Kourtney Kardashian: Early Life, Family, Career Relationship With Scott Disick, Wedding, and Net Worth

What’s all the hype about the Kardashian-Jenner family? Following that, Kourtney Kardashian made her journey from a TV star to a businesswoman. She is a social media influencer and flaunts her luxurious lifestyle. She became a hot topic in 2007 when she started appearing in E!’s Reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.

The show features the daily lives of Kardashian and Jenner family. That was just the beginning, she launched her lifestyle brand, ‘Poosh’. She remained in the tabloids because of her interesting relationship timeline. She has multiple sources of income, all contributing to her massive net worth. 

In this article, we will discuss Kourtney Kardashian’s personal life, family, Career, relationships, wedding, and total net worth. 

Kourtney Kardashian’s Early Life

Is she born American? Yes, Kourtney Kardashian was born in Calabasas, California on April 18, 1979. Her astrological sign is Aries.  

Is she Christian or Jewish? Kardashian family is Christian through and through. They have strong faith in Jesus. In one interview, Kourtney openly talked about her religion and said her work ethic and discipline are due to her strict catholic school. 

Where did Kourtney Kardashian get her early education from? She studied at Mary Mount High School situated in her hometown, Los Angeles. She graduated from there in 1998. She studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas for two years. After that, she migrated to the University of Arizona and got her bachelor’s degree. 

What made Kourtney Kardashian popular? Undoubtedly her family and sister. She belongs to one of the richest families and has been living a luxurious life ever since her childhood.

Kourtney Kardashian Family

What is Kourtney Kardashian best known for? She is popular because of her family. Her parents are Robert and Kris Kardashian. His father is a lawyer, who got fame while defending O.J. Simpson in a murder trial. While her mother takes care of her daughters’ public appearance. She plays the role of their personal manager, therefore got the title ‘Momager’. 

Does she have siblings? Obviously. She has two sisters, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian, and a brother, Robert Kardashian who is the husband of Ellen Pierson. Their parents lived a balanced life but still got divorced in 1989. After two years, Kris Kardashian remarried to an Olympian champion Bruce Jenner, and gave birth to Casey, Brandon, Brody, and Burt Jenner. Along with these step-siblings, Courtney has other famous half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. 

Are Kourtney Kardashian’s parents still alive? Her mother is perfectly healthy and managing her daughters’ public life. Her father died from esophageal cancer in 2003. 

Do you think Kourtney’s family has any involvement in her fame? Although she is a businesswoman and appeared on TV, but still her popularity increased with her family. 

Kourtney Kardashian Career

When was the career breakthrough of Kourtney Kardashian? In 2005, she first made her appearance in a TV show, ‘Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive’. Then it led to a series of TV shows and opened a path to her business ventures. 

In 2007, she along with her family became popular. The reason was her sister, Kim Kardashian’s intimate tape recording with her boyfriend Ray J

A reality show, ‘Keeping Up with Kardashians’ started airing in 2007.  The show cast all the Kardashian family, Kourtney’s parents, and first and half-siblings. The series is still popular and has a huge fan base. Because what do people love seeing? Celeb’s love life and tidbits about their lifestyle. There are several sequels of this show, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Kourtney and Kim Take New York and the last one, Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons. 

Kourtney and her mother, Kris Kardashian opened a boutique named Smooch in New York. She has a long list of business ventures. She opened an apparel line with her sisters, named D-A-S-H in New York and Miami. In 2010, they debuted in a clothing line, Bebe.

Kardashian was always a fan of the serial Opera, ‘One Life to Live’ and she got the chance to appear in it. She role-played as a lawyer but was highly criticized. 

Following her business career, she launched a cosmetic line with her step-sister Kylie Jenner. The cosmetic collection is named, Kourt X Kylie. It was hyped like all the Kylie cosmetics. 

She also did a solo business, she launched a lifestyle website, ‘Poosh’. She initiated virtual wellness events over here. It has widely engaged people who love knowing about lifestyle tips. 

In 2022, the Kardashian clan returned with another reality show, ‘The Kardashians’. She also launched her supplements line ‘Lemme’ where she sells vitamins and supplements products. 

Kourtney Kardashian Wedding

Do you know about Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding, or should we say weddings? Yes, you have read right. Kourtney married thrice with Travis Barker. 

Kourtney Kardashian with Scott Disick

The couple gives a behind-the-scenes peek in a recorded documentary that tells us all about their weddings. 

Kourtney and Travis’s Las Vegas Wedding

The couple eloped to Las Vegas and married there in Las Vegas Chapel, at 2:00 am. They got their marriage license from there. The couple has always dreamt of having a private wedding before the official marriage ceremony. They share their ceremony on Instagram. 

Kourtney and Travis’s Santa Barbara Wedding

The couple had their official wedding at Santa Barbara, where intimate guests were invited. Kourtney’s grandmother and Barker’s father also made an appearance and gave their wishes. Kourtney wore a classic yet modern white mini dress, with a long veil over her head. 

Kourtney and Travis’s Italian wedding

Their Italian wedding took place at a vintage Italian villa and the luxurious brand, Dolce & Gabbana hosted the event. The brand designed dresses for the bride and groom and the entire Kardashian family. The wedding stretched to the whole weekend. It started with a welcoming dinner on Friday and after official vows, dances and other festivities took place. 

Travis was asked about his favorite wedding. As he liked all, he said it’s like choosing your favorite child, which is impossible. 

The couple had different sentiments for each of their wedding, and they couldn’t choose just one favorite. 

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian

Is there something going on between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick? The couple had shared a past and had a romantic history. They even had three children. But they are no longer seen together, since their breakup and Kourtney’s marriage. 

Scott Disick had decided to give Kardashian space and focused on himself and his children. He’s seen mostly in Miami, and mind his own business. 

Scott Disick Kourtney Kardashian | Whatsmind

Scott never tried to backbite or say anything worse about the Kardashian family. But he’s maintaining the space while equally being supportive. The couple had an on-and-off relationship from 2006 till 2015. Their relationship started when they shot Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. They broke up but reunited again, but officially split on July 4, 2015.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be USD 65M. How did she make this fortune? No wonder from the endorsement deals she made with luxurious brands. She made a huge net worth from ‘The Kardashians’ and from her brand, Poosh. She is expected to make much more in the future. 


Concluding Kourtney Kardashian’s biography, there’s much to her besides being a Kardashian heir. She is a reality TV star and a business tycoon. She became popular from ‘Keeping Up with Kardashians’ and its sequels. She also launched her cosmetic line and lifestyle brand. She has married Travis Barker three times in Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, and Italy. She has made a huge net worth by her brand and Reality shows. 

What do you think of this Kardashian life history, share your thoughts with us in the comments. 

FAQs on Kourtney Kardashian

What is going on with Kourtney Kardashian?

She along with her husband, Travis Barker welcomed their first child in November 2023, with a fatal surgery. 

How many biological children does Kourtney Kardashian have? 

She has three children with Scott Disick and one with Travis Barker. 

Are Travis and Kourtney still married?

Yes, their marriage is still intact and she recently gave birth to their first child. 

How did the Kardashians get famous?

The family became popular when Kim Kardashian’s sex tape got leaked with her ex-boyfriend Ray J. 

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