How Virtual Board Meeting Software is Making Meetings More Productive and Efficient?

According to the statistics, the majority of professionals in the US found virtual board meetings more productive than in person. What’s more, a survey conducted in Italy showed that respondents preferred virtual board collaboration over office jobs.

Virtual meetings and collaboration were more of a byproduct of COVID-19, but they emerged as a better and more cost-efficient alternative for the corporate sector. However, finding the right, secure, and cost-effective meeting management tool is another challenge for the management. This is where virtual board software comes in.

What is a Virtual Board Portal?

A board portal or virtual board software is an online paperless meeting solution for corporate boards, executives, board secretaries, investors, shareholders, and personnel of similar positions.

Broadly, boardroom software is a multi-purpose online board meeting management solution that caters to different corporate board needs, such as document management, internal and external communication, project management, and task management.

What differentiates virtual board software from other online board meeting management tools is the variety of features it possesses, such as:

  • Automatic data backups
  • Biometric logins
  • Private annotations
  • Agenda and notes builders
  • Industry-leading encryption
  • Secure document sharing
  • Usage reporting and analytics

Board Portal Software; Global Meeting Management Tool

Virtual boardroom software is a global online board meeting management tool used in all parts of the world. The billion-dollar board software market is expected to reach a $2.8 billion figure by 2026.

Major consumers of board software technology include large organizations and SMEs from North and South America, the Middle East, Asia, the UK, and other parts of Europe. Some of the best board portal vendors from the UK are Diligent, Brainloop, Boardeffect, and Huddle while standing at the top, is iDeals Boards. Read more about iDeals at

How do Board Portals Make Meetings More Efficient and Productive?

Boardroom technology is way ahead of anything because of its multifaceted nature. It can safely secure and help share loads of data, create backups, streamline secure meetings, facilitate business deals, and whatnot,”

Nicholas Cooper – CEO of

Here is how board portal software simplifies board meetings.

1. Centralized Platform for Board Needs

Regular meeting management tools are like a Pandora’s box, they create more challenges than solving problems. Most of the time, you may need external applications to manage multiple aspects of board meetings.

However, with virtual board software, you get everything you need for a smooth board meeting. From setup to onboarding to secure data sharing to post-meeting management, board software boasts all the necessary features.

2. Simplified Data Access and Management

One challenge that board members face during meetings is access to board data. The Board portal is a cloud-based solution that not only stores data centrally but simplifies the data access process. Companies can store their board-related documents in one place where members can access them anytime.

Simplified Data Access and Management of Virtual Board Meetings |

What’s more, during meetings, board members can easily access any file in a matter of seconds. They simply have to use keywords or phrases to locate a file from hundreds. The document preview option allows them to view a file without even opening it.

3. Calendar Management and Meeting Scheduling

By using virtual board software, you can create detailed schedules for your board meetings and easily share them with your members. The board software also lets you connect your members’ Google Calendars for improved meeting planning. Members can also choose to get notifications to stay updated on upcoming meetings or receive timely reminders from the management.

4. Automated Meeting Preparations

Board meeting preparations are a challenge in itself for the meeting organizers. The process includes preparing schedules, notifying members, finalizing and sharing meeting agendas, streamlining the notes-taking process, and then circulating meeting minutes.

Thanks to board portal technology, meeting organizers can:

  • Prepare meeting schedules and integrate them with members’ calendars
  • Use meeting agenda and minutes built-in templates to create both items in no time.
  • Circulate important meeting notes and documents before, during, and after meetings.
  • Get documents signed by relevant personnel through electronic signature features.
  • Track post-meeting activities.

5. Built-in in-Meeting Tools for Efficiency

Board portal software is like a tailor-made tool for efficient board meetings. It minimizes time wastage. The meeting lead or chairperson can use timers to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to speak.

When it’s time for presentations, members can turn on the presenter mode. They can also suggest ideas and cast votes in favor or against a motion using the board portal software. Plus, important documents can be signed electronically, saving time and making things easy.

Summing it Up

Board portals are one of the leading meeting management tools globally used by SMEs and large organizations for streamlined board meetings, internal and external board communication, and board data management.

Board software also reduces paper, printing, and meeting expenses. It is highly recommended to use FINRA, GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO-certified board portal solutions.  

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