Taylin Gallacher: Biography, Profession, Family Background, Net Worth

Is Taylin Gallacher the wife of famous football player Taylor Lewan? Yes, Taylin is indeed the wife of famous American football player Taylor Lewan. Who started his career at the college level. His capabilities and athletic skills have achieved his distinctions. He is truly successful in his support career. Her podcast name is “Bussin With The Boys”.

Taylin is an old model, philanthropist, and animal advocate who was born in Canada. Taylor and Gallacher got married in 2018 and they have two daughters. Gallacher started her charity work in Nashville, where she lives with her husband and daughters.

She loved yoga, and fitness, making healthy recipes, and sharing her lifestyle on social media accounts. She is the best example of a woman who balanced her family and career in the best way. 

In this article, we discuss Taylin’s biography, marriage, kids, net worth, ethnicity, passion, and profession.

Who is the Taylin Gallacher 

When and where was she born? She was born on 22 June 1996 in British Columbia, Canada. 

Gallacher is a famous old model, animal advocate, and philanthropist. Her birth country is Canada. But now she is living in Nashville with her husband and daughters. 

She is 27 years old in 2023. She has American nationality. Her zodiac sign is cancer. 

Physical appearance 

  • She has brown eyes and hair.
  • Her Wright is approximately 68kg, and her height is 5 feet and 8 inches.

Gallacher Nature

Taylin is an amazing person. She has such a caring and nurturing nature, and it’s impressive how quickly she gained fame. With 17.7k followers on Instagram, she is making an impact on social media. she shares her meditation, yoga pics, and healthy recipes on Instagram. It’s truly inspiring to know that she is not just famous for her husband’s name but also for being a social worker.

Family Background

Is she married? Yes, she is married to a famous American football player “Taylor Lewan”. They had a unique journey to finding each other. Gallacher first time met with Taylor at the age of 20.

Their first meeting didn’t have a strong connection, their second meeting in Arizona in February 2016 was filled with love and strength. After their first meeting, they managed a long-distance relationship with Gallacher in Nashville and Taylor in Arizona. After that Taylor proposed on social media, saying

“We both get engaged when you return to Arizona in two weeks” I love you so much!

When and where did she marry? Taylin and Taylor officially got married with their family and friends in California on July 7, 2018. Their daughter was also a part of the celebration.

They are parents of two lovely daughters.

  • Her first daughter’s name is “Wynne Rebel Lewan“  she was born on 7 July 2017. Who took her first name from her great-grandfather “Wynn”.
  • Her second daughter’s name is “Willow Lewan”. She was born on 27 July 2020.


Taylin the wife of famous football player Taylor Lewan did not become a prominent figure because of her husband. But her hard work makes her a commendable figure. 

  • She is a prior model and started modeling at the age of 18. However, she is not comfortable in her profession. And said in one interview “ This is not my passion “. She was a model for different companies including “Olivia Clarke “ and “Jessie Dee”
  • She is an animal advocate also because she has a great passion for animals. She is truly an animal lover. Taylor mentioned in an interview that Taylin went to South America to make a documentary about animal trafficking. The logo of the documentary is “I have always had a soft heart for animals who are voiceless”.
  • In April 2020 Taylin co worked with Hayley Hubbard. 

Both donated to people who don’t have a home, struggled with food, and were affected by the coronavirus. Her compassion for people is truly inspiring.

Taylin Gallacher Ethnicity 

A famous football player Taylor Lewan’s wife Taylin has European origin. She belongs to the white ethnicity.

Taylin Gallacher’s Net Worth 

Gallacher’s net worth is estimated to be 1 million – 5 million dollars. Professionally she is an old model, and philanthropist, who runs Feeding Nashville charity organizations. She is an animal advocate and worked in an animal welfare organization.


Concluding the biography of Taylin Gallacher, Taylin was an old model, animal advocate, and philanthropist. She always kept her family private before marriage. But on social media, most people know her by the name of her husband, Taylor Lewan.

Who is a famous American football player? Looking at Taylin’s life, we learn that a woman can do anything. Her charity work, donations, and providing food to those who don’t have a home are truly commendable. 

Furthermore, you can find anything regarding Taylin Gallacher in this article. Please mention in the comments which celebrity information you want next time we come up with this celebrity. Did u find it entertaining?

FAQs On Taylin Gallacher

1: who is the husband of Taylin Gallacher?

Her husband’s name is Taylor Lewan she is a famous American football player.

2: When and where did Taylin Gallacher Marry?

She got married to Taylor Lewan on 7 July 2016 in California, USA. 

3: Does Taylin Gallacher have children?

Yes, she has two daughters named Wynne Rebel Lewan and Willow Lewan. 

4: where is Taylin Gallacher from?

She was born in Canada, and her date of birth is 22 June 1996. She is 27 years old in 2023.

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