Elena Rybakina Remarkable Winner of Two Grand Slams 

In Wimbledon 2023, Kazakhstan’s Elena Rybakina showed her worth by winning the tennis competition. Before 2022, she was just an underdog, however, her constant winning spree and remarkable run made her popular on the tennis field. 

In 2022, the 24-year-old tennis player served astonishingly at the All England Club and became a significant asset at a grass tournament. Her constant efforts made her get selected for the finals. In the tournament, she faced the world number three, Ons Jabeur. 

Elena Rybakina Grand Slams Trophy Winner

At the beginning of the match, that gap between players was wide. However, in the next rounds, she managed to overcome the odds. She secured a 3-6, 6-2 and 6-2 in the last round. The incredible performance of Rybakina helped her first Grand Slam Trophy. 

After winning her first Grand Slam final, she didn’t let the win get on her head and continued to live like before while enjoying playing tennis. In an interview, Elena Rybakina stated that she doesn’t want to put too much pressure on herself to win championships. Rather, she wants to enjoy the game and play nicely. 

In January 2023, once again Elena Rybakina was in the limelight at the Australian Open. However, the tennis star couldn’t win the finals this time. In the final match, Rybakina was facing the 2nd tennis champion. Aryna Sabalenka secured victory in all three years against her opponent Rybakina. Although the rising tennis star was disappointed, she received positive points for her astonishing run in Melbourne. 

Once again, she gave a statement saying that she was happy to become part of two Gran Slam tournament finals in just 6 months and enjoyed the matches while playing.  

In the world, Elena Rybakina achieved a career night ranking by being placed at number three. So far, she has attained four WTA titles and become a top competitor at Wimbledon. Presently, she’s considered a leading player alongside other legendary players of tennis including Swiatwk from Poland and Sabalenka. 

Elena Rybakina biography

During an interview, she was asked about her high ranking among world tennis players, she remarked that it’s not an easy task to “come back as a champion.” Moreover, she’s looking forward to making “more memories” as many of her memories remain alive in her head and she desires them again. 

As her rank has increased, it’s obvious that the players who will face her in the tournaments will finely prepare for the match before coming on the field against her. 

Did Rybakina Make a Bet on Getting a Tattoo?

Rybakina made a bet with her coach Stefano Vukov in the Qatar Open in February 2020. The rising tennis star said that if she won Wimbledon, she would get a tattoo of her name. Presently, the coach Stefano Vukov has tattooed the name of her trainee and the date of the competition on his right arm. 

After Stefano showed his arm having the tattoo, she was shocked but thought, “It’s what it is.” Elena Rybakina’s run to the Wimbledon title was not at all surprising, as her performance has been remarkable since 2020. Her growth was apparent and the strenuous practice was paying off when she scuppered two grand slam title wins in Bianca Andreescu and Simona Halen. 

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