Lord Danbury Actor- Cyril Nri: His Phenomenal Acting, Education, Family, Relationships & Career Breakthrough

Are you thrilled to see the lord Danbury actor in the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story? Each of the story’s characters played a phenomenal role and portrayed a great storyline. Lord Danbury played by Cyril Nri got some fleeting screen time but still performed marvelously. His role perfectly depicted a self-centered aristocrat with an unmatched vigor to other characters.

Besides that, he got hugely popular for his roles in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, The Witches, and Okaro in The Bill. His role in Queen Charlotte proved to be an immense success and exposed him to American Industry. Along with the Queen’s struggles, other characters like Lord Danbury gave a great veteran touch to the role but died down from a heart attack while having intercourse with his much younger wife. 

In this article below, we will read all about who the lord Danbury actor is, his early life, his education, family, relationships, and career breakthroughs. 

Is Cyril Nri The Lord Danbury Actor?

Yes, Cyril Nri is the one who has enthralled the audience with his perfect acting. The characters needed villainous energy which only he could pull off. He perfectly depicted an aristocratic character that viewers are thriving on. This Nigerian actor was born on April 25th, 1961, so obviously a senior citizen with tons of experience.

He has been popular for the last 5 decades. He has made his name as a stage thespian as well as a TV actor. He first made his appearance in Willian Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caeser in 1980. Later on, in 1988 he performed in The Tempest. 

He has great experience in this profession so his notoriety as Lord Danbury actor was one of his million achievements. 

He’s skilled at performing roles that edge closer villains and his grayish looks make his acting more intimidating and impactful.  

He portrayed quite a cunning role where he never cared for his young wife and never had a second thought while trampling his wife to get in the good books of King George’s eyes. 

Although he had minimal time to flaunt his perfect performance, he still managed to leave a mark on the show. He had a tragic death when he was in the middle of s*x with his wife. Although his wife was quite elated with that but shows pretense to convince people otherwise. 

Who Is Lord Danbury?

Despite limited screen time, Lord Danbury actor still amassed great hype. He was married to Lady Danbury. Surprisingly he received an invitation to King’s wedding along with his spouse. 

At the wedding, Princess Augusta gave him the title of Lord Danubury which was a shock to him.  Princess did this to reunite society. 

But Lord Danbury died and out of the four children he had with Agatha, his eldest son inherited the title which made his family the first to pass on the title. 

His father had close ties with King George II which explains why he got the invitation in the first place.

Education of Lord Danbury Actor

Where did Lord Danbury actor get his education from? Know anything about his alma mater? He studied at Holland Park School. Later on, he studied at the Young Vic Youth Theatre in London, which shaped him into what he is today. 

Besides that, he trained at Bristol Old Bic. theatre school. Impressive, right? His entire education talks about his residence in London which titled him Nigerian-British. 

Family of Lord Danbury Actor

Is Lord Danbury’s actor family as influential as him? No, they aren’t besides there’s limited information we have fathered so far. 

He’s Nigerian-born and belongs to an Igbo family. When the Biafran civil war started in Nigeria in 1968, his family migrated to Portugal. From there the family moved to London and decided to reside there. Although he makes occasional visits to Nigeria there’s a long time since he hasn’t visited. 

Who is lord Danbury actor father? His father was a popular Nigerian engineer besides that we know nothing about him.

His mother’s name is Celeste she belongs to Barbados. He has 3 sisters but his father remarried again after divorcing his mother and married another woman. In this way, he got another 4 half-siblings. Their identity is still a secret we couldn’t unravel for you.

Relationships of Lord Danbury Actor

Before we dive deeper into lord Danbury actor relationships? Let’s learn which s*xuality status he belongs to. He is gay which he never shies away from accepting. He came upfront with his s*xuality when he moved to London, as he connected with the LGBTQ community which supported people with deviated s*xual status. 

He has stated he faced many difficulties while maintaining relationships and even raising kids by being gay. Regardless of his s*xuality, he remained in a relationship with a woman named Diana for 14 years. The couple tied the knot and had two kids. But the relationship didn’t work out and they got divorced in 1997. 

Relationships of Lord Danbury Actor | Whatsmind.com

He is raising his sons on his own and is honest with them about his s*xuality. 

Reportedly, he has a boyfriend but who is we don’t know yet. He has kept his personal life under the radar. We are digging deep to get some information but haven’t succeeded so far. 

Career Breakthrough of Lord Danbury Actor

He started his acting debut in the 80s when he made his epic performances at the Royak Shakespeare Company. He performed the role of Lucius in Julius Caeser which became successful in 1982. 

It paved his way to a phenomenal acting career. He started to appear in many TV serials in This Life which premiered in 1996. 

He performed brilliantly in Doctors and Law & Order UK which aired in 2001 and 2009 respectively. 

His other best acting debuts are Death in Paradise and Jellyfish. Although his acting career is marvelous, he got major hype when he played the role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this installation was a major hit.

From 2002-2006 he played the popular role of a police officer as superintendent Okaro in The Bill series. He flawlessly depicted the complexities of his character.

His aristocratic performance in the Queen Charlotte: A Bridgestone story which came out in 2023 needs no words as he played it better than anybody else. The character may him little time to portray his character but he made it worthwhile.


Concluding the riveting performance of Lord Danbury actor, Cyril Nri who played his role flawlessly. He has Nigerian roots but has his entire upbringing and studies in London. He even had a confrontation of his s*xuality and career in the UK.

He has performed brilliant roles in multiple theatre plays and TV serials. He got immense fame after performing the lord Danbury role in the Queen Charlotte Bridgerton story although he didn’t become a super-star his performance is worth remembering. 

Give it a good read to know all about his aristocratic role and share what you think of his performance in the comments below. 

FAQs on Lord Danbury Actor

Why didn’t Lady Danbury marry?

She had a loveless marriage with her deceased husband and refused to remarry as it toughened up for romance again. 

Who is Lady Danbury’s first husband?

Her husband was Lord Herman Danbury, who died due to a heart attack while in the middle of intercourse. 

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