his siblings also have debuted in the entertainment industry. 

The Forest is an award-winning multi-talented actor who has been woven into his fan’s hearts for decades. 

All of his siblings have been doing the same, the curiosity surged among viewers when the comparison between Forest and his lookalike brother was being discussed. 

It wouldn’t have been a big deal but the resemblance created havoc as fans were mistaking both of them with each other.

In this guide, we will look deeper into Forest Whitaker siblings, their major career debuts, and their current whereabouts. 

Who Are Forest Whitaker Siblings?

You may be wondering if Forest is the only actor in his family but no he has three siblings who are equally involved in the entertainment world. 

He has two younger brothers named, Kenn and Damon Whittaker and an older sister named Deborah. All of Forest Whitaker siblings showcased their abilities but unfortunately didn’t get as much fame and success as Forest.

Let’s get a gist of all of Forest Whitaker siblings who have been recently making rounds on the Internet. 

Is Kenn Whitaker the Twin Brother Of Forest Whitaker? 

Out of all the Forest Whitaker siblings, Kenn got the most hype it’s because there is an extreme resemblance between the two. People have assumed him to be his twin but no both are two years apart. Kenn is younger than Forest and was born in Texas in 1963 and also following his brother’s footsteps and making himself recognized in the film industry. 

Career Debut

He has starred in several films including ‘Most Wanted’ premiered in 1997. In 1998, his film ‘Bulworth’ was released. Subsequently in the next years his debut in ‘Life’ became popular.  

In the early 2000s, he starred in ‘Last Days’ and ‘The Theory of the Leisure Class’. 

 His career pursuits are not limited to just acting he has made his name in the music industry as well. He composed a soundtrack for the movie ‘Strapped’ in 1993, which was directed by his brother, Forest Whitaker. 

Current Whereabouts 

But once his movie was released in 2001, he got MIA. He has vanished from the entertainment industry. Many of you must be curious to know about his whereabouts but we have gathered no information about it yet.

Is Damon Whitaker The Youngest of Forest Whitaker Siblings? 

Damon is the baby brother and youngest of all Forest Whitaker siblings, both are 7 years apart but the resemblance is still quite intense between the duo.

Forest Whitaker Siblings: Their Career Debuts & Current Whereabouts

Damon was born in Los Angeles, California in 1970 and on the same career path as his older brothers. 

Career Debut

He made his debut in several films such as Ghost Dog: The Way of Samurai released in 1999 where he played the younger version of Forest Whitaker. 

In the coming years, he debuted in another film, ‘The Great Debaters’ where he played his father’s role at James Farmer Sr. Which premiered in 2007.

After 5 years, he again appeared in the movie, ‘Freelancers’ where he was playing a supporting character beside his brother, Forest.

Besides these, he has starred in several other projects including ‘The Shield’, ‘ER’, ‘Criminal Minds, and ‘NYPD  Blue’.

Forest Whitaker’s Siblings have been connected with him in one way or another and that shows somewhat of a good between them.

Current Whereabouts 

Damon has relatively made himself apparent among audiences for a longer time than Kenn but still, we aren’t aware of his recent Whereabouts.  

We aren’t certain do Forest Whitaker siblings stay with him or not. The tight-knit relationship has been kept obscure if there’s any.

Deborah Whitaker: The Oldest of Forest Whitaker Siblings

Are all of Forest Whitaker siblings younger than him? No, he has an older sister named Deborah Whitaker

She’s a year older than him and was born in Texas the same birthplace as Forest and Kenn however Damon’s is different. 

Forest Whitaker Siblings: Their Career Debuts & Current Whereabouts

She is in the same profession as her other siblings and is quite a notorious actress who starred in several movies till now. 

Career Debut

She’s a fine actress who appeared in late 90s movies, she first made her debut in 1985.

She played the role of Squeak’s sister in ‘The Color Purple’  which was a hit. Although her role was supporting she still amassed great recognition. 

Ten years later, she made another debut in the movie,  ‘Waiting to Exhale where she starred as Gloria’s sister.

In another movie ‘Phenomenon ‘ released in 1996 where she played the role of Nate’s spouse. 

There are other films and TV projects where flawlessly performed including Cagney & Lacey, Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Current Whereabouts 

All of Forest Whitaker siblings have disappeared by now and we don’t know the reason. Either they are having time to themselves or taking a long respite from the entertainment world. 

Deborah has gone out of the limelight since 2000, we still haven’t gotten any wind about what she is up to.


In conclusion, Forest Whitaker siblings have been searched immensely these days because fans are in awe of how much the siblings resemble each other. 

Kenn is the lookalike brother whom people consider his twin but no he’s two years younger than him and is into acting as well. 

The youngest Damon and Oldest Deborah both pursued acting as well but couldn’t get as successful as Forest. Their whereabouts are unknown despite of media continuously digging into that. 

Give it a thorough read to know all about Forest Whitaker siblings and share your opinion about it. 

FAQs on Forest Whitaker Siblings

How many siblings does Forest Whitaker have? 

He has three siblings Damon, Kenn, and Deborah and all of them are actors like him who have performed in small and big screens throughout their career. 

What is Forest Whitaker most famous for?

He gained immense recognition for his role in the movie, ‘The Last King of Scotland’ he played the role of brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and won an Academy Award. 

Is Forest Whitaker related To Denzel Whitaker? 

Both share the same surname, Daniel played the role of his son in the movie, ‘The Great Debaters’ but besides that, they aren’t related in any way.

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