Is Duane Chapman Death a Hoax?

Television personality Duane Chapman death sent ripples down on social media on December 13, 2023. However, it’s fake news posted by someone on Facebook. On Facebook, Video Pivot posted a video in which a picture of Dog the Bounty Hunter on the grave beside his wife Beth Smith. 

Everyone thought he had died on December 12, 2023, at his home, until Chapman’s publisher Jenifer Willingham made a statement that he was “alive and well” and there’s no truth to this news. However, the public post indicated that he had died of liver cancer. 

Duane Chapman Death video and wife

A few tears earlier, producer and actress Beth Chapman died of stage 2 throat cancer. 

In the article, 2019 and 2023 Duane Chapman death videos and blog posts will be discussed. However, all of them are false accounts shared on social media by scammers. 

Why Did Duane Chapman Death Video Go Viral?

In a recent investigation of these death-trolling videos, law regulators made a lead that a network of Cambodian websites is using death hoaxes on their accounts. They use death hoaxes on popular celebrities and prominent individuals to attract attention and dismantle malware on the devices. 

On December 12, the 69-year-old celebrity posted a picture on his Instagram account. The post was related to the death of his co-star and friend, David Robinson. David died on November 30, 2022, from an unknown cause while leaving his close acquaintances in a frenzy. 

No posts or tweets on X or Instagram instigated Duane Chapman death. The same thing also happened in 2019 after his wife’s death. People were gossiping that Dog the Bounty Hunter had committed suicide after being driven into depression. However, the alleged attack of depression or pulmonary embolism was also false news. 

Did Duane Chapman have a Pulmonary Embolism in 2019?

In 2019, the death hoaxes related to Duane were first published by a website whose domain name was whatnow.actualevents.com. On Social media, posts related to his death were redirected to another website with the domain newspaper.suzeraincollections.com. 

In 2019, the headline included that Duane Chapman death was due to pulmonary embolism and he couldn’t survive the second attack at the age of 66 and has died. The shady website also falsely attributed Dog the Bounty Hunter’s death to WGN America. 

WGN America is a U.S. television broadcasting company that premiered Dog’s Most Wanted reality show of Chapman. In the video shared by hoax websites, they contained WGN America’s logo to mislead the masses into thinking that he was officially dead. 

The video itself was dubious as it got paused in the middle and had to be shared on social media to get access to another part of the video. WGN America has no connections with the illegal website and its content. Moreover, they didn’t share any statement regarding Duane Chapman death officially. Later, it was revealed that his death video was just a hoax. 

However, many fans thought the news was verified and true at that time. In September 2019, Chapman was getting diagnosed with medical issues. Hence, people were more inclined to believe the news. 

At the same time, another blog was widely popular on social media regarding the suicide of Chapman. The second blog had a video that contained another label from a prestigious publication company, BBC News.  Many people trust BBC News and believe in its sources. Therefore, it created misunderstanding among Duane’s fans about the news. 

The whole blog narrated Duane Chapman death after having depression attacks due to his eroding health condition. For instance, the blog post was hosted on the web domain bbc-newsroom.actualeventstv.com. But after opening the blog, or was redirected automatically to newsroom.easystepsdiy.info. 

Like in the first video hoax, this one also contained nothing related to the headline. The video gets paused after a few seconds and asks the users to share it to the social media accounts to view more. Therefore, it becomes evident that it was just an attention or malware-seeking agenda. 

If one views such links or videos, it’s best to avoid them and doesn’t open them. Such links are broken and might contain misleading information or viruses that can hack mobile systems to get illegal information. 

Did Duane Chapman have Suicidal Thoughts?

After the death of his wife, he once said in a statement that he often thinks about what he should do now. His wife had died and he’s left alone and he wants the pain to go away by taking some kind of pain relieving pills. 

Duane said he thought to himself often that if he died and appeared to confront his wife, what would be her reaction? Would she think I was stupid or would she welcome me or would she ask me did I missed her? Such thoughts of Chapman were revealed before these death hoaxes on official websites, which made people think whether he killed himself or not. 

However, there was no truth to such false claims and as social media was buzzing with Duane Chapman death threads, he had to share a picture if himself holding the Nov. 19 edition of the Denver Post. Chapman posted the picture with a handwritten letter reading “I’m alive” on his Instagram account. The post also had a screenshot of the false article on his page, calling it fake. 

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