Gervonta Davis Net Worth, Career, Biggest Career Purse, Sponsorships, Records, and Best Endorsements

One of the best fighters on the planet of boxing is Gervonta Davis. In-depth details about the biggest names in sports, Gervonta Davis net worth, career, biggest career purse, sponsorships, records, and best endorsements will be discussed. 

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has held multiple world championship titles and has been ranked as the tenth-best boxer in the world by the Boxing Writers Association of America earning about $10 million yearly as of December 2023. The massive revenues and more money are awaiting him as he progresses his career forward. 

Gervonta Davis Net Worth

Gervonta Davis Net Worth

Gervonta Davis is a professional boxer with 10 years in the field. At the age of 18, he started boxing professionally and gradually made his way into the pro ranks, earning more and more money as his experience and career progressed. Floyd Mayweather’s “Money” has promoted David for his fights. In upcoming fights, much-recognized names including Shakur Steenson, David Haney, and Vasyl Limomachenko could be his opponents. 

Ryan Garcia has already been defeated by Davis, henceforth, it’s likely that his next opponents will be of SS rank (higher). Apart from that, Floyd pays his fighters handsomely, it’s a well-known fact. Hence, Gervonta Davis net worth must be decent as well. Moreover, the purses of the professional boxer have been growing with every indication of his fruitful net worth

Through better fighter opponents, world titles, huge events, becoming the main faces of boxing, and massive shows, Davis’s net worth will leap from $10 million in 2024. Some people assume that Gervonta Davis net worth will be doubled in 2024 as his career is in its golden phase. 

Tank has a fair share of luxury items as a prosperous boxer. The luxury items acquired by him include real estate, expensive jewelry items, flashy cars, and other assets. The investments and assets contribute to his riches.  

Gervonta Davis Career Earnings 

Gervonta Davis began his career against Desi Williams on February 22, 2013. His first match was epic as we won convincingly with a first-round knockout. For three years, he participated in sixteen bouts. All except one were won by the seasoned boxer. On January 14, 2017, Davis collected his first IBF Super Featherweight world title after knocking out Jose Pedraza. The seventh round of the match marked his win in New York. 

After 29 professional boxing fights, Tank had his highest purse at $10 million in the fight against Ryan Garcia, which he won with a seventh-round knockout. The reports of Gervonta Davis net worth were also reported after the legendary fight. Before this fight, his match against King Ry provided him with a purse of $1.5 million. In January 2023, the WBA World Title Fight against Hector Luis Garcia was his second-best purse of all time. 

The fight also attributed him the title of a defense of WBA Regular at 135 pounds, concluding his 28th professional fight, which was won via ninth-round stoppage. The astounding win set him up perfectly for knocking out Ryan Garcia in his next fight. In both of the matches, the emphatic wins made him an outright favorite with the best offshore sportsbooks. 

Most of Gervonta Davis net worth comes from his fights and prize winnings. Apart from that, a major source of his income is the sponsorships outside the ring and endorsements. Some of his other best purses except Ryan Garcia and King Ry are Rolly Romero, Issac Cruz, Mario Barrios, Leo Santa Cruz, and Yuriorkis Gamboa. In the lucrative purses against the five boxers, he earned about $16 million. 

From a man of no capital to becoming a rich person, boxing has played a central role in it. All in all, Gervonta Davis’s career earnings are estimated at $45 million. 

Gervonta Davis Boxing Fight Purses Breakdown 

Gervonta Davis Boxing Fight Purses Breakdown 

Gervonta Davis boxing fight purses breakdown of the last 10 fights in reverse chronology is the following:

  • Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia ($10 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia ($4 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Rolly Romero ($3.2 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Issac Cruz ($3 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Mario Barrios ($3.5 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz ($3 million) 
  • Gervonta Davis vs Yuriorkis Gamboa ($3 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Richard Nunez (1.5 million)
  • Gervonta Davis vs Hugo Ruiz ($1.2 million) 
  • Gervonta Davis vs Jesus Cuellar ($1 million)

Gervonta Davis Endorsements and Sponsorships

The million-dollar sponsorship deals include partnerships with apparel brand Under Armour and boxing clothing brand Boxraw. Under Armour’s endorsement deal with Davis has generated a handsome revenue, however, its actual amount hasn’t been disclosed yet. Whereas, Tank Collection with Boxraw of Davis is still ongoing on the website. 

Boxraw and Davis are still possessing the partnership, but it’s not as prolific and high profile as it was before. Nike and Human Made also had endorsement deals with the 29-year-old boxer. The Nike shoes in Garcia’s fight and Human Made unique bespoke robe and fight kit in King Ry’s fight exemplify his popularity. Therefore, endorsements contribution to Gervonta Davis net worth can’t be neglected. 

Apart from that, he also earns from PPV sales from the fights. Hector Garcia’s match generated 60% of PPV sales, whereas his purse against Romero had a 50% share in PPV earnings. The Issac Cruz match earned him 60% PPV, and Mario Barrios earned 60% PPV.

Gervonta Davis Record and Bio

  • Rank: #1 Lightweight (BoxRec)
  • Age: 29
  • Country: USA
  • Height: 5’5 1/2″ (166 cm)
  • Reach: 67 1/2” (171 cm)
  • Stance: Southpaw
  • Overall Record: 29-0
  • Fights Won by KO/TKO: 27
  • Fights Won by Decision: 2

What’s your fight with Gervonta Davis? And expectations about Gervonta Davis net worth in 2024, comment below. 

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