How To Make Money Playing Video Games; 7 Proven Ways

How to make money playing video games is the query of every gaming aficionado. While playing your favorite games, one can create content related to it and sell their skills to earn money. The gaming industry is flourishing rapidly and gamers can work full-time in this field. 

The global video game market is expanding rapidly and has amassed multibillion-dollar revenue due to a rapid surge in gaming fanatics. The billions of gamers and thousands of employees working in this industry support the game market in building its worldwide popularity. 

Here are various ways on the subject of how to make money playing video games, read the article to have deeper insight into them. 

How to Make Money Playing Video Games?

One needs to have a passion for gaming, enthusiasm for working in this field, and a willingness to continue their strenuous journey until one reaches their goal of generating a decent revenue. All of the following ways of how to make money while playing video games are authentic and experienced ones, generating a decent income. 


How To Make Money Playing Video Games | Livestreams

If you’re a gamer, then you must have watched live streams of various gamers to learn tips, introduction guides, and quest-completion guides on Twitch. YouTube, Discord, or other websites. You can also do live streams like them, it requires only two elements; entertaining personality and knowledge about the game. 

People watch live streams and there are various reasons why they watch them, which are the following;

  • To pick up tricks and tips from advanced and learned players
  • To learn how professional players play
  • To listen to someone who knows how to narrate well in their free time
  • Streamers also watch their rivals or other streamers to learn from them
  • People also join streaming to get to know the gaming community better and make acquaintances with people with similar interests 
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Various Platforms for Gaming Streamers 

People watch those streamers who have a unique way of telling the information, funny personalities, engaging content, and powerful narrating skills. Moreover, being a nice player and knowing the gaming thoroughly builds trust between the viewers and the streamers. How to make money playing video games, one of the best and most popular ways is online streaming. 

The following are the platforms that can be utilized for streaming;

  • Twitch (Amazon gaming platform)
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Gaming 
  • DLive

Here are the ways through which one can earn money from broadcasting live streams on games;

  • Viewers make donations to provide support to their favorite streamers and show appreciation by gifting dollars
  • Avid viewers might also endorse a paid subscription 
  • Special live streams seek the audience to pay some amount to utilize this feature 
  • Gaming brands also sponsor players with a growing audience 
  • Endorsing advertisements also helps the strangers earn great revenue 
  • Affiliate marketing items can earn dividends by promoting particular products
  • Popular streamers can even sell their merchandise (t-shirts, cups, bags, and other products)

Gaming Guides 

Gaming Guides 

Gaming guides are also quite popular among gamers. Players seek these guides whenever they encounter difficulty or experience a setback while doing a mission. Here are various reasons why people watch gaming guides on YouTube;

  • To get to know the game
  • To decide whether the game is interesting enough to play or not 
  • To learn how to download the game, it’s resources and maps
  • To get up-to-date tips, advanced gaming news, and entertaining commentary on gameplay
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What Does One Need to Do While Making Video Game Guides?

As far as the point is concerned about How To Make Money Playing Video Games. There are several things one needs to keep in mind while making gaming guides. Apart from that. One also needs equipment for recording videos (a camera and a microphone) and video editing software to edit the videos, screenshots of games, special effects, and animations. 

One can appeal to the interests of other players by creating a video game guide channel that offers:

  • Popular game reviews
  • Tutorial tips for beginners
  • Advanced tips for skilled players
  • Industry news
  • Informational or entertaining commentary on gameplay
  • Screen recording or screenshots of yourself playing
  • Using video editing software to edit your raw footage into a great composition 
  • Adding effects such as text, music, and animation to the guides 
  • Uploading and sharing videos regularly

Writing Gaming Guides on Websites 

Just like players who are eager to learn about their favorite games through YouTube channels and Twitch streamers, some gamers also like to read blogs and articles on gaming. Various websites provide authentic and up-to-date information regarding multiple games. 

One can use their knowledge and write articles for such websites and earn a considerable amount. Gaming content writers are in demand and earn well as well. Hence, one can incorporate the queries of players through writing engaging content.

Gaming websites usually publish content;

  • Live updates on rewards, promotions, or other redeeming factors of the games
  • Walkthroughs from experienced players about basic details, such as where to go and what to do in missions or quests 
  • Tutorials on game features or farming materials and leveling up characters 
  • Tips and tricks for advanced play and ascension guides 
  • Expansion options
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Game Coaching 

As gamers are taking up the professional front and participating in prominent tournaments, they need coaching from experts in this field. Hence, one can play a game to such a level that they acquire enough experience to coach novice players into shaping their careers in this market. 

The game coaches need to provide the following facilities for their clients;

  • Reviewing recordings of game replays and offering insights to get higher scores or finishing the game in fewer moves or less time
  • Guiding strategies, tips, popular combos, shortcuts, and practice drills
  • Observing live playing of other experts and comparing it to the client 

What does a Game Coach Need to Do? 

A gaming coach can earn money by teaching how to play games and how to make money playing video games in universities. The coach must have teaching experience and experience in this industry for this purpose. 

To become a game coach, one needs to acquire certain qualifications;

  • Experience as a gamer
  • Up-to-date knowledge of game versions, prototypes, and gameplay
  • Teaching skills, including the ability to discern player behavior, communicate pedagogy, and explanation to questions, create mock trials and gauge progress gradually 

There are various platforms available to game coaches other than university tutoring and one-on-one coaching sessions;

  • Initiating a website with a blog submitting how-to-tips
  • Formulating a YouTube channel offering free training classes
  • Serving as a coach on an outlet such as Gamer Sensei
  • Facilitating game coaching services on Fiverr

Play Test Video Games and Quality Assurance Testing 

Playtest video gamers test games for any glitches and provide thorough feedback to the creators of the games to improve various features of games. Playtesters could be freelancers, regular employees of the company, or volunteers willing to try recently built games. For this purpose, one can approach gaming companies and provide services. 

Playtesters play the newly built games under the instruction of the developers and provide feedback in a limited time. Here are some things that are asked by the developers in feedback;

  • Whether players comprehend game instructions
  • Whether game controls and features operate as planned
  • What players learn easily
  • Where players get stuck
  • What players spend their time doing and what takes most of their time in the game 
  • How players analyze their overall understanding 
  • What players like or dislike 
  • Which aspects of gameplay players prefer to see enhanced
  • Which features and advantages are most attractive
  • Whether the game is commercially doable in its current form

Whereas, quality assurance (QA) testers encompass the technical team that focuses on technical issues that disturb user experience. QA testers are usually employees of the company, have specialized skills, and know how to run automated tools. QA testers are usually senior members of a gaming firm. 

The responsibilities of QA testers include;

  • Playing games and submitting technical feedback
  • Writing bug reports
  • Recording crashes
  • Passing on feedback to other members of the development team
  • Working along with other teams such as engineers, designers, and artists

Participation in Gaming Tournaments 

Participation in Gaming Tournaments 

Competitive gaming offers various avenues for earning money while playing video games in various locations and under numerous organizations that promote gaming culture:

  • For skilled players, the opportunity to compete for cash prizes is available through esports competitions, which can take place in physical arenas or online gaming tournaments.
  • If you excel in event organization and marketing, you can host gaming tournaments, secure sponsorships, collect entry fees from participants, and charge promotional fees to advertisers.
  • Proficiency in marketing and sales can be leveraged to market and sell products, either for yourself, a sponsoring brand, or as an affiliate marketing partner during tournaments.
  • If you’re an investor, you can consider investing in gaming tournaments to potentially reap financial rewards.

What kind of Gaming Tournaments Take Place?

There is an abundance of tournaments catering to games like Dota 2, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and more. If you’re contemplating entering the world of competitive gaming for monetary gain, it’s advisable to accumulate some experience first.

Platforms like GamerSaloon can serve as a valuable introduction to online gaming tournaments. To participate in live tournaments, you can discover local events via platforms like Battlefy or attend major tournaments like The International (TI). For comprehensive knowledge about gaming tournaments, resources like the University of Esports are also available.

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How to make money playing video games is not a perilous task as the world of gaming offers numerous opportunities to make money while doing what you love. Whether one chooses to compete in esports, become a content creator, or scour other avenues, fortune often comes with commitment, skill modification, and a strong online presence. 

With the gaming industry proceeding to expand, now is the ideal time to start your journey toward making money playing video games. In the future, there will be several incentives and opportunities to make money in the gaming industry if its demand keeps expanding. 

If there is anything you want to add to this article about how to make money playing video games, then let us know in the comments. 

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