Love Is Blind Season 3: Story Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, & Relationship Updates

Are you ready to dive into the roller-coaster of love, tears, and drama? Here’s your cue as Love is Blind Season 3 is packed with emotions that will either make you laugh loud, or push you to get a handful of tissues. In the recaps of last seasons, 15 single men and women are all set to get mingled, and that too blindly. They haven’t seen their partners ever but are willing to get hitched by any.

In this season 5 couples officially got married, few got engaged and few officially ended in whatever bubble they were. 

Get excited with us to know all about what will happen to couples in Love is Blind season 3 when it will be premiered, cast, trailer updates, and spoilers. 

What ‘Love Is Blind Season 3’ All About?

Love is Blind season 3, a sequel continuing the story that took place in season 1. This Netflix series is based on 30 men and women who participated in a program. They are looking for the love of their life rather anonymously. All the couples took part in a dating program, they talked and understood each other through hearing each other voices behind the blue wall but they never met in person. 

Once they realize that the partner is right, they propose and see each other. After their engagement, they are sent to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and meet other partners who participated in the competition.  

Once their vacation in Mexico is over, they are sent to Atlanta, where they stay together as a couple and introduce each other to their families. During their stay, they make the final decision and announce it at the altar on their wedding day. They can either back off or continue to show their agreement. Some couples found their love like this or some got split even after saying vows. Isn’t it just different to find love, fans or even the cast are wondering if Is Love blind?

This season is shot in Dallas, Texas, and shows how these newly made couples go through the circumstances of real life. 

Premiere of Love Is Blind Season 3

When Love is Blind season 3 will be released in the cinematic universe? Good news for you, it’s already available on Netflix for you to watch. The first 4 episodes were premiered on October 19th, 2022. The following episodes will be released in the upcoming week. Episodes 5, 6, and 7 were released on October 26th, 2022. Episodes 8-11 were released on Netflix on November 2nd, 2022. 

Finally, the last episodes as the finale of this season were available on Netflix on November 9th much to viewers’ excitement. The story officially unraveled in this final episode.  

Cast Featured In Love Is Blind Season 3

Cast Featured In Love Is Blind Season 3

Fans are curious to know who will be featured in Love is Blind season 3? Here we have a list of Men and women who will appear in this season and start their dating life. 

Male Cast: The men cast in this season are Matt (34 years), Sikiru aka SK (34 years), Nash (34 years), Tony (34 years), Anthony (33 years), Brennon (32 years) , Dakota (29 years), Dale (31 years), Simmer (27 years), Andrew (33 years), Julian (34 years), Bartise (27 years), DaVonte (29 years), Zach (29 years), Dale (31 years).

Female Cast: The women cast in this season are Loren (36 years), Valerie (35 years), Brannigan (34 years), Charita (34 years), Nancy (32 years), Amanda (31 years), Jessica (30 years), Kimberlee (30 years), Zanab (32 years), Colleen (26 years), Chelsey (26 years), Raven (29 years) and Alexa (27 years). 

Some of the crew found their true love in thus dating set up and are living happily ever after.

Trailer of Love Is Blind Season 3

Trailers may either make you curious or simply ruin the excitement. What does the trailer of Love is Blind season 3 promise? It makes the couples mingle all ready for the bumpy ride of emotions where they find eternal happiness. A character Cole says in a confessional ‘It’s been one of the hardest things, dating as an adult.’ He further added, ‘Am I really going to meet my wife in a grocery store?’.

Viewers can watch the blooming love, dating life, and even weddings of a few couples who finally say ‘I do’ at the altars. 

Are you excited now to watch it on Netflix at your weekends with a plate of pasta and your goblet of fine wine? 

Relationship Updates In Love Is Blind Season 3

Everyone wants to get a scoop of relationship updates. What happened to the couples in love is blind seasons 3? Are they still together, or break up or ready to move on in their lives?

What Happened To Alexa & Brennon? 

What Happened To Alexa & Brennon? 

Well the good thing came out of this experiment is Alexa and Brennon’s marriage. The duo is so in love and consider them match made in heaven. Although they got in a petty fight once over washing dishes but got over that soon. 

The couple wanted to become parents soon but there wasn’t anything revealed by either of them. Recently the news came out that the happy couple is expecting their baby this summer. 

To stave off their loneliness they adopted a puppy soon after the show ended. 

Their love story seemed to Bloom even after the show, both cook together, post their lovey-dovey videos, or sometimes do chores together. 

They seem to enjoy each other’s families. But the news of their expected child is something to be gushed over, they exclaimed their excitement by saying: 

“We wanted this to happen and so we’re just grateful to be here.” ~Alexa

Brennon further said,

“Every day is another rollercoaster […] now I just think that [I’m] looking at plans differently. Not daily plans, but future plans differently.”

What Happened To Colleen & Matt?

Besides the previous couple, this couple also got married but are not living together. However, they didn’t move in to their place because of financial crises. Both are not ready to finance themselves at this point.

Right after their marriage, when they were not living together, Colleen was living in a dorm. 

The couple has started living together now, although both of them focused on her career and rumors have spread that they have parted ways.

But no both are happy and in love with each other and prefer to be private about their life.

What Happened To Raven & SK?

What Happened To Raven & SK?

The circumstances were a bit weird for this couple. SK rejected Raven at the altar but still got together. In the reunion he revealed he wasn’t sure about his decision at the last moment. He further clarified that he rejected her because he didn’t want to pressure Raven with long-distance marriage. However, the couple is dating and are happy together. 

They worked to build an emotional connection together but it didn’t work out due to their cultural differences and several other allegations like he was cheating on her. SK denied those claims and moved on.

Since then the couple hasn’t been together, Raven has even started someone but hasn’t revealed who and is focused on her career. SK also has finished his MBA.

What Happened To Nancy & Bartise? 

The couple had some serious drama at their wedding which didn’t even took place. Nancy said ‘I Do’ but Bartise rejected her and humiliated her in front of her family. 

Nancy was devastated and later on clarified that the couple is officially done. As right after one day of breakup, Bartise posted himself with another woman. 

Now shockingly, it has been revealed that he’s the father of a child with a bartender named Olivia who is way younger than him.

What Happened To Zanab & Cole?

You will be shocked to know about their actual relationship. Zanab denied their relationship at the altar by revealing how Cole humiliated her during their time together. 

She said she developed an eating disorder because he used to body-shame her a lot. Cole denied these accusations and called her crazy. But the crew even the production supported Zanab’s statement. 


Concluding Love is Blind season 3, which is full of drama, romance and entertainment. The story plot revolves around single men and women who chose their partner behind curtain wall by just hearing their voice. They are set to spend some time in Mexico and then given the chance to live in California where they decide their future and introduce each other to families. The final decision is revealed at the altar. 

Few couples got married and living together, some are married and living separately, while few are just dating nor either done with each other. 

Give it a through look to get full scoop of this dramatic season and share your opinion with us. 

FAQs on Love Is Blind Season 3

Is season 3 Love Is Blind couples still together? 

Yes, Alexa and Brennon are still together and are expecting a baby soon. 

Are Matt and Colleen still together?

Yes, this couple is happily married in 2023, and as per some speculations move in together. 

Are SK and Raven still dating? 

No, A BIG NO. The couple officially split at the altar and the decision was cemented when SK betrayed her with another woman.  

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