The 6 Best Android Apps for Editing Your Photos Like a Pro

Have you been frustrated with the quality of your phone pictures lately? We all know the feeling of capturing what could have been an amazing shot, only to end up with a photo that’s a little lackluster. 

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

In this post, I will share the 6 best Android apps that will transform your photos from meh to marvelous in minutes. 

Snapseed – A Powerful Photo Editor From Google 

Snapseed by Google is a free photo editing app with a ton of powerful tools and filters to enhance your photos. Once you get the hang of its intuitive

interface, you’ll be editing like a pro in no time. The app has a minimal Interface and is light. 

With Snapseed, you can do everything from basic edits to more advanced adjustments like tuning brightness, contrast, and color. 

It has stylish filters to give your photos a cool retro or dramatic look. You can even use the healing tool to remove unwanted objects from your photos. 

The best part is that Snapseed saves your edits in a non-destructive way, so you can always go back and make changes without damaging the original photo. 

Adobe Photoshop Express – Editing Tools From the Experts 

Adobe Photoshop Express is like having a mini Photoshop in your pocket. This popular photo editing app gives you powerful tools to make your shots look professional. 

With just a tap, you can crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. Adjust exposures, color balance, shadows, and highlights, mainly you can do all the major things. 

You’ll have precise control over edits with curves, levels, and selective color adjustments. 

And for portraits, there are handy tools to whiten teeth, reduce red-eye, and smooth skin. 

When you’re done tweaking, you can create collages, add text, or apply a border to your images, and export your images. Whether you’re an amateur or pro photographer, Photoshop Express provides an easy way to perfect your photos on the go.

Pixlr – Fun Filters Meet Sophisticated Editing 

With Pixlr, you can do basic edits to your photos in a flash. This app has you covered with tools to crop, rotate, and adjust colors with just a few taps. But it also has features that pros would appreciate, like curves, levels, and color replacement. 

Want to get creative? Pixlr offers over 2 million combinations of free effects, overlays, and filters to transform your photos. Give your shots a retro feel with vintage effects or go bold with splashes of color. If you have a vision in mind, you can customize effects by adjusting opacity and intensity. 

When you finish perfecting your photo, Pixlr makes it easy to share on all your favorite social networks straight from the app. 

Slazzer – AI Background Removal 

Slazzer is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to remove background from images, it is perfect for quickly removing backgrounds from your images. With just a few taps, Slazzer’s AI technology can detect the main subject in your photo and instantly remove the background. 

To remove a background with Slazzer, open the app and select a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo. Slazzer will automatically detect the main subject in the image and highlight it. Simply adjust the highlight to refine the selection if needed. 

Then tap ‘Remove Background’ and the background will disappear, leaving just your subject on a blank canvas. 

You now have a cutout of your subject that you can place on different backgrounds or share on social media. The results from Slazzer are surprisingly realistic and natural-looking. 

It does a great job detecting fine details like hair, leaves, or lace. Best of all, the basic background removal features are free to use.

PhotoDirector – Pro-Level Controls for Amateurs 

PhotoDirector is perfect if you want pro-level editing tools without a steep learning curve. This full-featured photo editor gives you layers, curves, masking, and more—but with an interface simple enough for beginners to pick up quickly. 

Adjustments Made Easy 

Apply adjustments like exposure, contrast, and color balance with just a few taps. PhotoDirector’s automatic correction tools do a great job fixing common issues or make manual tweaks with intuitive sliders. 

Fun Effects and Filters 

Get creative with PhotoDirector’s huge collection of effects, filters, textures, and overlays. There are stylized looks for every mood and occasion. Many effects are customizable, so you can achieve a unique style. 

Advanced Editing Options 

When you’re ready to take things up a notch, PhotoDirector delivers. Use tools like curves, levels, and color balance to fine-tune your images. Create layered collages, apply masks, or get precise with selection and blending tools. The sky’s the limit! 

PhotoDirector serves up a winning combo of power and simplicity. VIMAGE – For Quick Touch-Ups and Collages 

VIMAGE is one of the simplest photo editing apps for Android. It’s perfect if you just want to quickly touch up a photo or create a fun collage. With VIMAGE, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more with just a few taps. It also has filters, frames, and overlays to spice up your shots. 

Creating a collage is super easy – just select your photos, pick a layout and VIMAGE will automatically arrange them for you. You can then customize

the result by rearranging, resizing or removing photos. It’s ideal for sharing memories from your latest adventure or event. 

VIMAGE is free, ad-supported, and available for Android 4.1 and up. For basic editing and collages on the go, you really can’t beat it. 

PicSay Pro – Get Creative With Drawing and Text Tools 

PicSay Pro is the best photo editing app for Android. With its easy-to-use drawing and text tools, you can get creative with your photos in seconds. 

Add stylish text bubbles, thought clouds, or captions over your shots. Choose from over 50 fonts and adjust the size, color, and opacity. Rotate, scale, and move the text to get it just right. 

Unleash your inner artist with the freehand drawing tool. Sketch lines, shapes or doodles on your photo using your finger. Or select from over 25 brush types to paint directly on your image. Adjust the brush size and color to create different effects. 

Add extra flair with stickers, frames, filters, and effects. Over 200 stickers are available to decorate your photos, from animals and emojis to labels and shapes. Pick from retro, vintage or artistic filters and effects to transform the look and feel of your images. 

Make final touches with tools like crop, straighten, color balance, and more. Rotate, resize or flip your photo with the transform tool. Adjust brightness, contrast, and color levels to perfect your shot. 

With its simple interface and powerful features, PicSay Pro makes photo editing fun and easy. Unleash your creativity and turn ordinary shots into works of art in seconds. Your photos will never be the same again. 


So there you have it, 6 of the best photo editing apps for your Android device. Now you have to click photos these apps will take care of the next part, that is, editing.

Happy Clicking.

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