Bahsid McLean Brutal Murder and Facebook Post with a Decapitated Head

Warming disturbing content: Two brutal murders of a 4-year-old boy and an old lady have outraged the masses. After Bahsid McLean killed her mother, drained her blood, and dismembered her body into various garbage bags, he took a selfie with the decapitated head as if it was a heroic act and posted it on Facebook. 

This incident happened in the Bronx after four months, Bahsid McLean beheaded his mother, Tonya Byrd. Whereas, his wife beat his son Zamair with a broomstick, which eventually led to his death. 

Bahsid McLean Brutal Murder

In the article, the details behind the two brutal murders of Zarah and Bashid will be discussed. Viewer discretion is advised as the article may contain sensitive content or discuss materials that may be uncomfortable or distressing for some readers. 

Who’s Bahsid McLean?

Bahsid had a troubled life after getting separated from his wife and son. Vera McLean, who later changed her name to Zarah Coombs, the wife of Bahsid. In 2010, he assaulted two police officers while undergoing probation,n and started living with his mother. Sarah got separated from him while taking custody of his son. 

Who's Bahsid McLean?

Apart from that, he often terrified his mother through his troubling actions like setting fires, destroying property, and lashing out aggressively. Zarah Coombs was terrified of his occasional outbursts. Moreover, she speculated that he might be assaulting his brother, Nasyr. Nasyr is his younger brother of about seven years, facing Down syndrome. 

The boy was advised to take mental illness medicines regularly as he lived in different mental facilities as a child and faced schizophrenia. 

The Murder of Tanya Byrad

In 2013, Bahsid McLean murdered his mother with multiple stabs in the neck. After murdering her, he dismembered her body with a saw and placed the body parts into three different garbage bags. Then, he placed each of them into a duffel bag and scattered them throughout the Bronx. 

The first bag was discovered by a dog who was walking in that space. The bag contained a severed head. Whereas, the second bag contained portions of her torso and shoulders. Lastly, the third bag had mutilated portions of an arm and a leg. 

The heinous murder wasn’t committed alone. The culprit told the police that his 26-year-old friend, William Harris was also involved. According to the report, William Harrid stabbed the 46-year-old home health aide while he dismembered her body as he felt ‘obligated’ to do it. 

According to the preparator, if one can kill someone, they should also have the courage to dismember them as well. If one is unable to finish it or doesn’t have the “stomach to cut them up, then you’re a coward.”

How was Bahsid Mclean Arrested?

Bahsid filed a report of a missing person for her mother with the Bronx percent of the NYPD. However, at that moment he had murdered his mother and cleaned up the scene. Police followed him to his apartment after filing the report and noticed an extensive bleach smell. Police started to suspect him as they knew that he hadn’t told them the whole truth. 

Later, police received the report of a severed head and told Bashir about it to Bashir and he confessed everything. Police arrested him and his accomplice Harris on charges related to the murder. 

According to Bahsid McLean, William committed the murder and threatened him that he would kill his younger brother as well if he didn’t dismember and dispose of the body as he instructed. Out of fear, he did as Harris told him. They drained the blood from Tonya’s body in the bathtub and then mutilated it. 

Police searched his home and found a slaw, latex gloves, and a shopping cart. Officers assumed that the cart must have been used to transport the various parts of Tonya to different locations in the Bronx. The apartment had also signs of meticulous scrubbing and bleaching. Apart from that, bathtub curtains were also missing. 

After the inquiry, Assistant District Attorney Aaron Kaplan revealed that Bahsid McLean stabbed his mother in the neck himself. Both argued, Tonya told her that he was a bad father and asked him to move out of her apartment. 

After arguing with her, Bahsid left the apartment and bought a power saw. That saw was the murder weapon. 

During the trial, Bahsid confessed to his mental health. The condition was apparent since childhood, he often heard voices in his head. The lawyer of the murderer, attorney Lyn Calvacca tried her best to get the verdict of “not guilty by reason of insanity,” however, they couldn’t as he was found guilty of second-degree murder. Apart from that, second-degree assault and unlawful dissection of the human body were also filed against him. 

In 2016, Bahsid McLean was convicted to 25 years to life in prison and he’s currently serving in Clinton Correctional Facility with eligibility for parole until 2039. 

Murder of Bahsid McLean’s Son Zamair 

Bahsid McLean had a short and troubling relationship with Zarah Coombs. After Zarah became pregnant, they decided to break up and she found another boyfriend. Later, she married her love of life, Jamar Richardson. The couple had two children of their own and one from Zarah’s previous relationship. 

In January 2017, police found Zamair unconscious in a plastic tote filled with water. The call was made from the couple’s home. The report asserted that Zarah beat up his son with a broomstick and he fell unconscious after it. Not only did she beat him up, but she also placed him inside a plastic tote and filled it with water. 

After that, she took care of her 1-year-old and fed her newborn. The relationship between Zarah Coombs and her children is apparent. She was fond of her newborn and children with Jamar Richardson. Whereas, she seemed to abhor Zamir.

Parademics took out the little kid from the plastic tote when he was clinging to life underwater in the tote. Doctors tried their best to save the kid and treat his injuries. However, he died due to multiple injuries, abrasions, and bruises across his body. Signs of prolonged prior abuse were apparent on his body. 

Zarah confessed to the police that she placed her son in the plastic tote and often beat him out of frustration, and financial troubles. Moreover, she often lashed out at him as well. Hence, at the age of 4, Zamair died after facing repeated abuse and lashings. 

Sarah Coombs was sentenced to 17 years in prison, on account of abusing a minor and leading to his death. Zarah is fulfilling her sentence at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. 

What are your thoughts regarding the murder of Tonya by Bahsid McLean and Zamair by Zarah Coombs, comment below. 

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