Why are Helix Piercings more prone to infections?

Helix piercings are popular as they are less painful and allow greater room for creativity.   

It is the kind of piercing that attracts great attention due to its beautiful jewelry designs.  

Correct aftercare and cleaning practices make this piercing a real success for many people.  

What is Helix piercing? 

A helix piercing is a piercing that is done at the upper cartilage of the ear. It has been categorized into three types; Single, Double, and Triple helix piercing.  

Helix:  The part of ear cartilage located above the tragus and originates from another part of the ear, also known as concha.  

It resembles that of a curved rim on the inside, it may look hard on the exterior but is soft and sensitive. 

Types of Helix piercing 

  1. Single helix piercing: As the name suggests, the simplest and typical type of piercing, is where a single hole is pierced at the helix point, and pain is comparatively less even though it’s a cartilage area.  
  1. Double helix piercings: In this, two holes will be pierced right after one another. It is contrary to single helix piercing which hurt more and more prone to helix infections. Healing time is prolonged. But you can get creative with jewelry items.   
  1. Triple helix piercing: It looks more enchanting as more jewelry will be flaunted on the front part of the war. It is comparatively costly and more vulnerable to ear infections and healing time is prolonged.  


First of all, a person looking for a helix piercing must contact a professional piercer who has a good reputation. He should also look up all the important information regarding cartilage piercing. 

Jewelry must be carefully selected as fake jewelry can cause bumps/infection and prolong the healing time. 

If a piercing needle is being used, then it must be sterilized so that no infection could be contracted by its usage, as we don’t want any hideous look. 

Before the actual Piercing procedure, the piercing area is marked on the exterior part and then the needle is inserted to make a hole at the marked spot, a sharp pain could be felt but it varies from person to person.  

After the piercing, jewelry is inserted which must be tightly screwed. 

A well-trained professional must be chosen as this kind of piercing is a bit challenging for novices.   

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Healing Time 

Healing time varies from person and person and aftercare also affects the healing period. According to a few professional piercers, the average healing period is 12 weeks, or maybe longer than that, but there are many controversies regarding it due to different perspectives of piercers.  


The cost of helix piercing like all other piercings is dependent upon the expertise of the piercer, the reputation of the piercing studio and its location, and the jewelry which is chosen as all of these things sum up to cost.  

The standard helix piercing cost falls between $30-$50.  

Safety should be prioritized over money as protection and perfection are important.  

Jewelry option 

Jewellery options for helix piercing

The helix piercing is located in a place where you can go ingenious with a variety of jewelry styles. The varieties are explained as;  

  1. Studs: Simple studs looks chic and subtle on your helix piercing. You can choose small gemstones to flaunt your piercing or cute charms. A simple disc back could be chosen to be less gaudy or a ball back to flaunt both sides of the ear.  
  1. Hoops: One of the widely chosen styles for helix piercing as they give a sleek look. People with multiple ear piercings choose hoops to make the other jewelry item subtle.  
  1. Captive Bead rings: They look dapper in the helix piercing. Wearing beads along with hoops looks super hot. Pearls, amber, and opals all give a nice look.  
  1. Cartilage shields: Relatively, an overwhelming piece of ear jewelry that usually dangles from the side of the ear and covers most of the cartilage. 
  1. Circular & curved barbells: people with multiple other pieces of jewelry in their ear choose this piece of item, as it’s complimentary.  
  1. Ear cuffs: It’s a creative option, as it clings to the ear and resembles that hoop but a thicker and more intricate one. 
  1. Clickers & Segment rings It’s an aesthetic option for helix jewelry as it’s easier to be inserted. 

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Merits & demerits 


  • Outer covering of the ear doesn’t have active pain receptors as there are not many nerve endings there, so it is one of the least painful piercings.  
  • Helix piercing can be combined with other piercing such as Industrial piercing to get a creative look.  


  • Although, it has its benefits that the outer cartilage has poor blood circulation so it takes prolonged Healing time. 
  • Jewelry choice especially if its fake can cause infections and bumps, so only fine jewelry must be selected which gets costly.  

Post-piercing Aftercare 

Aftercare and cleaning are necessary after the piercings of the pierced area and worn jewelry. It also plays a significant role in the healing process.  

  • A tea tree oil or any essential oil may be used either to clean or massage the ears to relieve pain. 
  • Avoid touching Helix piercing as unnecessary touching can be a cause of infection and inflammation. 
  • Twisting jewelry can be extremely bothersome, so avoid it! 
  • It is recommended not to use perfumes or makeup over the Helix area as it could be painful. 
  • Touching the helix area with dirty hands is not suggested, wash thoroughly with clean lukewarm water and soap for at least 2-3 minutes. 
  • When you clean the piercing area, use lukewarm water, cotton, and piercing liquid. 
  • Avoid putting pressure on the ear by wearing ear cuffs, sleeping on the freshly pierced area, and swimming. 
  • As the lymphatic fluid accumulated in the form of crust, it is suggested not to poke it. 
  • Wearing loose jewelry is recommended as it can prevent inflammation. 
  • The recommended metals should be chosen for the jewelry as the fake ones can be infectious. 

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FAQs on Helix Piercing 

What is helix piercing? 

The area which is perforated on the outer cartilage of the ear, the hole could be one-two, or three depending upon a person’s choice of helix category.  

How long helix piercing takes to heal? 

It takes more or less than 12 months, depending upon aftercare and a person’s own recovery time. 

Is Helix piercing more susceptible to infections? 

Yes, the double and triple helix piercings are more prone to infections and bumps. 

What does helix piercing say about a person?  

According to different myths, it says that a person is meticulous and prefers finer things in his/her life.  

Are Helix Piercings Painful? 

The area may feel rougher and tougher but it hurts less than the other cartilage piercing as there are fewer nerve endings here.  


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