Kim Kardashian Net Worth: How She Made Her 1.7 Billion Dollars Fortune?

Kim Kardashian net worth is an interesting topic to discuss. Especially when you are a big fan of Kardashian family. Every member of this family has their own story and reason behind success. Moreover, they have a good net worth that they have made during their career.  

Here in this article, we are going to unwrap Kim Kardashian net worth, fame, relationship, and some other facts. If you were searching for these things to find authentic answers, then you are on the right page. We have some real information and facts about Kim Kardashian that will be shared by us in this article.  

As our focal topic is Kim Kardashian net worth first of all we will unfold her net worth, success story, and how she makes billions of dollars.   

Kim Kardashian’s success story:  

Kim Kardashian's success story and Kim Kardashian net worth:  

Kardashian family is one of the known families in the United States and all over the world. They have raised their name so high that there are a plethora of fans from all around the globe.   

As far as the point is concerned about Kim Kardashian success story. Basically, she is a reality TV star. And she has earned all of her fame from it. That she also used to make money and build a business empire.   

Kim was never noticed much before 2007 when she did the reality television series of her family in 2007. This reality TV show was the first turning point in her career that made her a billionaire.   

Adding more into it, in the same year 2007, Kim Kardashian’s s*x tape got leaked with her boyfriend Ray J. After this leaked video she got more noticed by the public and got fame anyhow. Almost everyone in the Kardashian family is an entrepreneur.   

In this TV series, her sister Kylie Jenner also played an integral role that helped her to be more popular and she launched her own brand. Kylie Jenner net worth has crossed the figure of a billion dollars.  

Kim Kardashian did the same after becoming popular with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in 2007 she launched her own brand and products. Now the major part of her income is coming from shapewear, and an apparel brand, skims.   

Skims has become a large market brand that has captured most of the lady undergarments and skin-fashioned kinds of stuff like Bras, Bikinis, and long slip dresses. She has introduced an entirely unique and eye-catching style in ladies’ wear. Furthermore, the name of the articles (Product) in the Skims brand makes the product more unique and valuable.  

Additionally, there is a whole category of shapewear on the Skims brand site that helps you maintain your body even during pregnancy. It includes tummy shapewear, butt shapewear, thighs shapewear, bust shapewear, arms, waist, and other body fitness.   

Another thing that you would like the most is its marketing strategy. Kim Kardashian has 364 million followers on her Instagram. She has a public appearance and reputation in a way most of the girls want to follow her.   

In order to get benefits, she does marketing for her own brand through her social media accounts by wearing the products herself. This gives a message to the followers, that she is wearing something unique and they should try it so it’s available at the skims store.   

Kim Kardashian has a really tremendous business strategy. As of October 2023, Skims is worth more than 4 billion dollars. There are 5.3 million Instagram followers on the official page of Skims.  

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Kim Kardashian net worth:  

Regarding in the realm of Kim Kardashian net worth, the converging statement is; that in April 2021, Forbes declared her a billionaire lady. Now Kim Kardashian’s net worth is more than 1.7 billion dollars as of 2023.   

She is trying to innovate something different and unique every time to get the attraction of the customers. Moreover, Kim Kardashian has hired Cardi B for her product’s advertising. Cardi B has an absolute perfect body with a stellar figure and shape. She has been proven the best decision for Skims marketing.  

Kim’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t stop here! She stepped into the world of investment in 2022. Kim Kardashian announced that she is going to launch a private equity firm named “SKKY” with her mother as a business partner.   

She announced to invest in the industry of luxury, entertainment, hospitality, eCommerce, digital media, and consumer products. For this, she set a milestone to raise up to 1 billion dollars.

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Kardashian mobile game to pursue celebrity career:  

Kardashian mobile game to pursue celebrity career

When your vision is clear, there will not be any thwarting on your way to success. As it is a journey of consistency and great motivation to do more and more.   

Starring Kardashian game was launched by her in June 2014. The purpose of the game was to give a platform to every person to start their own career in the entertainment industry to become a celebrity.   

Here you would be astonished that after two years of launching the game, in 2016 Forbes announced approximately 45 million dollars of profit from the game. During this journey of a huge profit, this game was downloaded 45 million times which generated 160 million dollars in revenue.   

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Kim Kardashian’s other assets and investments:  

The forward approach of the mind has played a part and parcel role in Kim Kardashian net worth. She knows where to invest and what is the best time for it.   

Do you know in 2015 Kim also bought an emoji app named “Kimoji” which has a lot of emojis with the theme of Kim Kardashian. People are really crazy about her appearance and very keen on her looks. She has gained face and look recognition.   

Just after a year in 2016, this emoji app hit the list of Appl’s most-selling grossing app which was paid. With these heights of success, the Kimoji app developer sued her to cut him off from the profit according to the deal. But she won the case against him in 2020.   

The list doesn’t stop here.   

Kim Kardashian has a lot of investments in real estate. Kim Kardashian net worth includes her homes which cost millions of dollars. Some of her real estate projects are in the queue.   

If we would talk about her car collection that is also really impressive. In an interview with Vogue, she showed some cars including her favorite Maybach Sedan, Lamborghini Urus Mansory, and Rolls Royce Ghost (a filthy expensive car).   

Kim Kardashian's car collections

Did you know all of her car colors are grey with the matching of her home.  

Over and above that Kim also does some paid promotional ads and posts on her Instagram account because of a huge fan following from around the globe. She also earns good money from promotional ads on her social accounts. 

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Quick Biography: 

Name Kim Kardashian 
Date of Birth October 21, 1980 
Nationality American 
Age 43 years (October 2023) 
Education Marymount High School and Pierce College in Los Angeles 
Career Entertainment  
Famous for TV Reality Show and Business Woman 
Brand Name Skims 
Instagram Followers 364 million 
TikTok followers 8.8 million 
YouTube Subscribers 2 million 
Eye Color Dark brown to light warm green 
Hairs Color Multiple blonde colors  
Kim Kardashian Net Worth1.7 billion dollars 
First TV Series Keeping Up With the Kardashians 
Height 5 feet 2 inches 
Skin  Olive skin tone 

Kim Kardashian Relationship Life:  

Kim Kardashian Relationship Life

Kim’s first relationship became a hot topic when her video was leaked with Ray J. Talking about the present relationship of Kim, she has been single since August 2022 after getting divorced from Kanye West. After her divorce, she had a relationship with Pete Davidson that lasted just for nine months. 

Despite her successful career, her relationship life is not good enough. 

Did you ever use any shapewear from Skims? How was your experience? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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