Liam Costner: Early Life, Education, Physical Attributes, Family, Career, Net Worth

Does Liam Costner get fame because of his strong family background? Yes, Liam is one of the seven sons of well-known American actor, musician, and filmmaker Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. He is also the stepson of billionaire businessman William Koch. It is very usual for celebrity kids to be in the spotlight, he is the togetherness of the brief romantic relationship between Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. 

They didn’t get married so, sadly after the DNA test Kevin accepted that Liam was his biological son. He was raised with his mother but undoubtedly he also has a very strong relationship with his father and his six siblings. Liam has zero interest in the entertainment industry, and because of this reason, he decided to choose a different career path. After completing his graduation he became a real estate agent and worked in property firm Frankel Bel group. 

His leisure activities are playing with three different instruments Piano, Guitar, and Drums. He is a huge fan of superhero movies and spends his free time with his Pet Dog named Max, Max is also his one of close friends and fellow partners. Overall, Liam is a dynamic and diligent person, who continues to make himself a successful businessman. He truly wants to excel in his real property business.

In this article, we discuss about Liam Costner, early life, education, physical attributes, family, career, and net worth.

Liam Costner And His Early Life

Liam’s full name is Liam Timothy Costner, he is a celebrity kid. He is a real estate broker but he is well known for being the heir of famous actor Kevin Costner and popular actress Bridget Rooney. Regardless of celebrity kid, Liam picked to have his career plan and to build his assets. 

When and where Liam was born? Liam date of birth is 15 November 1996 and his native country is the United States Of America. According to Liam’s birth date, his zodiac is Scorpio. What is his ethnicity? Liam belongs to American nationality and his religious faith is Christian. His ethnic background is white.

Liam Costner’s Physical Attributes

He has an eye-catching personality with a muscular and flimsy body type. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches with a weight up of 62kg. His blue eyes and brown hair look very good on his fair complexion, and charming heart-shaped face.

Liam Costner Education

He had a joyful and devoted childhood, developing up in a big welcoming family. He attended a local elementary school and later he attended a reputable high school. In high school, he shone academically and got involved in numerous extracurricular ventures. 

He grows a deep affection for sports and music. Mostly he played soccer and took piano classes. He also has a bachelor’s degree but his university name and discipline name are not disclosed.

Liam Costner Family Background

Liam has a big family he has six siblings and popular parents, he has a good relationship with his family.

Liam Costner Father: Kevin Costner

His father’s name is Kevin Costner, he is a well-known American actor, movie maker, and musician. He started his career in 1981 with the movie Sizzle Beach and passed on he gave many supernova films. No Way Out, Let Him Go, Open Range, The Bodyguard, and Perfect World are included as phenomenal movies that win the hearts of so many people. 

He is also famous for the Yellow Stone Drama series and it’s also available on Netflix. The Yellow Stone actor first time married his college girlfriend Cindy Costner in 1978. Both share three kids, Annie Costner, was born in April 1984 and made a name for himself as a producer, actress, and movie director. Lily Costner is also a Hollywood actress, singer, and songwriter and her birth date is 4 August 1986. 

Liam Costner: Early Life, Education, Physical Attributes, Family, Career, Net Worth

Joe Costner is also a Hollywood actor, moviemaker and player his birth date is 31 January 1988. Both were separated in 1994 because of some personal reasons. After their divorce, Kevin Costner soon started his romantic relationship with famous actress Bridget Rooney. Both shared one son Liam Costner. His current wife’s name is Christian Baumgartner both got married in 2004. 

Christian is a well-known model and handbag designer. Both also share three children their names are Hayes Logan Costner, Grace Avery Costner, and an older son named Cayden Wyatt Costner.

Liam’s Mother: Bridget Rooney

His mother’s name is Bridget Rooney, she is a former model, actress, and socialite. She grew up in a well-known wealthy family and she is also a Pittsburg Steelers heiress. Her grandfather was the head of the Pittsburg Steelers football franchise and her uncle name is Dan Rooney who is a former United States Ambassador. 

Liam Costner: Early Life, Education, Physical Attributes, Family, Career, Net Worth

Kevin and Bridget always hide their relationship from the public eye but both spotlight it in public when they birth to their first child Liam. Both separated in 1996 because according to Bridget he was involved in so many other relationships. After her separation, Bridget married William Koch in 2005, who is an American Billionaire entrepreneur, sailor, and collector. They also have one daughter and her name is Kaitlin Koch.

Liam Costner Career

He is a young boy, but his legacy and footprint are so far rise to take build. As the son of Kevin and Bridget, liam costner comes about from a family with a wealthy history in the entertainment world. The 23-year-old Liam was not fascinated by a profession in the movie industry like his father and step-siblings. 

He has a different career plan and is an estate agent in Northern Palm Beach County with the Frankel Bel Group. Frankel Group is a progressive-thinking real property development company with a fame for generating high money-making investments. It also helps you to buy and sell houses. He built his name himself in the sector of Entrepreneurship.

Liam Costner Relationship

He is presently single and is not in any kind of romantic relationship as of 2024. He never disclosed anything at all associated with his personal life. Currently, he is focusing on his career building and education. His parents are never married to each other both get separated after the birth of Liam because his father is involved in so many other relationships.

Liam Costner’s Net Worth 

What is Costner’s net worth? According to 2024, his net worth is estimated to be 250 million dollars. Professionally he is a real estate broker and exerts himself for Frankel Bell Realty Group. His strong relationship with from richest family. His father’s net worth is 400 million dollars and his stepfather is a billionaire whose net worth is estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars.


In conclusion, Liam Costner is a marvelous young man with an optimistic future ahead. He also grew up in a lovely and supportive household, which has made him into successful real estate broker. Costner enthusiasm for his education and career will no doubt lead him to fantastic things. Liam is in to the limelight because his father is a renowned American actor and his mother Bidget Rooney is an actress and socialite. 

He always makes up his mind to do something new and different from his popular family. That’s why he worked as a home buying and selling person for a firm called Frankel Bel Group, it’s located in Northern Palm Beach County. He is a very hardworking and loving person and wants to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

Lastly, in this article, you read the complete journey of Liam Costner. Tell us in the comments box which celebrity kid details you want next. Thank You!


1: Who are Liam Costner’s Parents?

His father’s name is Kevin Michael Costner he is a famous American actor, moviemaker, and musician. His mother’s name is Bridget Rooney, and he is a famous American actress, inheritress, and socialite.

2: Does he have a girlfriend?

No, details about his girlfriend and romantic relationship are at hand on social media. According to reports, his focus is on his professional career and self-improvement at this time.

3: Does he have any siblings?

Yes, he has six brothers and sisters. They are also famous Hollywood stars, Annie, Lily, Joe, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace. Liam always spent lovely time with his siblings and adored their affectionate bond.

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