Brighton Butler Divorce: Speculations, Biography, Career, Relationship with Children, Spouse & Net Worth

As exciting the celebrities’ marriages are, divorces are equally disturbing. In a similar incident, Brighton Butler divorce has been making rounds on the internet. If you are familiar with the fashion world, you must know about Brighton Butler. She’s quite popular and pursuing her career as a successful influencer and fashion blogger.

She started coming into the headlines when she took a drastic step in her life and filed for divorce from Duncan Butler. Although the exact reason hasn’t been revealed yet, there are certain rumors surrounding this unexpected turn of events. Some say there was infidelity while some suggested different parenting styles. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Brighton Butler divorce reasons, speculations, Brighton’s career, parenting style, and what’s there to know about her spouse. 

Are Brighton Butler Divorce Rumors True? 

Yes, the rumors are true and validated. The couple parted ways and went through legal procedures. The couple filed for divorce in May 2023, but the news has become trendy recently. 

Brighton Butler divorce from Duncan Butler has raised many eyebrows as the couple seemed to be great in love. It also led to certain speculation. As per our information, the couple is still going through court hearings, and trials, and negotiating their terms. 

There is no final decision came out yet. We don’t even know who will get the custody and how they will manage their parenting after the divorce. 

The couple is tight-lipped over this personal matter and we believe we should respect it and leave them alone for a while. 

Speculations Behind Brighton Butler Divorce

As it’s certain now, the promises which were made between the couple didn’t last long. There were many speculations suggested about Brighton Butler Divorce. Although most of the information remains a mystery, there are still some theories we can ponder. 

The couple faced some complexities while navigating through their court trials and custody battles. Neither of the partners came up front with their divorce news. But Brighton took off her ring and followers were quick enough to assume the couple had officially parted ways. Following that the news started leaking. 

There was a whole thread on Reddit where their divorce was discussed. People made many assumptions. However, an insider defended Brighton and revealed Duncan was an addict and Brighton had been dealing with his abusive behavior for a long time. 

Here are some of the comments that seemed genuine enough to make me biased towards Brighten’s well-being and good stance.

“So many women and children end up seriously hurt or killed because they are forced to stay in abusive relationships for financial reasons like having no independent credit or access to funds to rent a safe place or family to go to…

She is so strong, smart, energetic, and healthy/young enough that she will be able to get through this and eventually hopefully recover financially, but even amongst “privileged” women it is rare to get out of these types of relationships without it being financially ruinous and physically damaging

It’s truly horrifying when you peel back the layers and realize how many people are trapped in horribly unhealthy and abusive relationships and all of the structural/systemic factors that keep them trapped

May Brighton’s story be a reminder to us all that even our friends/acquaintances who seem the most happy, put together, and “perfect” families can hide a lot of hurt, financial/emotional/physical/spiritual, and other types of abuse behind the curtain… And that facade often makes them feel much more alone and isolated.

Praying for Brighton and looking forward to when she and the kids can breathe a sigh of relief.”

People certainly unfollowed Brighten when there was too much Denver House stuff in her posted content which overwhelmed the audience during COVID-19,  but after she became a mother, people softened towards her, one commented on Reddit supporting her,

“I had to stop following her during Covid because of her seeming disregard for everything. But she seems to be trying so hard and motherhood (IMO) seems to have ‘softened’ (for lack of a better word?) her so much. Maybe what I’m trying to say is she seems to adore being a mom and it’s lovely to see her doing it not for checking boxes, keeping up with the mom crowd, or worse…” content”. She just seems like she was born for this mom thing. Not to mention how gracefully she’s handled the shitshow 3 turned out to be. I’m rooting for her too!”

Her being into Jesus stuff made people distant from her but now her going through a dilemma and the way she’s handling her kids and dealing with betrayal is marvelous and praiseworthy.

Duncan was full of red flags, and people are quick to assert now that the couple rushed into marriage but they portrayed themselves to be head over heels with each other. 

Are you also one of those who felt Duncan Butler’s absence was suspicious? As a lot of us wondering about his whereabouts. He is allegedly staying in rehab due to his drug addiction. He was also not financially independent, so there are multiple reasons for their relationship not working. 

Who Is Brighton Butler?

It’s not the recent headlines that made her popular. Brighton has already an immense fan following due to her blog, ‘’Brighton The Day”. Brighton was born in the USA on October 24th, 1991. However, you may find different dates of birth from different sources, but this one seems more valid. 

Is she educated besides having a great fashion sense? Yes, she has a bachelor’s in Business and is thriving in her blogging career. She always wanted to pursue Wall Street, but her interests deviated along her journey. 

Does Brighton belong to a broken family? Not at all, she grew up in a loving household. Her father was a real estate agent while her mother was a professional lawyer. Besides that, she ventured into business and launched a shoe line. It developed an interest in Brighton to get involved in fashion. 

She is a strong-willed woman and her recent events show how determined she is despite going through a tough phase in life.  

Brighton Butler’s Career

When did Brighton Butler start off her career? She officially took a start in 2011, when her friends started discussing it. She knew nothing about it then but now she’s a fashion diva, all because of her dedication and sincerity to her profession. 

As we know she was a business graduate and wanted to pursue business like her parents. But fate decided something else for her. Her mother’s Italian shoe line launch made her more enthusiastic about indulging in the fashion world. 

Her fashion blog, ‘Brighton The Day’ started thriving since it was created back in 2011. The fashion blog not just includes fashion, but beauty, traveling, and some personal glimpses. 

Besides blogging, Brighton has been popular as an influencer. Her blogs and fashion advice have become an inspiration for ladies all over the world. 

Her career line doesn’t end here, she’s officially the co-founder of an NGO that raises funds for Hurricane Katrina’s destruction, Les Filles a La Mode

Brighton Butler Divorce never stopped her from pursuing her career and that’s what we love about this determined woman. More power to her!

Brighton Butler’s Relationship With Her Children

Many of you assume that Brighton Butler Divorce may ruin her relationship with her children. But no nothing like that happened. She has two adorable children. A son named Charlie was born in 2018, and a daughter named Four was born in 2021. 

She seemed to have a close relationship with both of her children. She has taken her motherhood quite seriously and keeps her children a top priority. 

Brighton Butler Divorce: Speculations, Biography, Career, Relationship with Children, Spouse & Net Worth

She occasionally shares her TikTok videos as Instagram posts with her children where they are either playing or doing some petty chores. They seem to have quite a tight bond. They take pleasure in life’s simpler activities and show their genuine love. 

Even Duncan occasionally used to share glimpses into his relationship with his children when he was golfing with his son and spending quality time. 

Brighton Butler’s Spouse

Brighton’s fans have been wondering about her husband since they got married in 2020 in Texas. The couple seemed to be quite in love and shared quite loving pictures on Social media. 

As all public figures’ lives are windows to their personalities, Brighton’s blog tells how loving and familial she is in real life. 

Brighton’s husband, Duncan Butler is an entrepreneur and a lawyer as per the information we have gathered so far. They shared pictures with their children where both of them doting on their kids. Her husband helped her immensely to run her blog before things went south.

But since the time Brighton Butler divorce news started surfacing on the internet, netizens can’t resist pointing out how Brighton rushed into marriage. How she deserved a better person. Duncan is reportedly an addict, staying in rehab, and is not financially independent right now. 

Brighton Butler’s Net Worth

Brighton Butler is quite popular due to his popular fashion blog, which has left fans curious about how much she runs. Her estimated net worth is $5M as per last year’s reports. 

Her source of income is his blogs, paid collaboration with high-end brands, advertisements, and events and campaigns. She has a huge organic fan following on her Social media and website. 


In conclusion to the fashion blogger Brighton Butler divorce, we have several speculations. All victimizing her and making her husband a villain. The couple officially tied the knot in 2020 but didn’t last long and they filed for divorce back in May 2023. 

However, the reason has remained a mystery for fans. Some claim he was an addict, abusive and Brighton was not happy. But her social media posts say otherwise, but you never know!

Give it a thorough look to know all about Brighton Butler divorce, and which theory seemed true to you? Are you hurt by their separation, share your opinion with us!

FAQs on Brighton Butler Divorce

When did Brighton Butler and Duncan Butler tie the knot? 

The ex-couple officially got married on January 25th, 2020 in Dallas, Texas.

Who is Brighton Butler’s husband?

Duncan Butler is Brighton’s husband, he’s a lawyer and entrepreneur by profession. He prefers staying away from social media but is occasionally seen with Brighton as she’s quite social. 

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