Extraordinary Cast of Bupkis; The Real Story of Pete Davidson

In May 2023, Pete Davidson released a show on Peacock. The cast of Bupkis includes numerous award-winning actors who played the role of his family. The comedian drama presents the fictionalized life of the actor, capturing the dark irreverent comedy style of the protagonist while spending grounded narratives. 

Bupkis incorporates a fresh intake of the semi-autobiographical genre with themes of family dynamics, personal relations, family, career, fame, and other adversaries. Moreover, the novice main actor playing the role of Pete Davidson is surrounded by heavy-weight retired actors and well-established names in Hollywood

The cast of Bupkis (2023)

The cast of Bupkis includes numerous distinguished names who have a firm mark in Hollywood, along with some new rising actors and comedians. Some characters in the semi-autobiography are the same as the real person who supported Pete Davidson in his life like his friend Dave. 

The main and supporting cast of Bupkis is described below;

Pete Davidson

Peter Michael Davidson is playing his role and has been working as a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 2014 to 2018. In the Bupkis, he has remarkably portrayed the feelings that mirror his actual life experiences. 

At some points, one gets immersed in his semi-autobiography while he experiences personal challenges, high-profile relationships, and media descriptions of his life. Pete Davidson is famous for dating people who are extremely famous and his pictures are leaked to many prominent actors on the web. 

Edie Falco

Edie Falco presented the character of Amy Davidson, mother of the Peter Davidson. Her character vividly portrays the matriarch of the family who is a symbol of strength, humor, and emotional depth. The role is an embodiment of the struggle which a mother faces while raising their child. 

Edith Falco is famous for her roles in The Sopranos, Oz, Avatar 3, and Nurse Jackie. The actress has received numerous notable rewards including Emmy Awards for her remarkable performance as Carmela Soprano in The Sopranos. Edith also acted in Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) as well. 

Phillip Ettinger 

Phillip Ettinger 

Phillip Ettinger played the role of a close friend of Pete, Evans. Evans has been the biggest support for the protagonist while he was having a hard time. His close friend brought stability to his life and made the show less glamorized. The down-to-earth camaraderie and support showcased the depiction of a decent friend in real life. 

The handsome American actor is famous for his role as Michael in Paul Scrader’s First Reformed (2017). Phillip Ettinger played the role of a confused environmental activist. Phillip also worked on Wild Cat (2023) and Manodrome  (2023) in the same year as Bupkis. Philip is also cast in My First Film, which will be released soon. 

Bobby Cannavale

Bobby Cannavale played the role of Uncle Tommy who is a larger-than-life character, showcasing exceptional human depth and wisdom. Uncle Tommy has helped Pete in formulating his life and making hard decisions. The character creates an entertaining and deeply humane comedic style in complex emotional landscapes. 

Bobby Cannavale was born in Jersey and worked in over 50 films. New Jersey actor is well known for his supporting roles in various films and won Primetime Emmy Awards twice. Bobby’s most famous works are Chef (2014), Ant-Man (2015), and The Station Agent (2003). 

Brad Garrett 

Brad Garrett as Uncle Roy is a perfect mixture of humor, sarcasm, authority, and sincerity. Uncle Roy is the most favorite and unique character in the cast of Bupkis. Uncle Roy was an authoritative and towering figure in Pete Davidson’s life, however, his interactions with other characters make him stand out. 

Brad Garret is a standup comedian and actor by profession, therefore, his roles are always a blend of invoking two opposing sentiments; mirth and dominance. The comedian-actor is best known for his remarkable height. In Everybody Loves Raymond and ‘Til Death are his most noteworthy and distinguished works which brought him lots of love. 

James A DeSimone

James A DeSimone played the role of Crillz – DeSimone who is one of Pete’s friends in Bupkis. Although, her role was to support the main character, yet, she didn’t leave any crumbs. The Peacock comedy and Staten Island-based crime series Great Kills are two credits that James A DeSimone holds under an umbrella as a new face in the industry. 

Derek Gaines 

Derek Gaines 

Derek Gaines plays another friend of Pete in the cast of Bupkis as Derek. Derek Gaines is a comedian actor and had a supporting role in the semi-autobiography. In comedy shows like The Last O.G., Inside Amy Schumer, and The King of Staten Island, he appeared as a disguised cast member. In The King of Staten Island, Pete Davidson also made an appearance. 

Shane Gillis  

Shand Gillis as Gillis also acted in a supporting role as a friend of Pete in the cast of Bupkis. Shane Gillis is chiefly a comedian who worked on SNL for a while. Comedian Shane also launched his own 2023 stand-up special, Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs. One can watch his comedy show on Netflix.

Dave Sirus 

Dave Sirus played his role which is identical to his original character as Dave. Dave is another friend of Pete in Bupkis with a long friendship history with Davidson in his real life. Sirus has also worked as a writer and wrote for Saturday Night Live for over eight years, which is an American Comedy where numerous actors and comedians get together. Dave Sirus is also well known for co-writing The King of Staten Island with Davidson and Judd Apatow.

Oona Roche

Casey Davidson, Pete’s younger sister in Bupkis is played by Oona Roche, who is also one of the supporting roles in the show. In AppleTV+’s The Morning Show, she played a recurring role. The family drama The Nest also features her.

Chase Sui Wonders

Nikki is Pete’s girlfriend in the cast of Bupkis and the supporting role is portrayed by Chase Sui Wonders. Wonders worked in On the Rocks movie, and horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies. In the Bodies Bodies Bodies, Pete Davidson also appeared with her in the show. 

Comment about your favorite character in the extraordinary Cast of Bupkis; The Real Story of Pete Davidson. 

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