Charlotte Powdrell: Early Life, Physical Appearance, Family, Career, Relationships, Legal Dispute, & Net Worth

Why did Charlotte Powdrell get the limelight? She first came under media scrutiny when her relationship with UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya became public. But besides being a celebrity’s girlfriend, she has a personality of her own. She works as an estate agent and she has a professional background in nursing. 

She got popular when there was a legal conflict started brewing between them. However, we will delve into details and many of the factors aren’t revealed yet. But Powdrell asks for half of Adesanya’s legacy without being in a legal relationship with him. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Charlotte Powdrell’s biography, her early life, education, physical attributes, family, love life, her conflicts with Israel Adesanya, and her net worth. 

Early Life of Charlotte Powdrell

Why people have suddenly become interested in her personality? She grabbed the media’s attention by being in a relationship with Israel Adesanya. Although they have spilled their ways by now. 

Where has she hailed from? She is New Zealand-born. Her date of birth has remained a mystery, but we assume she was born in April 1995. Her current age is 28 years, but further information has been revealed. 

She lives with her family. Her father’s identity was not publicized, we assume she has a single parent, her mother. She is currently residing in Aukland, New Zealand.

Where did Charlotte get her education from? She studied at Wiaroa College for her high school education in 2013. Later, she studied in a nursing school and graduated. As per resume records, Charlotte was a registered nurse. 

Charlotte Powdrell’s Physical Appearance

We can’t deny the stunning looks of the lady. Can you? Charlotte is 5’5”, pretty average height for her age. She is quite cautious about her fitness and is hell-bent on maintaining a fit physique. She has a gorgeous figure and weighs around 54 kg. 

Her eyes are twinkling blue with her natural brunette hair adding allure to her looks. She knows how pretty she is and loves to maintain her beauty. She has a strict routine and never compromises on her workout and diet. 

Family of Charlotte Powdrell

Who is in her family? Is she an only child? Her family lives in New Zealand. Her father’s identity isn’t revealed yet. However, her mother’s name is Helen Powdrell. Besides that, she has five siblings: James, Anna, Felicity, Peter, and Emily. 

Although, we aren’t aware if she possesses a tight bond with her parents and siblings. She has kept her private life under the radar and doesn’t talk much about her family. 

Career of Charlotte Powdrell

What does Charlotte Powdrell do for a living? She has a successful career in the real estate market. She is proficient at dealing with clients who want to buy and sell the properties. She has experience of years and currently pursuing her career in Aukland. She even has a social media handle where she actively consults her clients. 

Before being an estate agent, she was professionally working as a nurse. She has great background experience in the healthcare department. 

She is passionate about fitness and health and actively shares her fitness regime on her social media. She also likes to share her lifestyle. We are wondering whether she’s going to pursue this career as well or not. 

Relationship Timeline of Charlotte Powdrell

Who is she currently in a relationship with? There is no information if she is currently dating anyone, as she likes to keep her private life under wraps. Well, we have speculated she has no current boyfriend, and she’s enjoying her singlehood and focusing on her career. 

However, she first got popular when she was seen publicly with Israel Adesanya. The couple first shared their pictures in 2019 when she supported him in a match. When Israel was fighting Robert Whittaker, she supported him. Things were going all lovey-dovey for the couple. 

Relationship Timeline of Charlotte Powdrell with Israel Adesanya | Whatsmind.com

But the couple parted ways just after a year in 2020. Initially, fans kept wondering about the reason behind their breakup but came up with nothing. 

But later on, after 2 years, Adesanya revealed the reason why he cut ties with Charlotte. The reason was her allegedly asking for his net worth. He called her a spendthrift and said he owed nothing to her. However, he is in a relationship with an Australian model. But still, further details are kept hidden. 

Legal Dispute Between Israel Adesanya & Charlotte Powdrell

Things were going pretty smoothly for the couple. But what turned sideways? Why the couple parted ways? It all started when the popular UFC fighter took to social media and shared a blurred screenshot. The screenshot suggested his ex-girlfriend aka Charlotte sent him an email. 

The email entailed;

“You don’t care about my life because you sold info about me, so I don’t care about yours. I don’t even hate you, I just don’t care about you.”

The email entailed her asking for his net worth. Adesanya took legal action against her. She filed a lawsuit where she agreed to take half of his net worth to settle the matter. 

Although her demands are ridiculous, as she wasn’t married to the fighter neither she had a child with him. Adesanya also replied to her email by using verbal abuse, 

“You have never helped me make money, only cost me money. Now you think you deserve half of my sh*t? What an entitled pompous brat you are, I sp*t on you.”


Adesanya owes nothing to her. Adesanya spilled the beans about this dispute in a podcast that appeared on a YouTube channel. 

Net Worth of Charlotte Powdrell

Whenever a celebrity gets paparazzi’s attention, people become curious about their net worth. The same goes for this pretty lady who got entangled with UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya. She has an estimated net worth of $700K from her career. 

However, her ex-boyfriend’s net worth is $4 M to recent records. She asked for half of his net worth. But no further information about it has been released yet. 


Concluding the biography of Charlotte Powdrell, who is a New Zealand resident. She was a registered nurse but is currently working as a real estate agent. She has 5 siblings and a mother. 

She got the media’s attention when she was seen in the arms of popular UFC fighter, Israel Adesanya. The couple had a serious relationship in 2019, but after a year, they broke up. Adesanya revealed afterward, that she sent him a cryptic message and filed a lawsuit against him. 

For the settlement, she demanded half of his net worth. It caused quite a scene in the media. What is your say on that? Do share your honest opinion with us, was she right? 

FAQs on Charlotte Powdrell

How long were Charlotte and Israel together?

As per reports, the couple stayed together no more than a year, although the exact date is not known. It is considered the shortest relationship of Israel Adesanya. 

Who is Charlotte Powdrell’s boyfriend? 

She is not currently dating anyone. However, her ex-boyfriend was Israel Adesanya, a UFC fighter.

How old is Charlotte Powdrell?

Charlotte was born in 1995, so her current age is 28 years. 

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