Debra Jeter: A Killer Mother of Her 2 Daughters

Debra Jeter is the ex-wife of Lester Lee. They had two biological children Kiersten and Kelsey. But Lee’s wife had mental problems.

That’s why she’s trying to attempt suicide in front of her children. But nobody said anything on the spot the matter was closed. But she was getting angry at her child. 

Moreover, she accepted her mental problem and went to the mental health center. Then she attempted a murder her children. And now she’s in prison.

Quick Facts About the Dera Jeter:

NameDebra Janelle Jeter
Birthday20 November 1962 
BirthplaceRandolph Co., Georgia 
Age 59
Ex-HusbandLester “Lee” Jeter
ChildrenKiersten and Kelsey
Zodiac SignScorpio
ParentsLate Billy and Palona Jeter 
Hair colorBlack
Skin colorWhite
Eye colorBlack

Background of the Debra Jeter:

Debra was the Nationality holder of the American. She was born on 20 November 1962. She’s married to Lester Lee Jeter. They both have 2 daughter children. Kiersten and Kelsey are their biological children.

The sad day on 5 June 2009 when she attacked her 2 girls.

She used a knife to attack. On the spot, Kelsey died and Kiersten was seriously injured. Moreover, her activity status on social media is not found. She used to live in Randolph Co., Georgia.  

Biography of Debra Jeter:

Debra Jeter was born on 20 November 1962 in America. She attempted murder on the 5th of June. Because of her mental Problem. That time, She was not in your mind.

On the spot, her first child was no more and another one was injured. She called the Ambulance and her other child survived. 

Furthermore, Debra Jeter attempted the crime of killing her own little daughters. She was 33 years old when she committed the crime, which had repercussions of her being sentenced to life imprisonment. 

The Life Period of Debra Jeter’s Mental Problem:

As we already discussed above, on 5th June 2009 she tried to attempt murder in front of her two biological children Debra and Lester. After that, she agreed to check your Metal problem. But her claim matter was closed here.

After that, she spent her life in their mental health center in 2004. Because she agreed to check her mental problem. Lester Lee takes temporary custody of their children.

As we know, she was not so good with her children. After the abuse, Kiersten spent some time behind bars.

After spending some time Debra Jeter had pre-planned with her two children. Debra took two children and reached a dangerous place in the Texas area. 

Moreover, She physically hurts her children. In that case, she attempted the murder of her children Kiersten and Kelsey. With the help of a Knife, she tries to kill her children. Both of her children got scared. 

Debra Jeter: A Killer Mother of Her 2 Daughters

Another sister, Kiersten, was seriously injured at the age of 13 with the knife.

Debra called 911 and took her child Kiesten away to the Hospital. She was playing with her life which meant her life was in danger. Happily, Because she’s alive now and exists in their parent’s life.

Sadly, her child Kelsey became a target of her mother and was no more of their lives at the age of 12. Kelsey’s other sister, Kiersten was seriously injured at the age of 13 with the knife.

Debra Jeter’s Married Life:

Debra Jeter and Lester Lee got married and are still husband and wife. They had two biological children and both have girls, Kiesten and Kelsey. Lester Lee is the second son of Debra. Thus, her first husband divorced her.

After that, Debra meets Lester, known as Lee. They spent their time with each other and fell in love with each other. After that, they got married. But their ending was not loving. Because they got divorced.

Debra’s Physical Appearance:

As we know, Debra was born on 20 November 1962. As soon as she turned 61. Her height and weight were normal according to her age. Debra’s skin color is white and her eye’s color is black like normal. Debra’s have a light brown color that gives good shade.

Where is Debra Jeter Now?

In May 2010, Debra accepted all crimes and escaped execution. She posted $1.5 Million. After that, Debra visits her child and her husband and apologizes to them for what she did. But now she spent her life in prison, and, yes, she’s still alive. 

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