Andrew Wiggins Wife: Early Life, Education, Family, Career, Relationship, Children, Net Worth

Is Andrew Wiggins wife cheating allegations true? No that’s not true and there is no confirmation of these rumors. But it spread like wildfire on the internet and social media accounts. That Mychal Johnson met with her boyfriend and confronted Andrew Wiggins.

But these are just rumors and Mychal also makes the point on Twitter. She said,

“Literally the farthest thing from the truth. It’s sad y’all even doing this”.

Mychal Johnson

Despite this Mychal Johnson fans also support her. 

One of her fans wrote,

“You and Wiggins don’t owe anyone any type of explanation”.

Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson both belong to athletic families. Mychal Johnson was a former basketball player at the university level. Andrew Wiggins is a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. They were born in the same year and started dating in 2013. Both build a strong and long-term relationship. Andrew Wiggins is not married yet. 

But he has been in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend Mychal Johnson for 10 years. They have two daughters, Amyah Wiggins and Alyah Wiggins. People love their couple and they have a great fan following. They share each other’s stories on their social media accounts. They also show their family bond with their daughters. I hope that the cheating allegations are resolved. And both again have a happy life together.

In this article, we discuss Andrew Wiggins wife early life, education, physical attributes, career, family, relationship, children, and net worth.

Quick Facts About Andrew Wiggins Wife

Full NameMychal Johnson 
Date Of Birth21, November 1995
Birth PlaceWest Virginia, US
EthnicityAfrican American
OccupationFormer Basketball Player, Entrepreneur
Spouse Andrew Wiggins
Children Two Daughters
Net Worth1 million Dollars
Spouse ProfessionBasketball Player

Who is Andrew Wiggins Wife

Is he Married? No, he is not married yet. But he has a girlfriend and her girlfriend’s name is Mychal Johnson. She is also a mother of his two children. She is a former basketball player in the WNBA. But currently, she is an entrepreneur. When and where Mychal Johnson was born? Mychal Johnson’s date of birth is 21 November 1995. 

According to her date of birth, her astrological sign is Scorpio. Her birth country is the state of the US, West Virginia. What is her Ethnicity? Mychal Johnson belongs to the American nationality. Her ethnic background is African-American.

Andrew Wiggins Wife Physical Appearance

Mychal Johnson has such amazing body features. She has a beautiful slim and toned body, standing at 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 

She must have a great physique. Her weight is balanced at 56 kg. She takes care of her health and is conscious of her diet, especially considering her profession.

Andrew Wiggins Wife Education 

Mychal Johnson completed her early schooling at St. Joseph High School in Huntington. She started her basketball career right from school. After completing high school, Mychal got admission to the University of Notre Dame. She played basketball while also completing her studies.

Then she completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2018. Later, she worked as a real estate agent at Edina Realty, which is located in Minneapolis.

Andrew Wiggins Wife Family 

Mychal Johnson comes from an athletic family. Her father, Scott Johnson, is a head coach for the West Virginia Thunder AAU team. Her mother’s name is Holli Johnson but her profession is not much known. Mychal has a close relationship with her three sisters. 

Her sister’s name is Maki Scott Johnson, Maria Johnson, and Mychelle Johnson. Michelle is also a retired basketball player and started her career at Marshall University. She has a talented and supportive family.

Andrew Wiggins Wife Career 

Mychal Johnson comes from an athletic family. She started her career as a gymnast and later switched her interest in basketball. During school, she participated in the school basketball team and achieved great accomplishments. She continued her passion at university and played for the Fighting Irish women’s basketball team. 

Andrew Wiggins Wife Career | Whatsmind.com

In the first year of university, she achieved impressive feats including 3.1 points and 1.2 rebounds. She also played for the WV Thunder team as an amateur under coaching. Mychal faced obstacles and injuries during her basketball career. 

It takes a lot of strength to overcome those challenges. Sadly, she decided to retire willingly and start her professional career as an entrepreneur. She is now working as a real estate agent at Edina Realty.

Who Is Andrew Wiggins 

Andrew Wiggins is a talented and great basketball player. He plays for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Andrew Wiggins has achieved many awards and accomplishments based on his skillful performance. In his family, everyone is involved in athletics. His father Mitchell Wiggins is a former basketball player.

His mother is Marita Payne Wiggins, a former Olympic sprinter. Andrew has three sisters and two brothers, all of whom are basketball players as well. He must have a talented and athletic family. Andrew Wiggins is also a loving spouse and caring father of his daughters.

Unpredictable Absence Of Andrew Wiggins

Steve Kerr speaks to Andrew Wiggins’s unexpected absence, he said he is not performing because of personal reasons. For back-to-back years, he has been dispensed from the Warriors lineup because of private reasons.

Meet Up Of Andrew Wiggins And Mychal Johnson 

Andrew and Mychal met for the first time in 2013 and immediately started dating. They had a peaceful and loving relationship. Their fans loved and supported their relationship as well. Both praise and appreciate each other on their social media accounts.

Children Of Andrew Wiggins And Mychal Johnson 

Does Mychal and Andrew have kids? Yes, both share two beautiful daughters. Their first daughter Amyah Wiggins, born on October 11, 2018, and second daughter Alayah Wiggins, born on April 15, 2021. They love their daughters so much and enjoy their journey of parenthood. They also share their family bond on social media with their daughters.

The Rumour Behind Andrew Wiggins Wife 

The unconfirmed claim was that Mychal Johnson, a wife of Andrew reportedly deceived Wiggins with his dearest friend. The drama surrounding professional football players is always captivating to watch, but there is the best reason why people pay attention to this rumor related to Andrew Wiggins. 

Paul Pierce, an American football player even took to online channels to appeal to people for this rumour to be false. Andrew Wiggins is regarded as one of the best players in the NBA. He never allowed him to succeed get into his head and always addressed everyone politely. He is an honored father and lost no chance to be with his family and invest precious time with them. 

How Did Mychal Johnson Answer To The Rumours 

She didn’t control herself about the rumors and moved on to X to write about it. She answered these rumors with successive comments:

“The internet is a sick place” In reality the most distant thing the honesty. “It’s sad y’all even doing this.”

Andrew Wiggins Wife Net Worth

Andrew Wiggins’s wife’s net worth is estimated to be 1 Million Dollars. But her husband’s net worth is approximately 35 Million dollars.


Concluded the biography of Andrew Wiggins wife, who is a real state agent and well-known former basketball player. She came into the spotlight when she married skillful basketball player Andrew Wiggins. People love their couple and admire them on the internet. They have built a strong bond based on support and trust. Through their actions and social media presence. 

Additionally, the lesson we can learn from them is the importance of nurturing a relationship with love, and understanding.

Furthermore, gives a thorough look at Andrew Wiggins wife history in this article. Tell us in the comment section which celebrity you want in the next article.


1: Who is Andrew Wiggins’s girlfriend?

Andrew Wiggins’s girlfriend’s name is Mychal Johnson. They spent long term and a beautiful relationship with each other.

2: What jersey number does Mychal Johnson wear on the basketball team?

In the women’s basketball team, she wore jersey number 14.

3: Has Andrew Wiggins won any awards in his basketball career?

Yes, he is a very talented player. He won the NBA champion award in 2022. And NBA All-Rookie first team in 2015.

4: How much does Andrew Wiggins weigh?

Andrew Wiggins’s athletic height is 6 feet and 8 inches with a balanced weight of 88kg.

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