Who was Sheila Marie Ryan, Biography, Career, Relationship, Age and Death

The wife of James Caan and the inspiration for Elvsis Persely’s song “I Love You So” is Sheila Marie Ryan. Sheila Ryan was an actress who appeared in various famous roles in Road House, Lone Star Blue, Shelter from the Storm, and Fertilizer. 

In the late 20th century and early 21st century, she was one of the prime actors and models of her time. However, she is no more as she died in 2012 of cancer. The lady left a son in the world before her death with her husband James Caan. 

Sheila Ryan Biography

Sheila Ryan Biography

Sheila Marie Ryan was born in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA on 17 December 1952. The prominent actress was born to Gerad Ryan and Arlene Ryan. Her childhood consisted of spending time with her siblings, an older brother Mike Ryan, and three younger sisters. 

In Franklin Park, she attended East Leyden High. In 1971, she graduated from East Leyden High and proceeded to a theater course at North Hollywood’s Playhouse West. Two years later in 1973, she had a promising career as an actor and model. Sheila resided in the Playboy mansion and was granted the Playboy Magazine Cover.

At the early stage of her career, she received leading roles in numerous well-known movies Lone Star Blue, Shelter, and Hunter. Sheila Marie Ryan was featured in numerous sensational films including Road House, the Blaspheming Courtshell, Fertilize, and A Boy Called Hate. 

Was Sheila Marie Ryan married to James Caan?

Was Sheila Marie Ryan married to James Caan?

In 1975, Sheila Ryan met James Caan through a mutual friend with James. After one year of knowing one another, the couple decided to tie the knot in 1976. However, their marriage could be last much longer and they decided to part ways in 1977. 

James Caan is a remarkable figure in the Hollywood industry, with amazing acting skills in thrilling movies – The Godfather, Elf, and Misery. Jams Caan was also part of numerous famous shows including The Sopranos, Vegas, and Hawaii Five-0. His fascinating and impactful acting resulted in James being nominated for various awards. 

The Academy Award for his role in The Godfather is the most notable one. 

The couple had a child together as well, Scott Caan, born on 23 August 1976. In 2023, Scott Caan is 43 years old and is pursuing his career in the entertainment industry through acting, photography, and writing. 

In 1977, the couple divorced and Sheila Marie Ryan received custody of Scott, along with $3,000 for child support. The $3,000 monthly payment was agreed upon for five years. Moreover, she also received $1,000 monthly as child support for Scott until he reached 18. 

Was Sheila Marie Ryan in a Relationship with Elvis Presley? 

Before getting into a relationship with James Caan, Sheila Ryan was dating Elvis Presley. Elvis loved her dearly and showed his adoration toward her through a song. Elvis Presley dedicated ‘And I Love You So’ to Sheila after they parted ways. The extraordinary vocalist and the classic actress dated for two years. 

In the 70s, Ryan met her at a concert in Las Vegas and often invited her backstage. Apart from her, Parsley also took inspiration from Priscilla Presley

Ann-Margret Olsson, Natalie Wood, Anita Wood, Linda Thompson, and Ginger Alden for his songs.

How Did Sheila Ryan Die?

Sheila has been diagnosed with cancer initially and was going through the treatment. A day after celebrating her 60th birthday, Sheila died because of chronic cancer on 18 September 2012. At the time of her death, it’s estimated that Sheila Marie Ryan net worth would be between $1 million to $5 million.  

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