This guide will enlighten the reader about the location of the Carian Study Hall, the prerequisites required in order to unlock the other portion of the Carian Study Hall, and the relevance of the Raani quest in unlocking the Carian Study Hall.

The guide will also share the hacks to defeat the boss Radahn during the pursuit of reaching the Divine Tower of Liurnia. In other words, the guide is drafted to escort you through the Elden Rings Carian Study Hall towards your destination the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Looks like Elden Ring has taken the gaming community by surprise by exceeding expectations, thus expanding its gamer base. A larger Gamer base means more players require help to complete quests and side quests. In order to cater to this, need a guide is drafted to explain to the players about the Carian Study Hall, its location, the perquisites to attempt the puzzle, and how to go about the puzzle.

There are a lot of locations in the Elden Ring but one such location is the Elden Ring Caria Study Hall as this is a place that rewards its players.

There are a lot of locations in the Elden Ring |

The Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring is a very important location in the game, it is located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. The Carian Study Hall comes into play when you’ll be accessing the Divine Tower of Liurnia, the move towards the tower will be blocked, as the game will expect its players to crack a puzzle at the Carian Study Hall.

Carian Study Hall location:

Venture through the mountains as shown in the image, east of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Enter the Site of Grace, once in the hallway, here you’ll notice a free space which requires an item allowing you to attempt the puzzle.

Once the item is intact, this will invert the Carian Study Hall and the puzzle can be given a try. The basic item that is required here to invert the Carian Study Hall is the Carian Inverted Statue. Therefore, this item will be required beforehand,

Ranni – The Witch’s quest:

The Carian Inverted Statue can be attained as part of the main questline in the game, Start the Rani’s questline and venture through Nokron, you will receive an item known as the Fingerslayer Blade.

This item is really essential to keep Rani moving on her questline, once you have brought this item for Rani, she will be really glad, in return as part of the arrangements made earlier. She will hand over the Carian Inverted Statue she was holding. Which can now be used to unlock the puzzle at Carian Study Hall.

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Radahn Boss Fight:

Since the Carian Inverted Statue is located in Nokron area, defeating General Radahn is really necessary as the Nokron area cannot be accessed until the boss located there is defeated. However, this is not any tradional boss, this boss will give you a tough time due to the frequent Gold summonings, the tip here will be to distract Radahns attention away from you and actively observe the Gold summoning as once the spirit soldiers die they can be re-summoned.

Moreover, try your best to maintain a safe distance from the boss. To take down the boss you need to have an aggressive approach, the great bow charge animation takes time to execute, this is the time to strike, and getting on the rear of the boss is also a smart move.

Carian Study Hall pedestal:

The Carian Study Hall Pedestal will be used to unlock the main area of the Carian Study Hall. Make use of the Carian Inverted Statue which you retrieved from the Rani Quest, find the pedestal present on the ground floor, place the statue on the pedestal, this will unlock a complete separate part of the Carian Study Hall.

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Puzzle Solution:

Take the statue which you have just received to the Carian Study Hall, place the statue at the empty space at the wall, this will flip the building, thus initiating a puzzle which needs to be solved if further move is wanted.

However, take note that when you return to the Carian Study Hall from Rani, a boss will spawn and will be waiting for you in the hall, defeat the boss known as Preceptor Miriam, this boss is mediocre in abilities yet really annoying as it practices frequent teleportation’s throughout the area, thus hard to target.

If you thought teleportation was hard to handle then be ready for more, the boss will also control and spawn spirit soldiers that will become the first line of defense and attack for the boss.  

Reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia:

After exploring the hall completely, you can now advance until a massive door is seen, unlock it to see a large bridge in front, a Godskin Noble will come your way, defeat it thus opening the large door, now fast travel can be used to approach this location. 

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