Was Lorraine Garcia found Alive in Missing: Dead or Alive Netflix Documentary

Thousands upon thousands of people go missing every day, Lorraine Garcia is one of them. Missing: Dead or Alive series focuses on the unusual missing cases of four people: Amirah Waston, David Taylor, Sierra Stevens, and Lorraine Garcia. The true crime series directs, “It’s not over until you find the person, or you find their body.”

According to the U.S National Crime Information Center (NCIC), nearly 0.1 million (1,00,000) active missing person cases are found in the records, as of December 31, 2022. 

What’s the Lorraine Garcia Missing Case?

What's the Lorraine Garcia Missing Case?

In 2021, it was reported that 61-year-old Lorraine Garcia had been reported missing. The report was initially made by her daughter-in-law Lamanda Kandice Moore. Both spoke for the last time with one another in mid-September of 2021, a few months before her disappearance. 

The case was investigated by police officers at a sheriff’s department in South Carolina. The location was coincidentally similar to the Murdaugh Murders case. The unraveling of the case eventually put Anthony Garcia under suspicion. 

Anthony Garcia is the son of Lorraine as he received the most interest after her disappearance. Anthony’s cavalier attitude to her mother’s disappearance, along with being caught illegally trying to sell her house and throwing out her belongings. Due to the suspicious and greedy behavior of her son, officers were keeping their eye on him. 

What Happened in the First Episode of Missing: Dead or Alive Docuseries?

What Happened in the First Episode of Missing: Dead or Alive Docuseries?

In the first episode of Missing: Dead and Alive Netflix series, the story of Lorraine Garcia is unveiled. After the report, investigators on the case seemed to be anxious as they suspected something truly worse might have happened to Lorraine. However, they find some uncanny leads at the end of episode one. 

Investigators find recordings of her trying to assess her financial accounts and having identification issues in the bank. The recordings were “made a couple of weeks after Lorraine disappeared” and complicated the case further, as per the docuseries. 

Even after months of the disappearance of Lorraine Garcia, his son Anthony didn’t file any missing person report to the police. Her son hadn’t seen her for months and left her belongings outside the yard. Neither did he care about her, nor did he inquire if she was alive and safe. 

The officers doubted him as a suspect and issued a search warrant to search the house. The investigators found usage of bleach, and blood on their sleeping mattress of Lorraine and the air mattress with blood spots in 5he trash bag inside the back of Anthony’s truck. 

Episode 2 of Missing: Dead or Alive Netflix Series 

In episode 2 of the documentary series, police officers were hopeful that “Lorraine is still with them.” Vikki Rains, Missing Persons Investigator Vicki Rains found her alive later, however, she was reluctant to move back to her home. Lorraine Garcia wanted to “start over,” as she thought it would bring her “peace of mind” and calm her heart. 

Lorraine confirmed that she is living in a secure place and has started to take care of herself. Moreover, she asserted that she wants to live there and doesn’t have any intention of coming back. Moreover, she showed remorse towards the things his son had done and how she didn’t deserve that. 

Although, she made some indications about, however, all of them didn’t happen. The fact that her son has changed significantly was true and she thinks that it was after military service, that her son started to change from a “laid back” guy into a person she didn’t recognize. 

Anthony is a war veteran who was diagnosed with PTSD, according to the first episode of the Missing: Dead and Alive series. According to Lorraine Garcia, Anthony has gotten violent. She told Clara that once his son licked her into a room and stole her bank card and cell phone. 

According to Clara, Lorraine had been threatened by her son before she vanished. The neighbor shared the story she had heard that Anthony took her mother’s lawyer’s office and told her that he’d sell the house. Nonetheless, she doesn’t want to sell her home. 

In reaction, Anthony grabbed her arm firmly and said, “Mama, do you realize how easy it’d be to push you down these steps and kill you?” He asked her to do what he wanted or else it would be twisted. Police seemed confused about all the information as it hadn’t been verified. 

At the end of Lorraine Garcia’s part of the series, she hops on a bus and travels as far as she can. In the docuseries, she doesn’t press any charges on her son as she loves him despite everything that has happened. 

Comment below your take on the truth behind the story of Lorraine Garcia in Missing: Dead or Alive Netflix Crime Documentary Series. 

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