How Can You Buy Villa In Spain? Property Prices, Localities, and What are Taxes and other Living Costs

What is the first country that comes to your mind when you think about moving abroad, to work,or after retirement, or to settle up? If I have to answer this question I would say spain. Why? Here are my top three reasons that justify my stance. First, the states provide you with a good quality life. Second living cost is not so expensive compared to others.

Last but not the least and most important, health care facilities and education are excellent and equal for everyone. I don’t think something is more important than your healthy life and good earning. Spain provides you with both the facilities. 

Recently I saw a post regarding villas for sale in Spain and you won’t believe that actually the property here is not so expensive. One can work and afford it quite easily. Why am I saying it so surely? Because 80% of people living in Spain own their own home. How come this is possible? To know about the process, hook up till the end and keep taking the notes.

Furthermore, in this article we go through the price of property in Spain, where you can buy villa in Spain, and the taxes and other living costs. Also we will discuss a step by step process to buy property in Spain.

Locality and Prices to Buy Villa in Spain

Whenever you buy a property the price depends on the location whether it’s within the city or on the outskirts. Same is the case when we talk about buying a villa in spain. The prices are different according to locality. The below mentioned prices are average per metre square cost. 

The prices mentioned here are listed by looking at two parameters. One are within the city and the other prices are in an outskirt area. 

BarcelonaCity: €4519 Suburbs: €2980
MadridCity: €4929 Suburbs: €2993
MalagaCity: €3271 Suburbs: €2066
BilbaoCity: €4678 Suburbs: €3028
San SebastianCity: €5800 Suburbs: €3675
ValenciaCity: €2784 Suburbs: €1483
AlicanteCity: €2560 Suburbs: €1876

Before you dig in to look for land in Spain to build up your dream home in one of these places mentioned above, here are some precautions that you need to go through. 

Why Should You Be Careful while Purchasing Land in Spain?

If you are new in Spain or have just moved in then be mindful of what you are purchasing. Most of the newbies are scammed by state agents. How? They do not perform their due tasks or guide you correctly. Moreover, one wrong decision can cost you a huge loss. For example if property papers are not legal the government has all right to diminish it at the moment. 

How Can You Buy Villa In Spain? Property Prices, Localities, and What are Taxes and other Living Costs

Most of the people like to buy land in places like Canary Island or Costa del Sol. The next thing that comes in our mind is how to avoid these false state agents. Here are a few suggestions that may help you around.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Property Cases?

The first and foremost thing if you cannot understand the local language is to hire a tourist guide or translator. Make sure whenever you visit any place for legal issues you have a third party person. Moreover, here is a complete checklist of things to do before you buy a land.

  • Bring a lawyer with you so he may check all the legal papers of land and assure you that it is legal to build up here.
  • Make sure the registry of land is genuine.
  • All debts are clear of the property if not then when the land is transferred on your name the previous debt will be on you. 
  • If it is already built, check thoroughly if there is any issue to avoid any charges in future. 

All this information is easily available in the registrar office. You can ask them to help you check these credentials as it is your right.

How Much Tax is Charged on a Property in Spain?

There is no fixed rate when you buy a property because the price varies from place to place. Sme of the taxes that are fixed and need to be paid. What are they? Look below.

Property Transfer TaxExisting: 6-10%New: 10%
Land Registration Fee1-2.5%
Legal Fees1-2% (with VAT)

All these fees need to be paid to the estate agent or in the registrar office. It depends which method you have chosen to buy a property: on your own or with the help of agents. One more thing if you are buying land through an agent they will charge you 3% from the final deal as their commission. 

If you are not willing to pay this commission to the agent you can look for property on different sites. You don’t know which one to look for? Come on, I will suggest some to you. 

Where to Find Property in Spain Online?

In my opinion online buying is a bit risky. You never know what the thing will actually look like in reality. Same goes for a house when you buy it online without looking in reality. So it’s better to wait, look and then go for purchasing rather than booking it online by just looking at pictures. 

However, if you still think that you can trust some of the Spanish sites to buy villa in Spain for yourself, I will suggest some sites. 

I believe till now you have made up your mind to buy a property in Spain and build up your dream home. Isn’t it? Now let me tell you the whole process to buy a house or land in Spain.

What is the Step-by-Step Process to Buy Property In Spain?

The process to buy villa in Spain or land is not that difficult. Here is a short process that will help you understand where to start and where to end. Take notes and be mindful when you start looking for the property.

Initial Stage: Choose a Property & Make Offer

The first stage where you look for the property you have to buy. After finalising the place the next step is to make an offer. Listen to the price quoted by the agent and try to negotiate a bit. Through verbal communication make a deal and then move on to legal documentation.

Next Stage: Signing of Contract & Deposit Money

After the verbal agreement it’s time to make a contract agreement that tells the final offer and all necessary documents that need to be mentioned. Read the document carefully and then sign it. 

Next you have to pay 10% of the final price as a deposit. 

Third Stage: Mortgage Requirement

If you require a loan to buy a land first you need to sign an agreement from the borrower that you will pay them the loan over time with a bonus. Just make sure before signing the contract all your basic documentation and dealing is done and signed.

Final Stage: Sign of Contract

Last but not the least when your deal is settled with the mortgage sign the contract asap. Just make sure an official witness is present at the moment.

What Are Living Costs in Spain? 

Buying a house wasn’t the accomplishment, it was just the start. The next steps are even more tedious. Why? Let me tell you. After signing the contract you have to go through the house thoroughly, go for home insurance, and hire a lawyer for legal matters.

Hire a Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can fix most of your legal matters. When you hire them all issues regarding land and property will be solved by them. You just need to sit back and let them handle it. 

Property Assessment

Why is going through a house before buying is necessary? The answer is because if there is any damage or issue it can be resolved before it gets on your bill.

How Can You Buy Villa In Spain? Property Prices, Localities, and What are Taxes and other Living Costs

Secondly any issue with the house will later on create problems for you at the time of selling.

Insurance of Land/Property

If you buy the land insurance then your building structure is insured from fire, natural disasters, and any damage that is caused to the building. Moreover, if you want to insure the items placed in the property go go contents insurance. 

Setting Up Basic Necessities

The hardest task after shifting onto a new property is to make sure that water, gas, electricity, and everything is working perfectly fine. Moreover, the waste disposal is done on a local level. You have to pay a fixed amount to the municipality and they will collect garbage from your nearest step. 

Wrap Up

I believe now you know why I said it is easy to buy villas in Spain. The property cost is much cheaper in the suburbs of the city. Moreover, everything is done through legal processes. Nobody can scam you. Just make sure that you understand the language and if not then take along any third person so it is easy to understand and work out.

Before signing a document make sure you review it with a lawyer and sign it in the presence of a public official. If you have any query you can comment down below we will be happy to have your feedback. 

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