Step to Step Guide to Submit an Activision Ban Appeal

Has your Activision account been banned? Do you know how to resolve the Activision ban appeal? Gamers always have to deal with something if they don’t spend money on buying games or resources. Likewise, players face one of the major issues of being banned on Activision. 

The platform has strict regulations for navigation and cheating to ensure a fair experience for all the players. If your account has been banned, you need to submit a ban appeal that increases the chances of getting your account back to normal. The article will delve into the step-by-step guide to submitting the Activision ban appeal.

Before submitting the ban appeal, you need to identify the reason for the restrictions on your account. You will need to review what happened in the last few days that could lead to the constraints on your account. After contemplating and defining the cause, you can easily create your appeal to your perspective and add it to the Activision support. 

Remain persistent and patient as the process of reclaiming your account may take a while.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the reason behind the banning of the account 
  • Submitting a ban appeal containing all the information to increase the chances of lifting the restrictions from your account 
  • Remain persistent throughout the process 

Why Does My Account Get Banned on Activision? 

Activision Blizzard is a gaming corporation that has numerous huge games like Call of Duty under its wing. However, while playing games on the platform, one needs to abide by its user interface, instructions, and rules to avoid any issues with the account. 

Here is a list of reasons which might result in restrictions on your account : 

Employing Cheats or Hacks 

Players who use tricks, cheats, backs, or certain software to increase their efficiency in the games and win, the platform takes strict actions against them. Not only does it create an imbalance among the players, but it also affects the top rankings. Therefore, one should avoid using advancements that aren’t part of the games. 


Using software to increase your stats, ranking, or other such statistics artificially and illegally, then the corporation will take action against you and your account might receive impediments. 

Exploring Bugs and Glitches

At times, a game might encounter bugs or unintentional glitches. But some players exploit them for their momentary gains which can cause defaults in the broad facets of the games. Instead, the layers should report bugs, and glitches to the security or support team, so they can take immediate action and remove them. 

Toxic Behaviour, Bullying or Harassment 

Every forum fosters a fair, secure, and user-friendly space, rather than a toxic environment. Hence, people who abuse or bulky others through their toxic and unethical behavior might often receive constraints from the admins. Therefore, one shouldn’t create opportunities for others to report your account and behave amicably.

Real Money Trading 

Real Money Trading 

Gaming developers don’t appreciate when players are involved in trading in-game items, services, weapons, and accounts as business strategies to gain real money. Such practices undermine the integrity of the game and might lead to bans. 

Moreover, your account won’t get restrictions on the first offense. After breaking the norms for the first time, the regulators will issue a penalty on your account as a temporary prohibition. Whereas, continued penalties might lead to a ban on playing games. 

Can I Submit an Activision Ban Appeal?

Yeah, any player can attempt an urban appeal at Activision support and get all the restrictions removed. However, the plate needs to fill out the report and analyze why he was banned in the first place. The violations are generally due to unauthorized activity, whereas, temopistu bands and accounts under review can’t appeal for the constraints to be lifted. 

Before banning an account, the regulating teams of the company review the accounts and temporarily ban them. If the player finds himself playing with other shadow-banned players, the Activision security and support team is likely receiving your account for possible offenses. 

How to Submit Activision Ban Appeal (Step-by-Step Guide)?

Here is the step-by-step guide to the Activision ban appeal: 

Step 1: Login 

  • Firstly, open your browser and visit the Activision Support website, you can easily find it on their official webpage
  • Sign into your account, log in to the account which is being banned by the regulators 

Step 2: Select Games and Platform 

  • Select the games from the website, that have been banned (for instance, Call on Duty: WW2, Call on Duty Warzone 3.0, COD: Mobile, COD: Modern Warfare 2, COD: Black Ops, COD: Vanguard, and several others)
  • After choosing the game, click on the platform or your medium of the device, PC platforms are either or Stream while the others are self-explanatory 

Step 3: Subject and Issue 

  • Choose the issue that is related to why you are requiring support in playing games, you must choose Security and Enforcement for sending the ban appeal 
  • After choosing the Security and Enforcement option, select the issue stating, “My account is permanently banned”

Step 4: Activision Ban Appeal Option 

  • Locate an option stating Appeal a ban and click on the tab 
  • This is the place where you will submit your report, make sure to add evidence as to why the decision of regulators to ban your account was unjustified 
  • Make you’re to give quantitative evidence (screenshots, game logs, or videos of the incident) and logical reasoning 
  • After adding all the relevant information, click on the button stating “Submit a Support Ticket”
  • The process of the appeal will begin after that 

Step 5: Response 

  • At last, you will need to provide any residence or necessary information as per requirement to clarify your stance
  • The process takes time and might cause rejection
  • However, if the information in the appeal is satisfactory and potent, your ban will be lifted immediately
  • The Activision support team will contact you through the email associated with the banned account. 


How long does an Activision Ban Appeal Take?

The ban appeal duration can vary according to the cases. Generally, it takes from a few hours to a week. However, one should appeal on working days, rather than a holiday sen check the emails regularly. If the case isn’t complicated, you will receive the mail from the support team within a week. 

Does Activision Ban Appeal Work?

In case of unjustified or incorrect restrictions, the appeal can leave a positive outcome. Moreover, you don’t receive bans frequently as well. Each case of such sensitive topics has individual reviews led by the Activision support team. Henceforth, their outcomes are the results. 

How to Fix an Activision Ban?

Activision’s ban can be fixed through ban appeals. All you need to do is fill out a ban appeal form with relevant details and evidence. Then submit it to the authorities and wait for their response. 

How Can I Check out the Status of My Activision Ban Appeal?

Presented, the company has added any algorithms or features to check the status of the ban. Therefore, one can only patiently wait for the email response to get a clear idea about their status. If there are any other communication sources available, utilize them to make the regulators understand your cause for submitting an Activision ban appeal better. 

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