Blow up of Dylan Mulvaney’s Partnership with Alissa Heinerscheid and Bud Light

Alissa Heinerscheid leave of absence from When Anheuser Busch InBev has caused massive turmoil. The brand began to hemorrhage billions of dollars overnight. Mulvaney who was already getting trolled for supporting trans and gay people, touted a March Madness promotion. 

At the March Madness promotion, she dolled up as Holly Golightly. Whereas, she posted a video of having a bubble bath and drinking Bud Light beer in April, the post with online trolling led to a massive contraction of sales and a boycott of the brand. 

Partnership with Alissa Heinerscheid and Bud Light

Bud Light had a drop of 17% on their year-on-year sales after Mulvaney’s post. Whereas, they had a 27% year-on-year sales reduction at the end of early September, according to Bump Williams Consulting. The drop paved the way for Modelo to take over as the best-selling beer in the U.S. while ending the dominance of Anheuser Busch beer that was constant through the last two decades.

In the article, Bud Light sales decline, Dylan Mulvaney, Alissa Heinerscheid, and Daniel Blake’s association with the boycott of Bud Light and the leave of absence of both Dylan and Heinerscheid will be discussed. 

How Alissa Heinerscheid is Connected with the Bud Light Boycott?

How Alissa Heinerscheid is Connected with the Bud Light Boycott?

Alissa was elected as the Vice President of marketing for Bud Light in July 2022. Anheuser Busch InBev is a multinational beer company that had its first female VP in the beer’s 40-year history. 

In an interview with lifestyle podcast Make Yourself at Home, Alissa remarked that the brand has been going in decline for some time. Bud Light’s consumer base is decreasing and there will be no future for Bud Light if they don’t attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand. 

Therefore, she wanted to update the marketing strategy while leveling it to be “lighter, brighter” and more inclusive as it has a “kind of out-of-touch humor.” However, her plans brought one of the biggest boycotts, rather than ensuring a bright future for Bud Light. 

During her tenure, she had a minor social media partnership with Dylan Mulvaney fostering LQBTQ campaigns. However, the partnership failed terribly as anti-trans groups attacked the social campaign. As a consequence, the sails dripped and Bud Light faced one of the worst U.S. boycotts. 

Dylan Mulvaney had another project partnered with the beer company, however, the company didn’t respond to him. The backlash was due to his leadership incompetence, according to Former employees. Moreover, the organization was trying to dissuade any association with the negativity spreading on social media, where the public was venting their anger and opposition. 

Is Alissa Heinerscheid Fired for Partnership with Dylan Mulvaney?

Anheuser-Busch remained tight-lipped regarding Mulvaney’s incident. Moreover, Bud Light’s marketing executive Alissa Heinerscheid refuses to speak on the ongoing downfall of the brand and disastrous partnership with Dylan. 

The company has put all the blame for the partnership on a third-party ad agency while Alissa Heinerscheid and her body Daniel Blake were placed on leave. Amidst the debacle, it’s unclear how much the pair was involved in the partnership and whether they will return to their position or not. 

Some people were assuming that Alissa Heinerscheid had retired from her position. However, Anheuser Busch denied such statements that Alissa Heinerscheid was fired or gone for good. The group VP of brands portfolio Daniel Blake had to take the blame for the ill-fated campaign. 

According to an anonymous report from the company, both Alissa Heinerscheid and Daniel Blake are “gone gone.” The company isn’t announcing that they’re field as it opens up the potential for them to sue the brand. 

Another source asserted that if the company doesn’t fire her, the wholesalers would have an “absolute hay day” with leadership and managing the aftermath of such impairing incentives. Whereas, Blake was known for being an awesome VP in the organization, however, he hired Alissa Heinerscheid. Therefore, he was caught in the crossfire and will be supposedly fired. 

The wholesalers were told that both Blake and Heinerscheid were removed from the leadership. They will have to direct reports to new members of marketing and managing teams. 

What did Mulvaney Post that led to the Bud Light Backlash? 

In February, she was featured in the brand’s latest advertisement along with a dozen creators including Miles and Keleigh Teller. In the advertisement, the actors were dancing and goofing to retro music which premiered during the Super Bowl. 

On April 9, a sponsored video of Bud Light was posted in which Mulvaney sought to send up gender stereotypes. The day 365 of womanhood, exhibited her coming out and setting up a new wardrobe. The video showed it as a personalized Bud Light can celebrate her transition under gender-affirming care. 

Mulvaney’s role in the deterioration of best-seller U.S. beer was small, as many brand partners got lost in the crosshairs of Bud Light supporting LGBTQ+ publications and sponsorships. Since the 90s, the company has been funding Pride activities through paid posts, micro-campaigns, influencer seeding, traditional billboards, and TV spots. 

The right-wing ire was her second project with Bud Light company. Whereas, her first project didn’t receive much attention from the public. 

Boozefest Alissa Heinerscheid Facebook Post

Boozefest Alissa Heinerscheid Facebook Post

Before the scandal and boycott of the beer brand, Alissa Heinerscheid said in an interview that she was trying to keep the company away from “fratty” and “out of touch” images. Heinserscheid wanted to attract customers through an inclusive marketing approach, criticizing the fratty trading approach of her employees. 

According to a source, Alissa Heinerscheid was herself involved in out-of-touch strategies. A Facebook post in 2006 pictured her blowing up condoms like balloons and downing beers. The boozefest post was later deleted from the account, which was part of the campus scavenger hunt. 

What are your thoughts regarding the blowup of Dylan Mulvaney’s partnership with Alissa Heinerscheid and Bud Light, as well as its disastrous consequences for the U.S. best-selling beer brand, comment below.

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