Doja Cat at Coachella 2024 Performing Tour de Force Making Headlines 

Doja Cat at Coachella 2024 made headlines as a rapper and the incident happened for the time. Until now, not even one rapper has made headlines at Coachella. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival takes place in California annually, dated from April 12 to 14, and April 19 to 21, 2024. 

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

On Sunday’s bill, Doja Cat performed on the stage. After Beyonce in 2018, Doja Cat is the second black woman to perform at Coachella. On Sunday, her performance showcased a powerhouse of female performers including Reneé Rapp and Kesha. Both the performers were duetting in the recession banner TikTok. The performance opening was changed from Waketo “Wake up ok the morning to saying f*** P Diddy” on the stage. 

Doja Cat and her fans have an estranged relationship as she maintains a distant relationship with her fans. Once She told her fans not to engage in a parasocial relationship. If you are wondering what’s parasitism relationship, it’s a one-sided interaction between a performer and the audience. 

For instance, if you like some singer, actor, idol, or rapper on the web, TikTok, social media, or TV, the relationship between you and that person will be parasocial. In simple terms, you can say fans are in a parasocial relationship with their idols or faves. They don’t know you exist but still influence your thoughts, emotions, time, and interests. 

Doja Cat at Coachella 2024

Even after distancing herself from the fans, Doja Cat fans commonly known as Kittnez still love her and support her activities. After she told Kittnez “to get off your phone” and go “get a job,” she lost 300,000 followers on Instagram. But it didn’t influence or bother her. “Rethink everything” comment and distancing from hand helped her “feel free.” 

In 2023, after Sanfu, she said, “I feel free” in an Instagram post. 

Doja kept the banners to a minimum and genuinely said, “Thank you, everyone” after the performance to her fans. Moreover, she put her a tour de force of a set on the stage and gave one of the best performances of all time. Her musical talents and spectacular performance will be a staple for best of Coschlea lists for years in the future.

At first, she appeared on the stage’s extended catwalk and then turned towards the crowd in the back wearing a white hazmat suit. Later she took off the coat and revealed her tunic matching her extra-long hair. Her outfit was adorned with similar hair to her original hair. The dancers behind her wearing similar dresses give a spectacular vibe performing the track in a melodic, choir-like crescendo.

Unlike her previous performances at music shows where she performed her classic songs wearing multicolor, vibrant, and spectacular dresses, she wore many off-white dresses throughout the Coachella performance. Fans might be disappointed as Doja Cat at Coachella 2024 wasn’t performing their favorite songs. 

However, she revealed that her performances were mostly compromising if rapping as they came from her latest release. The songs were from last year’s Scarlet, a masculine album. Through the Scarlet album, she wanted to move away from pop princessdom. Hence, Doja Cat at Coachella 2024 refrained from performing pandemic groovers like Kiss Me More and Say So. 

Apart from Doja Cat, many other artists performed at Coachella 2024 including:

  • Peso Pluma
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Billie Eilish
  • Justice
  • Chlöe
  •  Deftones
  •  Peggy Gou
  •  Friday performers
  • Lil Uzi Vert 
  • Chappell Raon 
  • Jon Batiste
  • Jack Antonoff 
  • Tyler, the Creator
  • Becky G
  • Junior H
  • Bizarrap 
  • Shakira 
  • Chloe
  • Tinashe
  • Suki Waterhouse 
  • Young Miko
  • The Quasar 
  • L’Imperatrice
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Chappell Roan
  • Blur
  • Aquabats
  • Bizarrap
  • Tems
  • Bicep
  • Victoria Monét

Did you love Doja Cat at Coachella and her rap performances? Which was your favorite performance at Coachella 2024, comment below. 

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