Everything You Need to Know About Adam Sandler’s Daughter Sadie Sandler

Recently, on the premiere of the Netflix animated film Leo, Adam Sandler appeared with his Jackie and daughter Sadie Sandler at the Regency Village Theatre in California. Adam Sandler is best known for his television appearance on Cosby Shoe in 1985 and as a cast member of Saturday Night Live. 

This article will shed light on the seventeen-year-old daughter of Adam Sandler, Sadie Sandler, and her life journey until now. 

Who’s Sadie Sandler?

Who's Sadie Sandler?

Adam Sandler, a leading comedian actor in the television film industry had two daughters with Jackie; Sadie Sandler and Sunny Sandler. In 2006, Jackie and Adam had their first child and the couple was “dying” to take care of their firstborn. 

After three years of Sadie’s coming to life, her younger sister was born in 2008. The couple kept a low profile and maintained their private life hidden from the media. The couple shared that the kids are the biggest joy in their life and they help maintain a healthy daily routine. 

Sadie Sandler Childhood 

Sadie Sandler is a 17-year-old celebrity kid, born on May 6, 2006 to Adam and Jackie. After her birth, the comedian-actor shared various interesting facts about his firstborn daughter. At the age of 14 months, she had trouble focusing on his father and looked at his father’s forehead rather than in his eyes. 

On The Tonight Show, Adam Sandler told Jay Leno that his daughter “worships” her, however, it was his “wife the whole time.” The kid followed her mother but in the last few months after turning 1 year old, Sadie loved to do everything his dad did. 

At a young age, Sadie Sandler started appearing on the set with his father. Her on-screen first appearance was in the movie, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (2018). In Bedtime Stories, she had a small role in which the uncle tells bedtime stories which cause trouble for his niece and nephew. 

Likewise, they had the bedtime story session at home as well. However, Adam is not a good storyteller which makes his daughters riled up, rather than sleepy. Usually, the young girl sleeps early at 8 p.m. However, she remains awake after bedtime in case they have something exceptional to do.   

How was Sadie Sandler while Growing up?

With Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Sandler revealed that when Sadie is growing up, there’s something he finds tough and “gets jumpy” about. In 2019, he revealed the reason behind his frustration which is his almost teenage daughter Sadie Sandler talking about boys. 

Adam revealed that he takes her daughter and their friends home and they often discuss things including boys. Five years ago, he had no difficulty in heating them mentioning boys, rather, he would tell them that he loved those kids. However, one can’t say the same thing now as he gets “jumpy” when they talk about the same boys or say their names. 

Adam once revealed another fascinating moment of his life with his elder daughter on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he asked Adam Levine from Maroon 5 to sing some tunes on mitzvahed Saturday night. To make the day memorable, he had to text Adam Levine and ask him to sing some tunes on her daughter’s special day. 

On mitzvahed Saturday night, Adam Levine came with his other bandmate James Valentine to play a few hits at the party. Sadie Sandler loved this coolest surprise from her father and couldn’t stop herself from hugging her Dad for a long while. 

Whereas, on the mitzvahed Saturday night of Sunny, his father invited Friends star Jenifer Aniston and Taylor Lautner. The actors also laid off performances from Hasley and Charlie Puth. 

Who is Sunny Sandler, Daughter of Adam Sandler?

On November 2, 2008, Sunny Sandler was born to Adam and Jackie Sandler. Sunny,  their second daughter, is fond of singing and working in movies. In June 2019, she performed a song on the stage from Adam’s comedy show, The Greatest Snowman. 

In October, she joined a charity show and sang Taylor Swift’s Lover with her sibling and father. On her mitzvahed Saturday night, numerous A-list actors and singers came and it became a viral sensation. 

What are your thoughts about Sadie Sandler, her early life, and the father-daughter bond? 

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