Gaming and Entertainment Props: Which Ones Do you Know?

Have you ever wanted to be the hero in your favorite game? Now you can! Gaming and Entertainment Props are a way of life for many people. From video games, board games, sports, or even just playing with friends, the props are what make it all come alive.

Nowadays there is no shortage of gaming and entertainment equipment available for purchase. Whether you’re looking to buy something high-tech or more affordable there is bound to be a prop that will fit your needs. So whether it’s a gaming night at home or a LAN party with friends, find out which props would suit your event best! 

Trading Card Games 

Trading card games are one of the oldest forms of gaming. Since they hit their peak in the 90s with card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, tabletop gamers have been at it ever since! Unlike board games or other forms of gaming, trading cards allow players to use the cards that they get in a battle against each other, making them unique for every person who plays against another!

Similar to other games, there is a wide variety of different props available from simple decks and playmats for Magic: The Gathering, all the way up to high-tech touch screen playing surfaces that can help you feel more immersed in your game! If you’re looking for something a bit simpler though most card shops sell everything you need right off the wall so finding what props suit your event best won’t be a problem! 

Video Games 

One of the most popular forms of gaming is video games. Almost every single person has played a video game at some point, whether it’s on a computer, television set, or cell phone. In fact, according to Veronis Suhler Stevenson, 2011 total worldwide sales for video games came out to be just over $68 billion dollars with about 40% being from straight software sales and 60% from consoles. Gaming props have become very specialized in recent years but they still remain a great way to bring the world of your favorite game to life! 

If you’re looking for something cheap, homes have been trending towards arcade cabinets that mimic the look of many famous titles such as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. For those that want to take their video game along with them, mobile gaming cabinets and handheld devices such as the Nintendo D.S. and Sony Playstation Vita are available for purchase! 

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-tech there are also many different forms of VR headsets that can turn any typical room into an experience like no other. These come in many shapes and sizes too from the simple cardboard box method all the way up to full sensors attached to your head! 

Board Games 

As we are discussing about Gaming and Entertainment. Board games have been gaining popularity lately due to the rise of tabletop groups online such as Roleplay and Acquisitions Incorporated. For those who don’t already know, a board game is a tabletop game that typically has a board where you place pieces or cards that use dice or other things to determine the outcome of the game.

Other than that they’re exactly like video games except played with cards, pieces, and dice! Just like video games, props for board games are becoming more specific in recent years. 

Boardgame tables can help make your event look more professional while giving an open space for all your players to play their favorite tabletop games. If you’d rather keep it simple though there are many different sets of dice and card decks available almost everywhere board games are sold! You don’t need anything fancy to get your game on! 

Sports Games 

For some people, nothing is more fun than competing against others head-to-head in a physical match. Whether it’s football, baseball, hockey, soccer, or even just a friendly game of basketball sports games have been gaining popularity recently due to the rise in many e-sports leagues such as MLG and ESL. 

Sports games give a person an adrenaline rush unlike any other type of event. It’s not for everyone but those who do enjoy playing sports games tend to be very competitive against others! For those people, there are tons of different types of gaming equipment available from simple balls all the way up to full-on foam dart guns! There isn’t much you can’t make as a prop either as long as it has some sort of use! 

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Tabletop RPGs 

As the name suggests tabletop RPGs are role-playing games played on top of a table. Most people will know these from other franchises such as Dungeons & Dragons which was founded in 1974 by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Players usually interact through either one or more personas they create for themselves or through their characters which are created by the game master. 

Since there aren’t any NPCs (non-player characters) in these games, props like homemade dice and custom character sheets can make them feel a lot more real. Other than that though there’s not much you need other than friends to play with! 

Tabletop RPGs 

Gaming and entertainment props can range from high-tech to affordable, and they come in all shapes and sizes. It is important for event planners to know the different options available so that you can make sure your guests have access to what they need! You may be surprised by how many gaming and entertainment supplies are readily available at local retailers such as Target or Walmart. These items will help you create a customized experience without breaking the bank.  

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