How Much CRP Level Is Dangerous? CRP Description, Measuring Tests, Monitoring, Medical Conditions & Prevention

Curious to know how to accurately measure disease’s presence within the body? Get your CRP level monitored and get timely aid. 

How much CRP level is dangerous? How it is evaluated and how it impacts your body? CRP i.e. C-reactive protein present within blood and can be measured by regular blood tests.

The CRP measurement helps greatly in diagnosing your acute and chronic conditions associated with inflammations, obesity, and inheritance infections.

Have you caught Covid recently, your CRP level must have risen which leads to many health complications. 

The acute response occurred due to symptoms like abdominal pain, joint pain, mouth ache, and joint aches all contributing towards increasing CRP level. 

The levels above 100mg/L insinuate high CRP levels and increased inflammation while below that falls into either mild or moderate markings. 

In this guide, we will look deeper into how much CRP level is dangerous, why and when it must be measured, recommended tests, how to reduce the CRP level, and the factors that influence it.

How Much CRP Level Is Dangerous?

If you are concerned about how much CRP level is dangerous, then you first need to understand the level values as per underlying conditions.

Three levels generally tell us about the Intensity rate:

  • CRP level < 10 mg/L = Normal
  • CRP level_ 10-100 mg/L = Mild to Moderate inflammation 
  • CRP level > 100 mg/L = Severe Inflammation 

But again, you need to understand a high CRP doesn’t always indicate a serious ailment. It can be due to a minor injury or infection and has no long-lasting impact. 

But a normal CRP doesn’t mean you are all safe from any illness. Just be vigilant and keep your eyes open for any possible symptoms that may deteriorate your health.

Moderate Elevated Amount

If the CRP results fall between 1 and 10 mg/dL, it indicates moderate elevation. 

It may be due to systematic inflammation caused due to autoimmune disorders, Bronchitis, pancreatitis, and myocardial infarction. 

Marked Elevated Amount

If the CRP level exceeds 10 mg/dL then it’s regarded as a matter of concern. This marked elevation may be due to viral infections, bacterial designers, or any traumas.

Severe Elevated Amount

How much CRP level is dangerous? Then it’s alarming if it exceeds 50 mg/ dL. The majority of the time the elevation is due to chronic bacterial disorders.

What Is CRP?

It is an abbreviation of the C-reactive protein found within the blood and produced by the liver. It becomes active when there is inflammation within the body like how it reacts to autoimmune disorders,  injuries, and bacterial or viral infections.  

This protein activate as a result of a defence mechanism and denotes there is underlying heart disease and worse cancer. 

Whenever an infection occurs, CRP level increases immensely therefore a test must be done to determine the inflammation rate and how the treatment is going on.

Tests To Measure CRP Level

How much CRP level is dangerous and how to measure it accurately? Here these two methods are typically used to test CRP levels within blood:

Standard CRP Test

This is the standard test and measures the level of inflammation within the body. It also determines bacterial diseases like autoimmune disorders. 

However, it will detect only increased levels of CRP, but won’t detect low inflammation Dusty heart diseases.

High-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) Test

This one is more accurate than the standard one as it can detect lower CRP levels and is particularly useful in measuring inflammation due to heart diseases.

These levels are interpreted differently, according to a person’s health condition and other accompanying diseases. 

How Much CRP Level Is Dangerous? CRP Description, Measuring Tests, Monitoring, Medical Conditions & Prevention

Your tests may be influenced by the infections, injuries, and other surgical operations you recently went through. 

You can repetitively do these tests if you aren’t sure in the first place.

When CRP Level Should Be Monitored?

You may need to run a CRP test to measure how much CRP level is dangerous for you and what’s contributing to it. 

  • Your physician may recommend you have a test when you are feverish and have chills. 
  • In the condition of tachypnea (i.e., rapid breathing) and tachycardia (i.e., rapid heart rate) you must take a CRP test. 
  • If you feel nausea or vomiting which are common symptoms of bacterial infection, you will be asked to take the test.

Your doctor may also recommend it to determine his much inflammation your body has, and if the inflammation goes down is near the medication your doctor has given you after diagnosis is working effectively. 

Medical Conditions Influencing CRP Level

Several underlying diseases contribute to elevated CRP levels. 

If you wonder how much CRP level is dangerous,  you first need to reconsider the intensity of your underlying medical condition. 


As diabetic patients have insulin resistance, they intend to suffer from a high inflammation rate. 

They can control their CRL level by regulating their blood sugar level, healthy diet, and doing exercise daily. 

It will additionally decrease the risk of accompanied medical complications.

Chronic Ailments

Several disorders including a few autoimmune such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis along with kidney diseases increase CRP levels.

There is an utmost need to treat these diseases as they immensely increase inflammation. 


One of the greatest factors increasing CRP levels is the fat tissues deposited in the abdominal area increases inflammation.  

An endocrinologist has highlighted its relation by saying, 

“There is a clear correlation between obesity and elevated CRP levels, making weight management crucial for reducing inflammation.”

Ways To Reduce CRP Level

How much CRP level is dangerous and how to lower it down to normal ranges. There are several methods you can adopt here in your diet and lifestyle that will come in handy.

Weight Reduction

You can effectively decrease CRP value by decreasing total body weight and body fat. Obesity is directly linked to increased CRP levels.

Regular Exercise 

You can regularly practice exercise to acquire an optimal CRP value.

Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset where you have pushed all the negativity out of the window will help greatly in regulating the CRP level.


How much CRP level is dangerous and is it only due to the worst diet? Well, your duet could be a major contributor, so you can lower it by eating fiber-rich foods like fruits, nuts, and whole grains. 

Foods high in trans fats or refined carbs will cause inflammation within your body. 

How Much CRP Level Is Dangerous? CRP Description, Measuring Tests, Monitoring, Medical Conditions & Prevention

You can also have omega-3-rich food items like fish, and seeds and even anti-inflammatory foods like butter and leafy veggies to regulate CRP levels.

Meditation & Yoga

High cortisol can also be caused by high CRP levels, you can do yoga and meditation to relax.

Treatment of Root Diseases

Underlying diseases like infection if treated beforehand will help greatly in lowering CRP elevation.

Supplements & Medication 

You must consult with your health professional as they may recommend medicines and supplements that bring down CRP value.

Circadian Rhythm 

Lack of sleep is a major cause of inflammation which ultimately results in the rise of CRP. So take proper and timely sleep.

Avoid Smoking

Your blood CRP level will remain controlled if you will skip smoking altogether and limit your alcohol consumption. 

Both result in oxidative stress and disrupt the immune system. Applying all these simple strategies will help in controlling your blood CRP level.


In conclusion, the inflammation rate in your body can increase due to several medical conditions like arthritis,  infections, or due to tumor growth. A high CRP level means your body has accumulated a high inflammation rate either due to a disrupted immune system or oxidative stress.

How much CRP level is dangerous and how it has become the only indicator of heart disease risks. 

You must consult with a doctor timely in case of elevated CRP levels.  You can lower it down by having an organic diet, treatments like Statin medications, and doing exercise and meditation regularly. 

Give it a detailed look to learn all about the changes occurring within your body and how you can control it. What’s your current bodily condition, is there something getting you into doubt about your health?

FAQs on How Much CRP Level Is Dangerou

What CRP level is dangerously high?

The level exceeding 50 mg/dL is considered severe elevation and is mainly due to bacterial and viral infections.

How much CRP is safe?

Well, there is no safe range but if it’s less than 0.9 mg/dL then it isn’t particularly harmful.

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