The Elden Ring Blaidd Questline Guide And Locations

This Guide will give the readers in-depth information about the famous NPC known as Blaidd, the principles and attributes he thrives on, the opportunities of meeting Blaidd throughout the Blaidd and Raani questline, the location and whereabouts of Blaidd.

Furthermore, the questline has been divided into different steps, which if followed closely can help you ace the Blaidd Questline in Elden Ring. At the end the rewards dropped during the Elden Ring Blaidd Questline are discussed in detail in order to generate motivation among the readers to attempt the questline.

In Elden Rings you’ll come across two types of NPCs, some might unleash upon you as you interact with them, whereas there will be welcoming NPCs that might delegate you certain quests, which you can attempt in order to get rewards and attain progress in the game Elden Rings.

Blaidd NPC In Elden Rings:

This section of the guide will introduce the readers to Blaidd the assistant of the wicked Raani, Blaidds role was limited to obeying the orders and serving the witch Raani in Elden Rings.

However, his loyalty towards Raani sees a disastrous end as the one who he was loyal to betrayed him at the end and get him killed.  Raani’s was more inclined towards Darriwil and Blaidd was unaware of this fact.

Meanwhile, Iji’s main concern was that once Blaidd starts understanding that his Raani his faithful master is on Darriwil’s side, he might become the biggest threat to the existence of Raani and her supporters. Therefore, Iji believes that Blaidd needs to be tamed before he gets out of hand.

Elden Ring Blaidd Location:

 This guide will talk about the Blaidd NPC also famously known as the wolf-man, Blaidd is a semi wolf that will ask for you assistance when you meet him against a deadly enemy. First interaction with this wolfman is quite hard as you will have to call him towards you using his howls.


First Interaction at Mistwood Ruins:

Blaidd will release the first howl when you would be passing through the Mistwood Ruins, the howls will be from a distance thus you cannot do anything at this moment. There is a Merchant known as Kale residing at the Church of Elleh, visit this Merchant. For the purpose of learning the technique of catching the attention of Blaidd.

Once you have mastered the technique from the Merchant, go to the same location where you last heard the howls. The technique that the merchant taught was to use the finger snap gesture whenever a howl Is heard. This will attract the attention of Blaidd and the first interaction will commence.

In this first interaction, the Wolf Knight will urge you for assistance in combating a traitor known as Darriwil. Fight the beast known as Darriwil in order the complete this side quest and attain a gift from the Wolf-man.

Second Interaction at the Siofra River Well

The second interaction with Blaidd is a continuation of Renna’s quest, during Renna’s quest you’ll get an objective to find and meet Blaidd. Upon reaching the location, Blaidd would be absent and the magical lift would be used to enter the building.

After descending down through the magical lift into the well, you’ll be given the liberty to chose between two paths or tunnels. Chose either of the paths as both lead towards a waterfall, again board the magical lift and follow the path to an open area.

Upon reaching this area Blaidd would be seen overlooking the ledge, interact with Blaidd, Blaidd will urge you once again to find Seluvis for him, Renna’s quest will resume once you head outside this location to look for Seluvis. Blaidd’s new location will be the Redmane Castle In Caelid from now on, he won’t be available in the previous location.

The Blaid Questline:

Blaidd is the most popular Non-Playable Character in Elden Rings due to his unique attributes, now time has come to attempt his questline. This time to find Blaidd, start by venturing towards the Mistwood Outskirts and later the Mistwood Ruins from there, a distant howl will be heard as you reach the ruins.

You require a Finger snap emote to attract the Wolf knight towards you, go to the Merchant kale at the Church of Elleh and retrieve the emote. Once the emote is acquired go to the outskirts of Mistwood again, and keep walking until How is released by Blaidd.

Use the Snap finger gesture to call him, Blaidd will arrive in no time and again demand you to find and bring Darriwil. After this moment you have gained the respect and trust of Blaidd, thus you can call him, once you are fighting any boss.

Fight with Darriwil at Agheel Lake:

Venture all the way to Agheel Lake and find the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, this place is the campsite of Darriwil the boss. Initiate the battle and you will see Blaidd accompanying you on your side. After the fight you can have another conversation with Blaidd.

The Carian Filigreed Crest:

Meanwhile, you will need to find Iji as well, in order to acquire the Carian Filigreed Crest. You will need to travel to the Road to the Manor in order to have a conversation with Iji and later retrieve the Carian Filigreed Crest from him.

Head Back to the Merchant Kale:

Once you have retrieved the Carian Filigreed Crest head to the Merchant Kale, in order to inquire about the whereabouts of Blaidd, the merchant will urge you to head towards Raai’s Rise. For which you’ll need to travel to Raani’s Rise, where you can interact with Blaidd again, which would be a continuation of Raani the Witch Questline. Blaidd will tell you that he would like to meet you again at the Siofra River.

Meetup with Blaid at Siofra River:

Head back to Mistwood Outskirts, descend to the Siofra river bank area using the lift present at Sofra River, here Blaidd would be seen standing near the cliff waiting for your arrival. An alternative route to find Blaidd can be use the temple entrance that has a corpse placed, from there look left to the cliffside, you’ll witness the Wolfman standing on the cliff.

Upon meeting Blaidd, the Blaidd Questline will link the Alexander the Iron Fist Questline and Seluvis Questline together.

Talk with Seluvis:

After the Blaidd interaction at the Siofra River, travel to the Seluvis Rise and inquire Seluvis about the Nokran, Seluvis will give you certain pointers on where you’ll have to head.

Waypoint Ruins:

Travel to Waypoint Ruins in order to find Sorceress Sellen, before you can even interact with Sorceress Sellen, a boss will block your conquest of locating Sorceress Sellen.

Defeat the boss and find the room where Sorceress Sellen is accommodated, once you have found her inquire about Nokron from her. Once the conversation has terminated between you and Sorceress Sellen, go back to the bank of Siofra River and tell whatever she said to Blaidd.

Go Back to Iji:

Go back to the same place where you met Iji earlier and interact with him. After the conversation travel back to Mistwood Ruins in order to meet Bliadd, but he will not be available instead he had left a message for you, in which he had left instructions for you that he will meet you at the Nokrans.

Therefore, head to the Nokron, where you will be pitched against the Starscourge Radahn at Redmane castle, but don’t worry Blaidd will accompany you in this fight.

Once the boss has been defeated the next chapter of the questline will commence in which the hidden treasure has to be discovered of Nokron. This is a requirement to continue the Raani Questline.

When you head to the Raani Questline, you’ll find the Fingerslayer Blade from the chest in the Nokron, hand over this FIngerslayer Bladew to Raani the Witch.

Travel to Ansel River Main:

Raani will disappear at this moment and you will need to head to the top of the tower, use the teleporter and reach the Ansel River Main. Here you’ll find a miniature Raani Doll, interact with the doll. The upcoming challenge would be that the shadow of Blaidd will have to be dealt with at the Nokstella Waterfall. Activate the Site of Grace once you defeat the boss, this will reward you with the Discarded Palace Key.

Go to Raya Lucaria Grand Library:

Upon retrieving the key head to the Raya Lucaria Grand library and unlock the chest you find, inside the chest would be a Moon ring, you can now continue the Blaidd questline after getting your hands on the Moon ring.

Defeat Boss Astel and Glintstone Dragon Adula:

Start preparations as you would require some skills and practice to combat the Boss Astel, who is waiting for you at the Lake of Rot.

Subsequently, head to the Moonlight Altar and defeat the Glintstone Dragon Adula, successfully defeating the bosses will reward you with the Dragon Heart and adula’s Moonblade          

Once you have retrieved the rewards head to Raani at the cathedral of menus Celes, descend down from a hold present there, and here you will find Raani the Witch. Give her the rewards you received from defeating the bosses previously.

Kill Blaidd at the Raani Rise:

Blaid would be standing outside the Raani Rise, as you reach the location. Fight and defeat him, he would be no match as you have the Dark Moon Greatsowrd. Upon defeating Blaidd loot him and retrieve his belongings and continue the Blaidd questline.

Final Interaction with Iji:

In order to conclude the Blaidd Questline, meet Iji for the last time, have a conversation. This will mark the end of the Blaidd Questline in Elden ring.

Rewards received during the Blaidd Questline:

The Blaidd Questline is a time-consuming yet rewarding questline, that showers the players with valuable rewards over time. This section of the time guide will discuss the rewards received at different moments of the questline.

  • Royal Greatsword, excellent to boost Intelligence, Dexterity and Strength
  • Blaidds Armor Set Provided heavy protection against enemy strikes and also doesn’t limit any sort of mobility during move. Amazing addition for players that rely on armor for defence.
  • Carian Filigreed Crest talisman can be acquired by heading to the Road to Manor, and telling Iji that you have been sent by Blaidd, the talisman reduces upto 25% of the FP cost of your weapon skills.

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