Britain Killing of Marshall And Millions by Net Police 

Metropolitan Police is facing criticism after shooting Marshall And Millions, two young dogs, in East London. On May 7, a woman was allegedly attacked by two young Staffordshire bull terriers and police came to the rescue after a call for assistance. 

However, later it was revealed that the woman had just caught up with the dogs and had no injury whatsoever, she didn’t want to call the cops for assistance. Twi witnesses also reported the same thing. Later, a video was also released in which the whole encounter was captured. 

In this article, the reality behind the Marshall And Millions incident will be revealed about the maltreatment of dogs by the Met Police. Moreover, the process and Animal Rising’s condemnation of such inhumane acts are also discussed below. 

What Happened in the Marshall And Millions Viral Video?

What Happened in the Marshall And Millions Viral Video?

The police tried to locate the owner of the two young dogs, Louie Turnbull. Louie was a homeless guy who was taking care of the bulldogs. The police came to this and asked for Louie’s dogs. However, the seven armed officers were trying to make him surrender the dogs to him. 

The leased dogs were by their owner’s side and the older one barked a little due to the intimidation of officers. At his little bark, the police shot at him and hit him with a taser. At that moment, Louie was trying to pull the three-year-old injured dog towards himself. 

Whereas, another officer was trying to catch the nine months old Millions. Millions was scared and crying, yet the officer shot him at the back of his head. This was a tragic incident, which income massive protests from the masses again at the brutality towards non-human living beings. 

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Was the Dogs’ Owner Criminally Charged and Soxiak Media Campaigns?

Two young bulldogs owner, Louie Turnbull was arrested on May 9 for taking care of Marshall And Millions. The officer asserts that his pets were dangerously out of control and a threat to the well-being of people. Animal Rising, an activist community for animals also release a statement at the incident. 

On social media, people spoke against the Met Police and used the hashtag #JusticeForMarshallandMillions. This topic remained trending on the web, getting a lot of attention on Facebook and Twitter. Many people were trying to sign petitions against the involved departments as well. 

Animal Rizing also spoke on the incident after taking accountability for the witnesses and the victim. Both stated that she was just caught up in the leads of the two dogs. The woman wasn’t seriously injured and didn’t mean any harm to the dogs. The activist community held Met Police accountable for their horrific actions. 

Animal Rising also signed petitions for Marshall And Millions by calling action against the police department and getting over 34,000 signs on it. 

Vigil for Marshall and Millions 

After a weak of Marshall And Millions’ deaths, Turnbull held a vigil for his innocent dogs. At the vigil, 200 members of British animal activists from Animal Rising were also present to lit vegan candles. At the event, numerous local citizens also came to show their support and lit candles for the deceased bulldogs. 

The activists and supporters were chanting their slogan against the brutality of Met Police, “No justice, no peace! They’re killing four on our streets.”

Whether Marshall And Millions are animals or humans, it doesn’t matter. However, it’s unethical and illegal to kill animals without any reason. Two young Staffordshire bull terriers weren’t meant to die in such a way and their homeless owner shouldn’t have been arrested on charges for taking care of them. The mass’s sentiments align with Turnbull.

What is your opinion regarding the tragic incident of Marshall And Millions, comment below. 

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