Everything You Need to Know About Blueface Son  Javaughn J. Porter 

Do you know Blueface has a son? Blueface is young, hence, many fans don’t know that he also has a son. Javaughn J. Porter is the son of American sweetheart Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis. In 2024, the young boy will be seven years old and has already appeared in several music videos. “Dead Locs” and “Daddy” also featured Javaughn. 

Jonathan Jamal Porter, commonly known as Blueface, spends a lot of time with his son as his wife works all day, according to the rapper’s interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood. The fans love the young version of Jonathan and are curious to know more about him. 

When was Blueface Born?

When was Blueface Born?

In 2017, Javaughn J. Porter was born on 28th April, in Los Angeles, California, USA. Jaidyn Alexis is the high school sweetheart of the rapper Blueface and the mother of Javaughn. Currently, she is working as a skincare product line manager. Apart from Javaughn, the couple has another child as well.

In 2022, the second child and daughter were born to the family, Journey. Are you eager to know who she looks like? Or, have you already seen her pics on social media? Journey looks more like her mother, rather than her dad. However, the nose and below-chin features are similar to her dad’s. Whereas, her eyes, lips, and face resemble her mother. 

Javaughn J. Porter Height and Weight

Are you looking forward to knowing how much Javaughn’s height is? You would be shocked to know that his height is about 50 inches, which is much higher than his peers. Additionally, he weighs about 24 Kgs.  

Javaughn Siblings 

Javaughn just has a single sister, Journey Alexis Porter. In April 2023, Blueface shared an Instagram post of his daughter and son. The young girl of about one year was drinking milk from the plastic bottle (Journey) while Javaughn was facing the camera like a stud. 

Jonathan also has a younger sister, Kali Miller, and a brother. His brother once accidentally killed someone and had to spend a 13-year sentence in jail. 

Javaughn J. Porter’s Net Worth 

Javaughn J. Porter's Net Worth 

Blue face son is quite young and doesn’t have an income source. Whereas, his father has a net worth of about $30,000 and Jaidyn Alexis also earns a decent revenue annually. Therefore, one can assume that the kids live a luxurious life and can buy whatever they want, as long as their parents agree. After reaching the teens, buying gaming consoles won’t be tough for them. 

Moreover, the rapper keeps the money rolling in through OnlyFans subscription services. In an Instagram story, he revealed once that he makes about $798,800.26 monthly from the platform. With time, the viewers and profit might increase or decrease significantly. 


On November 15, 2022, there was a controversy regarding Jonathan’s shooting in Las Vegas. Jonathan remained in the Clark County Detention Center for an indefinite period. On June 7, 2023, he was once again swept up in another controversy. Police arrested Jonathan for a robbery. Later, Blueface received bail. 

Moreover, he has become the subject of another controversy in 2023. The rapper posted a video on X, which contained disturbing content (private parts of his body) and asked fans if there was any issue with his son. The video resulted in outrage from his fans and the audience on X. People were criticizing him for being homophobic and sexist on the platform. 

Later, he revealed that he wasn’t trying to be offensive, and he didn’t post the video. According to Blueface, his account wasn’t working and someone hacked it to post the video. 

Additionally, his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock is pregnant and the baby might be his. In the Zeus Network series “Crazy in Love,” it becomes apparent that the baby might be of the rapper. However, Christian is working on a song. The song is particularly a diss track with Lil Mabu, to address the haters and jealous critics. 

There are rumors that Lil Mabu and Christian are dating. But, the truth isn’t evident yet. Likewise, one can’t discern whether the baby is of Jonathan or Lil Mabu. Who do you think is the father of the baby, share your opinions in the comment section. 

What do you think about Javaughn J. Porter, comment below. 

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