9 Top Real Estate Social Networks: Key Factors, Merits, Things To Avoid, Strategies & Statistics

Looking for the best real estate social network to expand your reach? Get on board with us to learn about top social apps that will increase your network. As your network plays a significant role in your net worth. Whether you are a real estate agent, realtor or investor doesn’t matter; what matters is your consistent base of clients. With the evolution of technology, it has become important to finally know about social apps that will connect you more easily with the right kind of customers. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into top real estate social network, how to choose the best one, its merits, and the strategies to choose the right social networking. 

What Is Meant By Real Estate Social Network?

9 Top Real Estate Social Networks: Key Factors, Merits, Things To Avoid, Strategies & Statistics

What is this fuss all about? Real Estate social network is a platform where real estate agents can conveniently get close to their clients and investors. Is it necessary? Very much! The dealers can build a strong profile that entails all of their abilities to maximize their linking. They can even build relationships to be more in touch. 

Collaboration with professionals in the markets can help you greatly to know about the latest trends and what are the tricks to make your traffic consistent.  

Real Estate agents can have access to all the potential resources that can increase their networking, but it’s essential which platform you choose. As each networking platform comes with its advantages and pitfalls and the agents have to choose themselves which aligns best with their interests. 

Which networks real estate agents can choose? LinkedIn, which increases your exposure to professionals and experts. They can choose Instagram to create reels and build their brands. Twitter can be helpful to get to know about the latest trends and updates. Real Estate agents can choose Facebook to increase their target audience. 

Don’t let your social media distract you but use it as a tool to boost your business. Social media can make or break your business game, so always pay close attention to the details important enough for your business reach.

Key Factors To Choose Real Estate Social Network

You can’t just blindly choose a real estate social network. Can you? Not. You have to be very vigilant in choosing the platform that will maximize and boost your business and be the ultimate source of your net worth. 

What should be the key point to choosing the right platform? Your target audience that which class you are targeting. Demographics are as important as the first factor. Different social media networks deal with different demographic regions and user choices, which emphasizes choosing the right kind of market. 

  • If your target audience prefers luxury homes, then which networks to choose? We suggest going for LinkedIn and Instagram as they focus on finding elite people who want luxury homes. These will increase your networking to great lengths. 
  • If your target audience prefers family homes, which networks to choose? Going for Pinterest and Facebook can boost your reach to find family-friendly properties. It targets families and, a larger audience like this. These social networks not only connect people but give a clear insight into the tops required for selling or buying properties. 

Do you think these factors should be enough to choose the platforms? Or is there more to it? 

Best Real Estate Social Networks So Far

Building a real estate social network can come in handy to build connections. So the question arises, which platform to choose? Which aligns best with your interests and target audience? This is a list to find the most appropriate social networks that will boost your exposure. 

  1. Instagram

What attracts the audience the most? Beauty for sure. This platform allows you to post appealing pictures with amazing visual effects. Clients look at beautiful home pictures envision their dream house and contact you immediately. 

It covers a huge audience approx. 2 billion active users to whom you can show attractive pictures giving great detailing to the properties.

  1. Facebook 

One of the most favorite picks of industry professionals as it encompasses a large audience. Approx. 1/3 of the global population use Facebook giving maximum reach to the right kind of people. 

Facebook has some potential tools that you can customize and connect with your desired population and send appropriate postings to maximize views and improve brand awareness.

  1. LinkedIn
9 Top Real Estate Social Networks: Key Factors, Merits, Things To Avoid, Strategies & Statistics

It’s a great real estate social network to keep brokers, professionals, and lenders together. Is it better than others? Its high lead conversion rate gives it an edge comparatively other networks.

  1. YouTube

What makes YouTube unique among other real social networks? It’s a visual representation, professionals can display their home with absolute detailing so that clients get a clear image of what they will get. Other social network algorithms are unable to showcase what YouTube can. By recent studies, it also has been predicted that YouTube’s active user base will exponentially rise in 2028. 

  1. Twitter

It’s a great network for both real estate professionals and realtors. It can prove to be useful if you are familiar with how to use it. Knowing about hashtags and tweets can keep you updated with the latest trends and news. 

  1. TikTok

Is it a good decision to go for TikTok for the real estate social network? It ranks as a leading platform for real estate business as it showcases houses with its captivating and stunning short videos giving you a tour of the entire house.  

Organic customers can be attracted to your posts and connect with you. 

  1. Pinterest

What’s special about Pinterest? It’s aesthetically appealing content and ideas. Clients can envision their dream homes by its suggested home decor ideas. Real Estate agents can share inspiring content with their clients by using this platform. 

  1. NextDoor

Although it’s not being used much, but that doesn’t lessen its significance. This platform works as a virtual board where people connect and share discussions regarding trivial matters, such as pet sales, and community events. 

Harnessing this platform can connect you with the right kind of audience and sell your listings.

  1. Clubhouse

It’s an audio-oriented social network where people join live conversations and businesses are done by referrals and real estate professionals can personally discuss their relevant content and find suitable clients.

Which platform will suit best to your liking? Is there any particular one that is your favorite? 

Merits of Real Estate Social Network

What could be the possible merits of the right kind of real estate social networks? It can come with a list of advantages giving modern real estate professionals an edge. 

  • You can build strong relationships that can open doors for new opportunities. 
  • It can improve your exposure to targeted audiences and enhance visibility. 
  • These social networks can help you greatly in finding new clients.
  • These platforms have access to marketing tools that can increase your reach and you can expand your business exponentially. 

Isn’t it amazing? You can have access to several advantages by using the right kind of technology.

Strategies To Build Social Networks

Here are some tips that you can use to boost your real estate business. 

Strike A Conversation 

9 Top Real Estate Social Networks: Key Factors, Merits, Things To Avoid, Strategies & Statistics

It’s essential that you communicate with your clients clearly in the first place. As most of the buyers are unaware of the prospects they need to consider. Communicating with them gives you clear insight into their demands and you can show relevant property to them. 

Be Consistent

It’s important more than you realize how consistently posting can boost your business. Putting the right kind of hashtags can pull your audience towards you.

Provide Informative Real Estate Tidbits

Sharing insight about real estate can make your audience attracted to you. Making a blog and sharing information can tell greatly about your personality and it allows you to share ideas and tips to grab buyer’s attention. 

Branding In Posts

Branding can be a great asset to grab your audience’s attention as people are more prone to take visuals into focus rather than your caption in the listing. 

There are many other tricks you can follow to retain your relationship with your clients.

Things Realtors Should Avoid

There are certain things that you should avoid at all costs if you want to grow your business: 

  • Although it’s OK to talk about the house you are marketing, talking only about that isn’t enough. The most common questions that can be asked and give relevant and beneficial data to retain traffic. 
  • Never forget video, as spending and shooting videos might seem exhausting to you but it builds connections with buyers.
  • Tailor your content to all kinds of buyers, you might be connecting with first-time buyers or someone already familiar with this system. Post what your fans want to see. 
  • Invite the buyers on your social media whom you had connected with in the past as they will be a richer community with their shared experience. 

Real Estate Social Network Statistics

In the past years, realtors have inclined more towards online promotions which are relatively convenient and bring more traffic. The Real Estate Social Network statistics have given us some noteworthy facts, such as: 

  • 44% of realtors gathered more clients through social media in 2020.
  • In 2021, 82% of real estate advisors focused on improving their social media handles to flourish their business.
  • 53% of respondents from the survey organized by ‘The National Association of Realtors 2021 Realtor Technology’ revealed that social media has been a groundbreaking approach in increasing their business. 
  • Almost 74% of agents use Facebook for their business. 
  • On Clubhouse, real estate conversation clubs have more than 50,000 followers. 
  • 78% Gen-Z, 80% adults, and almost 81% old millennial found their homes through social media using mobile phones.

Your social media followers can be your biggest ally in this real estate business. Just post a pretty picture, mention details clearly, and post consistently, engage with your audience more often and your business will grow guaranteedly.


In conclusion, real estate social networks prove to a be great initiative to grab the right kind of audience by actively engaging on social media. You must pay close attention to your targeted audience and demographics to get better exposure.

You can use all popular social media platforms to find potential clients, Facebook is listed as the most favorite network as it encompasses all kinds of audiences. You can use branding, communicate with them, and post regularly to retain relationships with your clients. 

Give a thorough look at all the important information about real estate social networks, and share your thoughts with us. 

FAQs on Real Estate Social Network 

What type of real estate is most profitable?

Commercial real estate is considered to be more worthy because of increased profit and increased cash flow.

Is social media good for real estate?

It can help you greatly to engage with your clients and get a clear understanding of industry protocols.

What is the best social media platform for property management?

Facebook is one of the top choices of real estate professionals due to its greater exposure. There are at least 2.6 billion active users worldwide. 

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