Galey Alix Age: Early Life, physical Attributes, Education, Family, Relationship, Career, Net Worth

Is Galey Alix age a debatable issue? And what is her exact age and the reason for her admiration? yes, her age is a controversial topic some resources said she is 38 years old. But that’s not true according to the latest Forbes report she is a thirty years old young lady. She is a prominent figure on social media accounts. She is admired as a TV host in the “Home In The Heartbeat “ show, which appeared on HGTV. 

She is also an interior designer, finance executive, and CEO of her firm “Galey Alix Design”. Her new firm reveals her hard work, forthcoming designs, garments, and home décor accessories. She is also showcasing her abilities in Architectural Design, Elle Decor, and House Beautiful. She came into the public eye when she made DIY videos associated with home decorations. 

She is also famous as a fiancé of NFL player and TV star Dale Moss her fans admired their couple. He comes into the sight in the Bachelorette show. Her heart-catching personality, limitless energy, and distinctive approach to her work truly inspired her fans. Galey’s designs are always fascinating and attractive, which makes her a prominent figure in home renovation shows. 

In this article, we discuss Galey Alix age, early life, education, physical attributes, family, relationship, career controversies, and net worth.

What Is Galey Alix Age

A famous American content creator, interior designer, and home renovation specialist Galey Alix age is 30 years old. She celebrated her 30th birthday on 11 November 2023. Her date of birth is 11 November 1993. According to Galey’s date of birth, her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Galey Alix’s birth country is Florida, United States. What is her ethnicity? Galey belongs to American nationality and her religious faith is Christian. Her ethnic background is white Caucasian. 

At the age of 30, she has multiple professions and financial analyst. She is popular for her expertise, which is shown in her restoration and modification work of houses. She is a determined and diligent entrepreneur. Additionally, she is taking challenges excitedly and motivates forthcoming interior designers.

Who Is Galey Alix

Galey Alix is a shining star in the society of interior design and home redecoration. She is popular for her flawless taste and ability to modify old homes. While the house is older and in horrible condition, Galey can develop into a new, attractive, and functional living space with her creativity. 

She gained significant attention as a much-loved HGTV designer. She came into the public eye when she posted her interior designs and redecoration videos on her TikTok account.

Galey Alix Physical Attributes 

Galey Alix age is 30 years but still, she looks very attractive with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Galey has a slim and athletic body. Her long curly hairs always wear different designs. Her balanced weight of 55 kg is because she works hard and she is a professional lady.

Galey Alix Education 

Galey completed her early education at Parsons School Of Design. Galey Alix age was 15 when she joined Columbia University. She found her deep affection for interior design at a very young age. 

She pursues to sharpen her skills through private projects and as a freelancer. She completed her interior design degree from the Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

Galey Alix Family 

Galey has a strong relationship with her family members. Her father’s name is Nikolaus Gravenstein and professionally he is a medical doctor. He did his specialization in anesthesiology. Her mother’s name is Galey Hoover, her occupation is not known. 

Galey has three siblings two brothers and one sister. Her brother’s names are Micheal Gravenstein and Nikolaus Lee Gravenstein, sister’s name is Karling Gravenstein. Jointly they form a tight-knit household.

Galey Alex Relationship 

Is she married? No, she is not married yet but she has an affectionate relationship with Dale Moss. He is an American football player and reality television personality. Galey Alix age was 27 when she got engaged to Dale Moss, both are still connected and living a happy life together.

Galey Alix Age: Early Life, physical Attributes, Education, Family, Relationship, Career, Net Worth

They are also sharing their sweet memories on social media accounts. Additionally, Dale shared a post on his Instagram page to festivity their engagement. He expresses Galey is my Rock and I am her partner in crime.

Galey Alix Career

  • After completing her graduation, she started her career as an interior designer. She worked as a freelancer and many interior design-based firms in California. Her first experience in firms led her to obtain valuable proficiency, more purify her craft. 
  • After some time she organized her firm named “Galey Alix Design “. When she notices that she must work in a solitary state and establish her career from the beginning. Her interior design firm and boutique Galey Alix Design is located in Los Angeles, California. She provides quality and creative work to her clients. 
  • She also chases continued work as a Wall Street executive. However, her passion for interior design and DIY Projects every time set alight within her. During her free time, she busyes herself with work projects for friends and close relatives. Because she wants to enhance her skills and maintain a strong reputation with the firm. 
  • Her appearance on social media accounts like Instagram and TikTok collects a large group of people. They anxiously wait for her upcoming home modification and design tip. 
  • Galey Alix was 30 years old when she was making her first TV debut at HGTV, an American paid television channel. This channel handouts the golden opportunity to host her show “Home In The Heartbeat”. The first premiere of this show is released on 18 April 2023, in this show, Galey and her team modify homes over the country. 
  • Galey and her supportive team discuss home renovation, in every episode of the show. They work endlessly and create eye-catching designs that boost the mode of families. For those families who want a fresh start for a long time, she helps them achieve it by redecorating their houses. 
  • Currently, she is working as a regional director at Goldman Sachs. She also earned money from her social media accounts, her home redecorating business, and interior design TV shows.

Galey Alix’s Net Worth

What is Galey Alix’s net worth? Galey’s net worth is estimated to be 4 Million Dollars according to 2024. Based on Galey Alix age her net worth is remarkable, she is such a successful lady. Professionally she is a TV personality, interior designer, street wall chief, and content creator.


In conclusion, Galey Alix age is thirty, she is an encouraging lady, and has a successful career and recognition in the community. She is glorified by most of her clients, and her fans always adore her with words of praise. She has a strong and long-lasting relationship with her family and fiancé. 

She crafted a name herself as an Interior Designer, and Wall Street Executive through her determination and hard work. She was also popular as an HGTV rising star when she made her first debut on this channel. She is an absolute example of a multi-professional, who is not just skillful but passionate too. 

Furthermore, in this article, you read the complete details about Galey Alix age. Tell us in the comments box, which celebrity information you want later.

FAQs On Galey Alix Age

1: How old is Galey Alix and her fiancé? 

She is a 30-year-old lady, and her fiancé Dale Moss is 35 years old. 

2: Is Galey Alix an interior designer?

Yes, she is well well-known interior designer, content creator, Wall Street executive, and host of Home in the Heartbeat show.

3: Where does Galey Alix live?

Currently, she lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida because of her job.

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