Swat Season 7: Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast Members, Total Episodes, Story Plot

Are you ready to jump onto the roller coaster of action, suspense, and thriller? Is the Swat Season 7 come to a climax? Yes, season 7 is anticipated to be the final and last season of Swat that aired in 2024. The beloved fans of Swat are anxiously waiting for the release date, which has been scheduled for 16 February 2024. 

The show is looking ahead to to go on the heritage of intense action, and thrilling police investigation drama that keeps its fans tied up until the very end. The last season of Swat comprises 13 episodes, which will show the winding up of the long series and its passionate characters. This police drama has had a great fan following over the previous six seasons. 

It also became a first choice due to its action and suspenseful storylines. In this season Sergeant Daniel Hondo and his efficient team members battle against with Mexico cartel to save the communities. The first episode of season 7 has a title named The Promise. In this season fans are eagerly waiting to see the love story of Hondo and Nichelle. 

Some fans are wondering may be a main character’s death, but some are wishing for a happy ending for all of the cast members. Overall, season 7 is indicated to be thrilling and full of action that will keep fans occupied from the first episode to the last episode. And we are hoping the last season is going to blast and win the hearts of many people. 

In this article, we discuss Swat Season 7, its trailer, premiere date, cast members, total episodes, and story plot.

Story Plot Of Swat Season 7

7th Season of Swat is the last and final season of the famous action-packed, thrilling, and suspenseful police drama. Season 6 released on 1 November 2023 comprised 16 episodes. The season goes behind the story of Sergeant Daniel Hondo Harrelson, who guides a team of extremely intelligent and experienced officers. 

All the officers specialized in using different weapons and techniques unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. The season is arranged in Los Angeles, where Sergeant Daniel and his team frown on different challenges in their attempt to keep the city safe and secure. The action police drama discovers the themes of devotion, bravery, and companionship as the team’s efforts jointly to overcome the hurdles they face. 

One of the main taglines of season 7 is that Hondo and his team members continuing fight as opposed to the Mexican Cartel. They halt the cartel from holding on to the city and they face many hardships to save the city. Another eye-catching story of the season depends on the private lives of team members.

Hondo feels a special feeling for Nichelle and wants to marry her. This show also spotlights the importance of teamwork and selflessness that all officers make efforts to make the communities safe from dangerous people.

What Is the Premier Date Of Swat Season 7

The premier of season 7 has not been released yet. But the fans of the American police official TV series Swat are eager to know how prolonged it will take to appear on TV. Luckily, Swat lovers will not have much patience need at this time. 

Thankfully, the formal Instagram account of Swat declares that season 7 will be broadcast on CBS television on 16 February 2024 at 8 pm. Fans over the world can be entertained in the last season of the show with Sergeant Daniel Hondo Harrelson and his team resolving cases and revealing many criminal mystery cases.

Cast Presented In Swat Season 7

A great fan following of swat season is interested to know who will be presented in season 7. The final season of the series will mark the comeback of well-known faces.

Swat Season 7: Trailer, Premiere Date, Cast Members, Total Episodes, Story Plot

Here we have a final list of male characters and female characters who become visible in season 7. 

Male Cast Members

  • Shemar Moore, a 53-year-old man a famous American actor played a lead role in Swat Season 7. His name in season is Sergeant Daniel, Hondo Harrelson.
  • Alexander Andrew Russell, a 36-year-old man a well-known Australian actor and director. He also appeared in the crime action drama series Swat with the name of Jim Street.
  • James H. Harrington is a 52-year-old man and a well-known American actor. His character name is David Deacon, Kay in Swat. 
  • Patrick St. Esprit, a 69-year-old man a popular American character actor. He played an essential role in Swat as LAPD Commander Robert Hicks in Swat.
  • David Bradley Lim is a 40-year-old man a famous Chinese American actor and model. His character name is Victor Tan an officer in Swat.
  • Kenny Johnson is a 60-year-old man and a popular American actor. His character name is Dominique Luca in the CBS drama series Swat.

Female Cast Members

  • Anna Enger Ritch is a 35-year-old lady and a famous American television actress. She played a role in swat as Officer Zoe Powell.
  • Rochelle Aytes, a 47 years old girl a well-known American actor and model. Her character name is Nichelle Carmichael an ex CIA officer. She is a fiancé of Sergeant Daniel in Swat.

Trailer Of Swat Season 7

Unfortunately, the trailer for season 7 is not out yet. Because SAG AFTRA and WGA strikes are still ongoing. The production of season 7 is not completed yet, so not all the episodes have been concluded. But you don’t have to anxious or be scared, be cheerful because the trailer will be released in January 2024.

How Many Episodes In Swat Season 7?

It has a total of 13 episodes. Each episode is filled with action-packed and fascinating scenarios. The foremost episode of the upcoming season is entitled “The Promise”. According to the official tagline season 7 is leading to see the whole team move to Mexico to seek out a special case. The tagline from the first episode of season 7 is out.

“The team hands to Mexico to escort a fugitive back to the U.S., but things go awry, and Hondo has to save an old witness tied to the case”

Tagline of Swat Season 7

Television watchers are also anxiously waiting for the romance between Hondo and Nichelle. Season 6 is finished with a sentimental moment as Hondo offers marriage to Nichelle and she says yes.


In conclusion, Swat Season 7 is declared to be the last season in which Hodon and his intelligent team members are fighting against with Mexico cartel. Their main goal is to save the city from harmful forces. As we all know Swat is full of intense action and thrilling police drama that captivates hearts all over the world. The last season consisted of 13 episodes in which we not only see how Hondo and his team save the city but also their personal life is discussed. 

By using the thrilling and brave actions with Weapons and Tactics of a team to succeed. The season has smart team members as they seek out wild missions, negotiate private difficulties, and work jointly to keep the communities safe. With action, exciting storylines, and an incredible cast, Season 7 is definitely to hold you on the edge of your chair.

Lastly, in this article, you get a complete detail of Swat Season 7. Tell us in the comments below which TV series information you want later.

FAQs On Swat Season 7

1: Is Swat Season 7 out?

No, not yet because the final season of Landmark assumes to appear in fall 2023. That’s why season 7 of Swat comes back on 16 February 2024 on air at 8 pm on Friday.

2: How many seasons of Swat so far?

Total Six seasons and we have stuck out an agreement to come back for a last season of 13 episodes on air in 2024. The previous 6 seasons and final season 7 aired on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) and gathered a huge following.

3: Is Jim Street from Swat married in real life?

Jim Street is a well-known Australian actor, who is also a cast member of the police drama Swat. His real name is Alex Russell has married his long-time staying girlfriend Diana Hopper, who is an actress in Memphis.

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