Maribel Guardia Husband: Biography, profession, Acting Debut, Achievements, Net Worth

Did Maribel Guardia husband inform the media about the death of her child? Yes, Julian Figueroa the only heir of Maribel Guardia died at his residence in Mexico City. He died at the age of 27. Julián Figueroa’s sudden death at such a young age. It must have been an incredibly difficult time for Maribel and her husband, Marco Chacon.

So his husband shares their feelings and experiences in an interview. Losing her only child is heartbreaking news for Maribel he said “She is not well, she is devastated” ” He also mentioned his feelings “My heart is heavy and I wish I had the right words to express my feelings, but they seem to fail me at the moment.

Maribel Guardia is primarily known for her work in the entertainment industry. She is a famous Mexican actress, Singer, and model. Maribel Guardia started her professional journey through beauty pageants. Marco Chacón her husband has made a name for himself as a lawyer. He also works as a legal consultant, guiding businessmen on legal matters.

In this article, we discuss, Maribel Guardia Husband biography, professional career, achievements, acting debut of Maribel, and net worth.

Who is Maribel Guardia Husband 

Maribel Guardia husband name is Marco Chacón. Maribel Guardia and Marco Chacón started dating in 2010 and after being in a relationship for 13 years, they decided to get married to strengthen their bond. They chose to have their wedding at the San Cosme y Damián, a famous church in Pari.

Maribel’s son Julián Figueroa was also a part of the wedding.  Marco Chacon born on 1972 in Spain . He is 51 years old, 14 years younger than her wife.

Profession Of Maribel Guardia Husband 

If we talk about Maribel’s husband, Marco Chacón, he is a professional lawyer. Marco Chacón completed his studies in business law at Anáhuac University and The Complutense University. He has worked as a professor at the university, teaching business law to master’s and bachelor’s students.

Marco Chacón is also a deputy lawyer of her wife Maribel Guardia. In the entertainment and intellectual property law industry. He must provide valuable legal guidance to businessmen. And he’s a Ph.D. holder too, known as Doctor Marco A. Chacón.

He is the president of IRAZ bio company. The firm aims to increase survival, fend off illness, and enhance the quality of life. He has a diverse and successful career. Marco Chacon is also a prior Chairman of Paragon Bioservices.

Maribel Guardia & Her Early Life 

Maribel Guardia is a Costa Rican Mexican actress, film star, singer, TV hostess, and model. When and where  Maribel Guardia was born? She was born on 29 May 1959 in San José, a city in California. 

She is Spanish by nationality. Maribel looks marvelous with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches and weighs 55 kg. 

Educational Background 

Maribel’s parents provided her with the opportunity to attend a good high school. They wanted her to have a bright and luxurious future. Maribel’s modeling journey started at a school function where she was given the chance to model. That experience must have sparked her interest in pursuing modeling as a career.

Many people admired her beauty and encouraged her to participate in beauty pageants. Maribel also won a scholarship to study at the Sergio Bustamante Institute. But she didn’t complete her course in this institute.

Professional Career 

Professional Career 

Maribel Guardia started her professional journey through beauty pageants. She earned the title of Miss Costa Rica in 1978. After that, she also won the crown of Miss Photogenic.

Additionally, Maribel appeared in 60 movies and TV shows. Here are some famous movies and dramas.

Film debut 

•Maribel’s first romantic comedy film, “El Diablo en Persona,” sounds intriguing. She played the character named La Zarca. 

•1986 was a big year for Maribel. She earned a lot of recognition and fame from “Terror and Black Lace” an exciting horror thriller. In which Maribel played the leading role as Isabel Martinez. 

• Mujer de Cabaret , action crime film

•Donde Quedo el Colorado, fantasy comedy 

•  El Asesino del Zodiaco, action crime horror 

Tv Debut 

Here are some famous dramas of Maribel Guardia.

• Seduccion

• Prisionera de Amor , a romentic drama 

• Tu y Yo, a romantic drama 

• Qué Nos Pasa , comedy drama 

• Serafin, animated family drama 

• Misión S. O. S Aventura y Amor , a action adventure drama


Maribel Guardia Relationships

First time she is married to Mexican singer and songwriter Joan Sebastian. Both welcome their son who named is Julián Figueroa.

After the death of Joan Sebastian, Maribel again married Marco Chacon.


•Miss Costa Rica 

• Miss Photogenic 

• Ariel Award Mexico 

• Silver Ariel Best Actress 

• Terror y encajes negros

Maribel Guardia Husband Net Worth 

Maribel Guardia’s husband’s net worth is estimated to be 302 thousand dollars. Professionally he is a lawyer, professor, and chairman of Paragon Bioservices. But her wife Maribel Guardia’s net worth is estimated to be 10 million dollars. Professionally she is a TV personality, actor, model, and singer.


Concluded the biography of Maribel Guardia’s Husband, Maribel married Marco Chacón in 2010, and Marco is a lawyer by profession. He is a very kind person on and off screen. He is also a successful entrepreneur and a great scholar.

Maribel Guardia has had a fascinating career as an actress, singer, and TV host. She has starred in numerous telenovelas and released one music album, showcasing her talent and versatility. However, it’s wonderful to see Maribel and Marco supporting each other in their respective careers and enjoying their life together. 

Furthermore. In this article, you read about Maribel’s journey. Did you find it entertaining? Let me know in the comments which article you would like to read next.

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FAQs On Maribel Guardia Husband 

1: who is the husband of Maribel Guardia?

She is married to Marco Chacon in 2010 who is a famous lawyer. 

2: How about Marco Chacon education?

He studied business law at Anáhuac University. And he did his Ph.D. in Castilla-La Mancha. 

3: who is the founder of Paragon Bioservices?

Marco Chacon is the founder of Paragon Bioservices. 

4: What is the age difference between Maribel Guardia and her husband?

She is 61 years old, 10 years older than her husband. 

5: where is Marco Chacon from?

He is from Spain.

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