Travis Scott Net Worth: A Success Story with the Craze for His Passion

Travis Scott net worth is an interesting topic to discuss today. He has a really inspiring success journey and a lot of tragedies that we will share with you. Travis Scott is a musician and one of the famous music and song creators. He gained fame and touched the sky of wealth in a very short time.  

Here in this article, we will unwrap Travis Scott net worth, fame, music career, relationship, and entrepreneur life. Be attached to this page to add authentic knowledge to your book of celebrities that you follow.  

Travis Scott Success Story:  

Regarding in the domain of his successful career, the converging statement is his career’s path. Travis is basically a Rap singer. And he has won a plethora of awards. Moreover, Travis has released four studio albums and if we would talk about the music concerts, he has a lot of music concert tours around different places.   

As far as the point is concerned about his music career, he started his music career when he attended Elkins High School. Travis Scott had a keen interest in music from an early age. After he moved to the University of Texas, in New York City.   

The next came on the topic of Travis Scott Net Worth is a major step toward dropping out of college. You would be astonished to know, that he dropped out from Texas University to pursue his music career. His music career got a peak in 2013 when he released “Owl Pharaoh”. After this, he released a lot of songs and albums.   

He stepped into the charm of the music industry at a very young age. This is the reason he got a chance to make his name in the music industry of the USA. Where a lot of competitive singers were trying to hit the hearts of the fans.   

He got the benefit of his young age because he was having more time than all of them. And in that growing age Travis burnt the midnight oil to prove and make his name in the industry.  

In this digital era where technology has equipped everything into its charm. Travis has 52.6 million followers on Instagram.   

These followers mean, he can do paid collaboration posts as well. And all the celebrities charge a very high amount for the paid post.   

Furthermore, after this fame, it was a cup of cake for him to enter into the business world. Where he can use his name to market the products. He has gained facial recognition.   

In 2020, Travis signed a business deal with MacDonald’s to create his signature meal named “The Travis Scott Meal’. This deal became very popular and got a lot of customers to McDonald’s. In this result, Travis Scott Net Worth increased when he also printed good money from this meal deal.  

After this successful deal, Travis continued his Entrepreneurial journey by launching his alcohol Cacti brand of hard seltzers in 2021. Now he is trying to put his best foot forward to market this alcohol brand with the help of his fame.   

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Travis Scott net worth:  

Travis Scott net worth

As Germane with the Travis Scott Net Worth, in September 2023 he was having a net worth of 60 million dollars. But due to his newly launched songs and new music concerts, Travis net worth has crossed $85 million now in the same year of 2023.  

Undoubtedly, Travis Scot is one of the most ideal and expensive artists in the world. His net worth skyrocketed with ventures in fashion and the food industry.   

He has gained fame beyond music because of his philanthropic endeavors. Travis has the capability to attract his fans which has made him a paragon artist with a net worth of 85 million dollars with a paid increase in it after every day.   

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Travis Scott Quick Bio: 

Real Full Name Jacques Bermon Webster II 
Known as  Travis Scott 
Date of Birth April 30, 1992 
Career Music  
Profession  Rapper 
First Released Mixtape Owl Pharaoh 
First Mixtape release Year 2013 
Nationality American 
Parents Wanda Webster and Jacques Webster 
Siblings  Jordan Webster and Joshua Webster 
Ethnicity  Black/Brown 
Travis Scott Net Worth$85 million (As of October 2023) 
Monthly Income  0.5 million dollars  
Official Website travisscott.com 
Assets Value  $12million + 
Car Collection 7 + 
Investments  Approximately $5 million 
Annual Income  $8 million  
Wife  Kylie Jenner 
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Travis Scot Relationship with Kylie Jenner

Travis started dating Kylie Jenner in 2017. Kylie Jenner is a TV reality Showstar and one of the most successful entrepreneurs and billionaire woman. She is from the Kardashian family.   

Their relationship is very interesting. After a first kid when Kylie announced her pregnancy after a photograph, they both decided to end the relationship in 2019 because of some personal issues. Later in February 2022, Travis Scot and Kylie Jenner batched up and Kylie gave birth to Travis’s second child.   

Although Kylie Jenner net worth is also 750 million dollars that falls from her billionaire status after some losses, and she has her own brand of cosmetics with the name of “Kylie Cosmetics”. 

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