Frances Gladney: Early Life, Education, Physical Attributes, Relationship, Career, Net Worth

Who is Frances Gladney and why did she come into the limelight? Frances is a fashion designer but she is in the limelight primarily because of her relationship with Smokey Robinson who is a famous singer. Her presence alongside him has brought attention to her, and she has become a notable figure in the public eye. 

Smokey and Frances got married in 2002 in a private ceremony. They have a very good and strong bond. Frances doesn’t have any children of her own, but she is the stepmother to Tamla Berry and Trey. She is a kind-hearted lady and has a strong connection with her stepchildren. Smokey Robinson started his career with The Miracles, which led to many achievements and awards. 

Frances herself is a famous fashion designer who has worked with many brands and artists. She also collaborated with her husband on the beauty line Skinphonic. Overall, Frances’s journey reminds us that family can be formed through love and that pursuing our passions can lead to fulfilling achievements.

In this article, we discuss Frances Gladney, early life, education, physical attributes, relationship, career, spouse’s career and achievements, and net worth.

Frances Gladney And Her Early Life 

She is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. But she gained fame and came into the public eye when she got married to a famous American singer, songwriter, and producer. His name is Smokey Robinson, and she is his second wife. When and where Frances was born? Frances’s date of birth is May 11, 1970, and in 2024, she turned 53 years old. 

Her birth country is California, United States, but her current residence is in Pittsburg, US. What is her ethnicity? Frances belongs to the American nationality and follows the Christian faith. She has a mixed ethnic background with African-American heritage.

Physical Attributes 

Frances is a lovely and kind-hearted lady. Her elegant demeanor must be enhanced by her balanced physique, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 60 kg. Her attractive black shining eyes and black hair must beautifully complement her facial features.

Frances Gladney Education 

Frances kept her personal life private before her marriage. However, according to the latest resources, she completed her early education at a Northern high school. They were sports enthusiasts at the school level and an average student. Later she went on to pursue higher education, earning her bachelor’s degree in arts from a public university.

Frances Gladney Career 

Frances is a talented and influential figure in the fashion world. She has made a strong impact and collaborated with various brands and companies. Her novelty and creative ideas are loved by celebrities, artists, and everyday people. She has gained her fame and recognition, not just because of her husband. She also collaborated with her husband, Smokey, on the skincare line called Skinphonic. She made her success in both the fashion and beauty industries.

Frances Gladney Relationships 

Frances got married to Smokey Robinson who is a famous American singer, songwriter, and producer. In May 2002, they had a private ceremony in front of close friends and family members. They don’t have any children yet, but they are living a good life together. 

Currently, they are living together in Pittsburgh. They celebrated their 21st anniversary in May 2023. Although Frances does not have any biological children, she is a stepmother to three children. Their names are Tamla Robinson, Berry Robinson, and Trey Robinson. Because Smokey Robinson’s first marriage was with American singer Claudette Rogers Robinson. 

Frances Gladney: Early Life, Education, Physical Attributes, Relationship, Career, Net Worth

They had two children together named Berry and Tamla. Unfortunately, they separated in 1986 due to infidelity. Smokey was involved in another relationship with a lady named Kandi, and they had a son named Trey Robinson.

Who Is Smokey Robinson 

Frances Gladney’s husband, Smokey Robinson, is a famous singer, songwriter, and producer. He made his first debut in 1958. Smokey Robinson had a successful career as a singer and songwriter. “Got a Job” was his first solo song with the Miracles vocal group, followed by the hit “I Need a Change” in 1959. 

He has been in the industry for a remarkable six decades, and people truly love his songs and voice. His other famous song is “What Love”. Besides his musical career, Smokey is also a famous executive producer, collaborating with renowned artists like The Marvelettes, Timothy Bloom, and Aretha Franklin. His talent and contributions have left a lasting impact on the music industry.

Frances Gladney Husband Achievements 

  • He has won many awards as a musician. 
  • He received the Hollywood Walk of Fame award in 1987. 
  • He was honored with the National Medal of Arts award in 1993. 
  • In 2016, he was awarded the Library of Congress “Gershwin Prize” for his popular songs.


In conclusion, Frances Gladney is a renowned fashion designer and entrepreneur. Frances came into the limelight when she married Smokey Robinson. Who is a famous singer, songwriter, and producer? Her creative ideas and collaborations with various brands have gained her recognition and appreciation from celebrities. 

She is pursuing her passions and establishing her worth, independent of any personal relationships. Frances has showcased her talent and achieved success based on her own merits. She serves as an inspiration for all of us to follow our dreams and make our mark in the world.

Lastly, you read the complete information about Frances Gladney in this article. Please tell us the name of another celebrity wife, and we would love to give you information about her.


1: What is Frances Gladney known for?

Frances is known for her talent and success as a fashion designer, and the wife of famous musician Smokey Robinson. 

2: Does Frances have any children?

No, Gladney does not have any children of her own. However, she has a strong connection with her stepchildren.

3: Has Frances collaborated with her husband on any projects?

Yes, Frances has collaborated with her husband on the beauty line Skinphonic, showcasing their combined skills and creativity.

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