How Squidward Died? Reason, Story Plot, Clip Popularity, Speculations & People’s Reaction

Are you a millennial and still get nostalgic over your favorite animated series? I won’t be surprised if the SpongeBob Square Pants show was your favorite. But recently,  a trend called,  how squidward died?’ going viral over the internet.

The show is entertaining to watch but these morbid episodes caused quite a havoc on social with people going crazy about the violence shown in the kids show. The humorous side of the show has been washed out by this horrifying episode went viral after the final episode release.

Different people have made different speculations and all of them differ, we aren’t certain whether there’s some truth to that or not. 

Squidward seems to be a mature character than Patrick and SpongeBob who are always laughing and merry-go-round people with no worries and future goals.

Squidward faced failures and took his life on the show which is quite scary to watch. 

Stay connected with us to know how Squidward died, what led to his suicide, the story plot of the show, the truth behind It, speculations made around this, and people’s reactions.

How Squidward Died In SpongeBob?

Well, the story is Squidward wants to make a huge fortune by pursuing a career as a Clarinet player and wants to become a celebrity but can’t do so. He works as a cashier at Krusty Krabs and that led to his pessimism.

His sadness is due to his neighbor as well, SpongeBob who is always happy unlike him. But the question is, how dquidward died? This has made several searches endlessly on Google as to why this trend is being hyped up all of a sudden. 

Some people have just ignored it the way they do all the baseless things but some are deeply concerned by the message conveyed through it. The way Squidward showed his gun within his mouth and killed himself isn’t something to let slide.

If your kids are watching this show, do you think it’s okay for them to watch such a depressing thing?

SpongeBob SquarePants Show

Your childhood would have been spent watching this entertaining show. Wasn’t that?’ Here in this cartoon series, sea creatures are living normally like human beings where everyone is happy.

But underlying all the fun going on, there are problems and conspiracy acts that may surprise you.

How Squidward Died? Reason, Story Plot, Clip Popularity, Speculations & People’s Reaction

SpongeBob is a happy character with a loving personality exile Squidward is negative about the problems in his life. He has flaws and expectations that pile up and urge him to attempt suicide.

Truth Behind Squidward Death?

This trend began when it was posted by a paranormal-based website, Creepypasta which is popular for showing terrifying content that typically scares its viewers. 

Thus trendy episode where Squidward died was meant to be released in season 4, but was not given a green signal so it was deleted. 

But the creator at Creepypasta somehow got access to it and an intern at Nickelodeon confirmed that they were shown this episode.

When it was shown to animators and editors for approval, they didn’t approve of the violence portrayed in the episode so it was rejected. 

We aren’t certain about the intentions of the users who posted it but still it made its hype on TikTok trends and still going viral immensely.  

Clip Viral of Squidward Death

The clip of squidward death was anonymously posted by a user as this episode was deleted. 

But the user was an intern at Nickelodeon and he explained they were mysteriously showing this episode with the title of, ‘Fear of the Krabby Patty’, but the episode rolled out the title said, ‘Squidward’s Suicide’. 

They thought the episode was just a prank and continued watching. But once you see the episode yourself, you will realize how horrifying and morbid the episode was because of its disturbing content. 

This led to the clip going viral on TikTok about, how Squidward died. 

The uploaded episode clips aren’t original as it’s just a copy of deleted episodes by the administration team. 

The episode begins with Squidward preparing for his concert rather frustratingly while SpongeBob and Patrick play outside and laugh loudly while Squidward shouts at them to stay quiet.

He performed disappointingly at his concert where people made fun of him. Squidward started sobbing out of embarrassment and the crying resembled to human crying sound.

The scene cuts to another with Squidward having red bloodied eyes and sobbing going loud in the background, and at the last a mysterious voice urges him to do it.

The scene starts with Squidward putting a loaded gun inside his mouth and pressing the trigger and his entrails keying on his bed. 

The suicide wasn’t expected at all and made the fan extremely disturbed. 

Clip Speculations of Squidward Death

Once the episode where Squidward attempted suicide, people were intrigued about knowing, how Squidward died and that led to several speculations. We aren’t sure if those are facts or just myths, make your judgment by seeing all these possible scenarios.  

The episode began with children being tortured and murdered, these horrific images were merged within the episode at different times with short clips.

In the episode, the suspect behind all those activities was never revealed nor was the children who were abused. 

Some of us believe that the creator behind the episode will be the same person who was inflicting those tortures.

Then again, the creator behind the episode remains anonymous making us more speculative. Didn’t you find it suspicious?’

Fans are hell-bent on finding the main creator but all in vain, some of the hardcore fans have remastered clips to show what horrendous activities were portrayed and that was a kid’s show. 

It has surely made me question whether I should have been watching in my childhood or not.

People’s Reaction to How Squidward Died Trend

Despite people going crazy about how Squidward died the story rolled out. We can’t deny the fact that the story is fictional and created out of imagination.

Squidward death or the suicide attempt was just fanfiction made by Nickelodeon designers. But people have shown deep concern about it, even there are several memes and tweets came out that show people’s concern over this matter. 

Some nay raised questions about the darkness of his death but several people have ignored that aspect and made some fun memes on TikTok to keep the entertainment going.


In conclusion, there is a trend going viral on TikTok, that how squidward died? He wanted to be a Clarinet player but failed miserably, he broke down and finally attempted suicide. 

The episode in which he died was deleted from the season due to the lengths of morbidity portrayed. The animators and editors rejected the premiere but that didn’t stop the intern at Nickelodeon and other website owners from allegedly posting it.

It created quite a storm I’ve the internet and people questioned its suitability for kids. Give it a thorough read to know all about it and what is your opinion about this clip. 


How did Squidward die in the end? 

He performed his Clarinet but attendants in his concert insulted him such made Jim depressed and shot himself.

Why is Squidward depressed? 

It’s because he’s doing a job that he despises, he has people around him who don’t appreciate things he likes. He’s too narcissistic for his good.

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